Custom CRM Development Solutions

Tired of devastating SaaS pricing? Choose our cost effective agency!

CRM development services

Sometimes enterprise software systems just aren’t the answer. You spend unbelievable amount of money on the abundance of features that you actually don’t need. The solution? Outsourcing the task to a professional team from the country where charging policy is just more loyal.

Project-based price
Many ready-made solutions for business are still priced per user, which means that you need to be strict about the access, and leaks are still possible. We’re a good alternative.
Professional team
It may be too risky to hire CRM developers on freelance platforms: development and integration of CRM components take quite a time, and freelance programmers can be painfully unreliable. Choose a company with experienced engineers, QA team and PM instead.
Complete customization
We start from a detailed analysis of crucial business needs and structure. Our experience with a number of startups and businesses from several countries allows for accurate predictions about the features that will fit in and those that won’t.

CRM software development and integration

Softermii provides various development services and integration of your pre-made software.

  • After boosting CRMs like BPM-online, carrying out integrations with Zoho CRM, and implementing workflow management systems in different countries. We feel confident about any CRM application development services. It can be either building the system from scratch or adding functionality to the existing CRM.
  • Being well aware that most of the CRM systems need website CMS testing and integration, our team is ready to take the challenge.
  • An expert team of UI/UX professionals, developers and quality assurance specialists will run all the necessary testing.

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