Group Travel App Development: How to Make a Solution like WeTravel

Group Travel App Development: How to Make a Solution like WeTravel

12 May 2023 • 21 min read

Group travel app development has become particularly popular as it offers a convenient way to plan and organize trips with friends, family, or colleagues. For businesses, that means improving customer experience, loyalty, and endless monetization opportunities.

Softermii is an experienced mobile software development company. This article will share our insights and provide a comprehensive guide to building a successful group travel app. We will cover the benefits of creating such a solution, essential features, UI/UX design tips, technology stack, and the estimated cost.

Why You Should Create a Group Travel Planning App in 2023

There are several compelling reasons why developing a travel group organization app in 2023 could be a smart business move:

Growing Demand

As people recover from lockdowns and restrictions, there is a delayed demand for trips. Group travel is especially popular. According to the 2022 Global Travel Trends Report, 79% of respondents look forward to travelling with their families, and 76% plan to do it more than they did the previous year. A group travel app can tap into this trend by allowing users to plan and book journeys with family and friends.

One-Stop Solution for User Loyalty

Travelport report says that 45% of respondents (and 50% of Gen Z) would prefer to book an entire vacation through one website. With the group travel app, you can provide this option. Users can search for and book flights, accommodations, activities, and tours through the app and communicate and collaborate with other group members.

Personalized Experience for Revenue Growth

A group travel app allows users to adapt their plans and preferences, creating a more tailored and enjoyable experience. And this is a great strategy, as according to McKinsey, personalization drives 40% more revenue. At the same time, 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver customized interactions, and 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen.

Social Awareness

A group travel app can offer a social feed where users share photos and updates from their trips. Why is this important to your business? American Express reports that social media influenced 75% of respondents to travel to a particular destination. So it would be a sin not to take this opportunity to increase your reach and attract a new audience.

Group travel app development

Monetization Opportunities

Statista predicts that between 2023 and 2027, the travel app industry will grow steadily, with a total increase of 731.4 million U.S. dollars (+59.32%). So grab your piece of the pie, monetizing your solution by commissions on bookings, sponsored content or advertising, and premium features or subscriptions.

Key Group Travel App Features

Group travel planning app development should simplify the process, promote collaboration and communication among group members, and enhance the overall travel experience. To make it real, include the following key features:

Easy Login and Sign-In

Let users access the app quickly and effortlessly using email, phone numbers, or social media accounts. Also, you can implement biometric authentication methods such as fingerprint or facial recognition for extra security and convenience. This way, you enhance client satisfaction and encourage continued app usage.

Create a group travel planning app

Trip Planning and Organization

Provide users with tools to plan their trip itinerary, including selecting destinations, dates, and activities. Travellers should be able to customize their routes, save plans, and share them with other group members to make decisions together.

cost to build a group travel planner app

Group Messaging and Communication

Communication through messaging or chat is crucial. Allow users to create group chats, share photos and videos, and stay updated on trip plans and changes. This feature ensures everyone is on the same page and helps avoid miscommunications.

how to make an app for group travel planning

Budget Management

Users need to track their expenses and manage their trip budget effectively. Be sure to let travelers set spending limits, allocate costs between group members, and send notifications when they exceed their budget.

Developing a travel group organization app

Booking and Reservation

Allow users to book flights, hotel accommodations, and activities directly through the application without using solutions like Airbnb. What are other options to include? Browsing various options, viewing their details, and making a reservation without switching to another platform. The booking feature can improve if you provide users with real-time availability, pricing, and cancellation options.

Additionally, the app should allow users to view their booking history, save details for future reference, and provide push notifications for reminders and updates.

Create an app to plan group travel

Real-time Updates

Your group travel app should reflect real-time updates, including flight delays, cancellations, or changes in itinerary. Additionally, providing alternative flights or accommodations help users deal with unexpected situations during their vacation.

Local Recommendations and Guides

Offer amazing service by giving local food, attractions, and activities recommendations. The app should propose travel guides, reviews, and maps to help users plan their itinerary and explore the area.

Group travel planner app development

Travel Insurance and Safety

Don’t forget about travel insurance options and safety tips. Integrate emergency assistance, medical support, and travel alerts. Also, you can offer guidance on visa and passport requirements, local laws and customs, and general instructions to help travellers avoid potential risks and stay safe.

Make an app to organize group travel

Nice-to-Have Features That Make Your Group Travel App Special

Develop a group travel planning app considering these additional features to enhance the user experience:

Social Media Integration

Let users connect and share their travel experiences on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. With this feature, clients post photos and videos of their trip, share their location, and connect with other travelers to get recommendations. This way, you’ll promote the group travel app and increase its user base.

