Native vs Cross-platform mobile development

15 August 2016

When it comes to mobile apps development there’s a common discussion that tends to come up between companies and clients. Endless discussion without final answer. Which tastes better Cola or Pepsi? Will you choose skiing or boarding? Do you prefer Google Chrome or Internet Explorer? Just kidding, no one prefers Internet Explorer. Anyway, we’re sure you got the idea. So mobile development, native or cross-platform?

Let’s assume that you want your app on both Android and iOS (these operating systems covers 97% of the smartphones market worldwide, so for now we’ll set aside all the other platforms).

What will be the best option? Create two separate apps or just one app for both platforms?

And since we’ve been developing apps for years, we’ll be the ones who’ll try to answer and to sum up for you all pros and cons for both ways.

There are several approaches to cross-platform development:

Let’s start comparing:

Wider Reach and Effective Marketing







Did you make your decision?

Surely, to make a final decision you’ll have to consider all ins and outs, like why do you need the app, what will be the purpose, how important speed and performance would be, etc. Based on listed above native apps wins for most of cases, but not for all of them. It’s acknowledged that native apps cost more on the front end; for this reason, mobile web and hybrid apps can seem more appealing; however, as a conclusion we can say for sure that, the cost of more enticing options bring more benefit in the long run.                                                           


Thus, we’ll rather advice native approach whenever it is possible. And as a result you’ll have a quality product that is promoted via the app store that has full access to the device, that is secure, and that is attractive to users. If costs are that huge limitation, you can try to start with one OS to see how it goes, but to start with product of high quality right away, without settling for “just as good".

It’s not a coincidence that Shazam, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Skype and hundreds more are making all their products using native development. You don’t need a copy of your website in your app; you need an interactive solution that fully uses all features of your mobile device.

We have an extensive experience creating mobile applications for both startup and large companies. Contact us today and allow us to do our best solving your challenges.

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