How to Develop an App with Artificial Intelligence?

23 August 2017 • 4 min read
How to Develop an App with Artificial Intelligence?
Slava Vaniukov
Written by Slava Vaniukov
Co-Founder and CEO at Softermii

Are you thinking about developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) app? Most successful entrepreneurs that utilized app development with AI capabilities consistently state that you shouldn’t get overpowered by implementing this complex technology just for the sake of it. Firstly, you need to pay attention to the pains of your customers that AI can help you solve. What benefits will your users get that justify AI application?

Artificial intelligence in mobile applications is a hot topic, and with every day more tech companies and investors are showing their interest in its benefits. The recent acquisition by Googles of DeepMind for nearly half a billion dollars is just one of the examples of how committed companies are. Having AI development capabilities is among the most promising areas in tech. That is especially true for AI in mobile.

And the concept of a personal mobile assistant that is always there to help you have caught on. Tackling everyday tasks through such an AI app is very appealing. But AI apps are not limited to only this one use. Mobile AI has a number of purposes that are commonly explored right now, such as security of data and e-commerce purchase assistance. AI is generally applied in mobile apps to change the customer experience for the better.


Artificial Intelligence substituting Natural Intelligence in Apps

Fundamentally, Artificial Intelligence is a computer system that is able to substitute problem-solving by humans to some extent. Humans' natural intelligence has been key in helping customers, but with AI that is no longer the case.

AI has a number of purposes and applications, but when thinking about developing a mobile app with artificial intelligence, the main use is in chatbots. This lets companies decrease the staffing-cost of their call/chat-centers and to engage with customers deeply. That is possible to the AI’s ability to leverage a large pool of data and offer the best option to users.

According to Gartner’s latest predictions, companies believe that such an application of AI will be at the top of strategic efforts in 2017 and further. AI apps are actually more than chat-bot assistants, they can, for example, prioritize your email flow. Moreover, AI is likely to enter the majority of mobile enterprise apps with more than 200 large companies developing artificial intelligence apps this year alone.

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Users are Demanding Personalized Experiences

Your users are like any other ones and demand personalized experiences that can be offered through AI technologies. Outsourcing AI development is beginning to take hold for small and large enterprises alike, as creating an in-house team is considered too costly and takes time. For example, Starbucks recently announced a mobile app powered by AI. With its help, coffee-lovers can tell the app by voice the drink they’d like, and the order is instantly placed. Another large company that used AI app developer services is Taco Bell. By introducing its TacoBot, the business was able to boost both customer satisfaction rates and profits, by not only taking orders by voice but by making suitably recommends on menu items. Such AI-dependent applications are now at the forefront of helping people with their routine daily tasks.

Mobile is actually the perfect platform to provide artificial intelligence app development as it offers extensive personalization capabilities. You might not notice it, but your smartphone tracks user location, for example, so an integrated AI application can use it to assist you even better in a more relevant way according to your location. Newer phones, such as iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy 8, have AI capabilities hard-wired into them, so creating an app is even easier. With a well-versed team of AI developers, these technologies can help boost your AI as it can learn from users’ behavior, purchase patterns and every single user session. This lets you increase the overall retention rates and boost your app’s abilities.

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Mobile AI Impact on Businesses

Retail industry giants like Amazon have proved that AI integration on mobile apps is a success. But for smaller enterprises, the impact can be even bigger. The new advancements in AI technology require support from a partner company that can take off all AI-related research and software execution to meet the ever-shifting consumer demands. AI app development for small and medium-sized enterprises is the next big thing.

With such help, you can rest assured that creating and integrating AI algorithms into the products your business offers will lead to a strategically enhanced brand ecosystem. Amazon’s Prime delivery service is a great example as it pairs up well with the AI-enabled Echo device. Forward-thinking enterprises can capitalize on personalization advantages of AI, before others and start leading the pack in the chosen niche market.

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AI is Exceeding User Expectations

Presently AI solutions are just starting to roll out, and many companies have just grazed the surface with their app offers. Its true potential is far from being fully understood and implemented. Its ability to understand, decipher, and categorize information coupled with its retention is important to understand and promote as they open up new horizons of your products’ abilities. But at the very start, you can expect your AI interfaces to start slow and learn, and only after some fine-tuning can it be true to the AI promise.

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Summary. Impact of AI on Mobile Application Development

  • AI technology brings rich benefits when combined with great mobile app development services. This results in great ways to assist users in collecting and storing their preferences and analyzing their potential behavior when using the AI-enabled app.
  • AI utilizes gathered information: location, contacts, times of app use, and other data points to serve customers in a more specific way better every time.
  • AI is considered to be among the best tools to boost the app experiences in every way. This can be achieved through recent evolution in software development and is beneficial as it’s one of the very few ways that can track and consistently analyze the change in user demand. This is particularly appreciated by the retail and service industries.

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