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Mobile apps for small and midsize business

General   | 5 min read • 15 June 2016
Mobile apps for small and midsize business

Today we’re going to talk about something we care a lot: why you should consider building a mobile app for your own company. Many of you will think that mobile apps are solely for big name brands, but can you give us a chance to gently prove that you are wrong? Not so long ago we had that saying for any business – if it doesn’t have your website, it doesn’t exist, then if it doesn’t have its facebook page… then we all went mobile and it was if your website is not responsive, well, you better to fix it asap. And now we all not only went mobile, but actually living digital era and if your business doesn’t have mobile app, maybe it exists, but it significantly less visible and known.

Small and midsize businesses are hopping on the mobile trend, more and more are gaining understanding that mobile strategy can’t be involved by just a mobile-friendly website itself.

1. Benefits

Let’s have a short tour through benefits you can gain by creating a mobile app for your small business app.

2. Be visible

Statistics show that an average person spends more than 3 hours a day (!) using their mobile devices and they prefer a native mobile app rather than a website. Only about 15% customers go to browsers rather than use native app. Your app will give you the potential to reach a whole new set of customers who are experiencing your brand for the first time.

3. Direct Marketing Channel

Yes, like all other marketing tools and other channels, your app will have an ads purpose. But it doesn’t mean you can’t create an app that will benefit to the end user, thus making ad for your business less obvious and irritating.

Apps can serve almost for everything: you can find info or prices there, book tables or places or anything, search features, interact with other users, chat, and review news feeds and whole bunch of other things. The idea that users is only one finger tap away from the information you’re about to share with them is the biggest benefit from mobile apps. And you can’t forget about push notifications, they won’t let your users miss a thing. You’re getting really close direct interaction, and can this is an easy way to remind your customers anything that makes sense for you to remind about.

4. Good news about push notifications:

Even though email marketing still works for some businesses and even if someone subscribes to your list, you know that it doesn’t mean they’re going to read it. Push notifications, on the other hand, is a thing you barely can miss. Usually notifications are reminding us about events or letting us know something new is going in within one of our apps. In case of your app you can choose any trigger to send your customer a notification. And the statistics is proving those facts either: according to studies every fifth email is opened by the recipient and only one from 20 of them will click on a link within that email. However, 30 to 60 percent of users open push notifications and about a half of them interact with the app immediately following the notification.

5. Value for Customers

Loyalty programs can be easily digitalized. Your app can be not only environment friendly but, to provide users with an extra clear and convenient way to have their rewards, points, discounts or special offers.

6. Brand

Brand awareness is something we all want to reach; a mobile app for your business can greatly contribute to this purpose. You can choose any style or a goal for it: entertaining, stylish, learning, functional, funny or informative. But if you want to make your app a true winner you need to create something that has useful or interesting features that your customers will enjoy and don’t forget about beautiful branded user interface and a great experience.

7. Customer Engagement

It doesn’t matter what business you have, what products you make or what services provide, your customers need a way to reach you and you want to reach them back too. You can add to your app a messenger or a chat, a helpdesk or an option to submit questions. It can really make a difference in the way you communicate with your customers. Instead of calling customers prefer to communicate with you via text.

8. Competition

Despite all listed above even today it is still rare for small companies to have their mobile apps, and this is where you can take advantage from situation and take a huge step ahead of your competitors. You can be first in your industry or neighborhood who will offer a mobile app to your customers. They’ll be surprised by your approach and definitely will distinguish you.

9. Presence matters

There are too many ways users can be reached – all kinds of ads, banners, flashing signs, native ads websites, Facebook ads, and email marketing. Sometimes you can’t be heard just because of all this noise. More and more brands are trying to go in another direction and to make a true connection with customers, it make them a loyal lover of product or service.

10. The app itself

Beside competitor in your business, in case of an app, you’re also competing for users’ attention. On average, people have 26 apps installed on their phones. But it’s still better that competing with millions of websites.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind making your perfect and unforgettable app:

11. Design matters

Even if you’re selling construction materials and your app is not for everyone, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be well designed. The fact is that each user has to scroll and look through their device for the apps they’re looking for and if you’re there it can be an advantage to your company, our minds will unconsciously record well-designed app icon.

12. Problem solving

The app that are somehow useful for users will be to shared; people are inclined to share things that are useful. It is just that simple. Ask yourself ‘how can we make our customers’ life easier?’, and try to implement the answer within the app. Build in benefits and features that inspire sharing. You can’t just summarize your webpage.

13. Mobile payments

We went mobile, remember? Mobile payments aren’t something new anymore. Mobile market share is growing rapidly. Tomorrow computers will be considered as antiquated technologies. Add an option for your customers to pay with their smart phones and they will choose you among your competitors.

14. Social media

Is a must. Not sure if it even worth to mention, that social integration should be implemented in your app. But maybe we should mention that you can go further with social media engagement where real-time interaction and built-in live Facebook or Twitter streams.

15. App submission

Don’t forget that for such app spaces like App Store, approval procedure can’t take up to 3 months. So plan ahead and fix all bugs beforehand.

Bottom line

If you don’t have any ideas, if you need to get more tips or if you want to build a concept or development plan – we’re here for you. By using the latest development tools, we can create an app for you for a small fraction of the time and financial investment. We encourage you to contact us, so we can help you explore your opportunities. Our software development professionals cover all or part of the full development cycle, including business analysis, architecture design, project management, and software implementation, testing and quality assurance. So it doesn’t matter on what stage you’ve faced a problem – idea making, design, development or all together - we’re eager to face a new challenge and to provide you with options of solutions. Let’s discuss.

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