How to build a group travel app

Language Translation

Simplify communication with locals who speak different languages. Users should be able to translate messages, menus, and directions. The feature can leverage AI/ML technologies to provide a more accurate, natural-sounding translation and offer pronunciation guides. Enhance the customer experience by removing language barriers.

develop a group travel planning app

Loyalty Program Integration

Encourage users with rewards or points for booking travel through the application. You can boost customer loyalty and repeat usage by redeeming points for discounts on future trips or proposing exclusive deals. Use this feature to build long-term client relationships and create a community around your app.

group travel planning app development

Offline Mode

This feature allows users to access their vacation itinerary, messaging, and other app features without an internet connection. It is handy when traveling to exotic areas without stable coverage.

Group travel app features

Privacy and Sharing Controls

Think about control over users' privacy settings and communication with group members. They should manage who can join the chat and see trip details. This feature lets users feel safe and secure while using the travel app.

Build an app like wetravel

Quick Contact Integration

Users should be able to import their phone contacts into the application and invite them to join their trips, making it easier to organize and communicate with the travel group. Let them quickly contact people for last-minute changes or updates, improving overall communication and vacation organization.

Wetravel-like app development

Personalized Recommendations

We highly recommend providing users with personalized recommendations for destinations, activities, and accommodations based on travel preferences and past trips. Use machine learning algorithms to enhance customer experience.

Develop a group travel app

Virtual and Augmented Reality

To boost conversion, deliver prospects with VR/AR experience to better explore their travel plans — before they arrive and in real time. Include landmarks, museums, and other attractions, helping travelers plan their itinerary and improve engagement.

Create a group travel app

Local Currency Conversion

Want to be more valuable to your customers? Offer them real-time currency conversion rates, making tracking expenses and managing their budget easier. This way, your users will know the value of their money in the chosen travel destination.

build a group travel app

UI/UX Tips for WeTravel Like App Development

By following these pro UI/UX tips, you can create an app like WeTravel that meets the needs of modern travelers.

Intuitive and User-friendly Design

  • Use a minimalistic and clean design that removes unnecessary clutter from the interface.
  • Make a clear visual hierarchy with contrast and color to highlight important data and calls to action.
  • Choose familiar patterns and icons to make the app easy to understand and navigate.
  • Provide clear instructions and feedback to the user at all times.

Consistent Branding

  • Develop a strong brand identity and apply it consistently throughout the application.
  • Use a consistent color palette, typography, and design language that aligns with your branding.
  • Ensure consistency across all platforms and touchpoints, including the website, mobile app, and social media.

Clear and Concise Messaging

  • Provide simple and direct language that is easy to understand.
  • Avoid jargon and technical terms that may confuse the traveler.
  • Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points to break up long blocks of text and make it easier to read.

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Choose among 120 software specialists

Simple and Streamlined User Flows

  • Create a clear and logical sequence of steps for completing tasks such as building a trip, inviting friends, or booking activities.
  • Use research and testing to identify areas where the user may get stuck or confused and streamline the flow accordingly.

Personalization and Customization

  • Provide users with the ability to personalize their experience by choosing their preferred communication channels, customizing privacy settings, and creating personalized trip itineraries.
  • Analyze user data and insights to recommend relevant content and activities based on the client's interests and preferences.
  • Make it easy for users to save and organize their favorite trips, activities, and destinations.

Responsive and Adaptive Design

  • Ensure the application is optimized for different screen sizes, devices, and platforms, with a responsive and adaptive layout.
  • Use mobile-first design principles, as smartphones and tablets are the primary way travelers interact with the app.

Gamification and Social Sharing

  • Use gamification elements such as badges, rewards, and challenges, encouraging travellers to engage with the app and complete specific actions.
  • Motivate them to share their travel experiences and recommendations with others through social media integrations and user-generated content features.
  • Allow customers to share their itineraries and collaborate with friends to plan group trips.

Feedback and Support

  • Offer in-app messaging or chatbots to guarantee real-time assistance when needed.
  • Provide clear and timely feedback, such as notifications when a task is completed or assistance with troubleshooting.
  • Use client feedback and insights to continually improve the application and address possible issues or pain points.

Tech Stack for a Group Travel Planner App Development

Various mobile technologies are available to create an app to plan group travel. The specific stack depends on your app goals and requirements. Anyway, we recommend this one:

  • Programming language: Swift and Objective-C (iOS), Java and Kotlin (Android), JavaScript (cross-platform)
  • Backend technologies — Node.js, Python Django
  • Frontend technologies — React Native, Flutter
  • Databases — MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Containers — Kubernetes
  • Cloud hosting — AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure
  • Testing — JUnit, Espresso
  • Design tools — Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD
  • Communication and collaboration tools — Slack, Trello, Asana

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Group Travel Planner App

The budget to build an app like WeTravel can vary widely depending on software complexity, the team's hourly rate, and location. The following is a general outline of the phases involved, and a rough estimation of the cost and timeline for each:

Web and Mobile Application Development

The initial stage when you decide to build a group travel app involves technical implementation, ranging from the administrative panel to the desired app features and technologies, such as video chat or push alerts.

It's important to understand that incorporating more sophisticated features will inevitably increase the development costs.

Moreover, a choice has to be made between the iOS and Android platforms for your app. We advise developing cross-platform apps that are compatible with the leading operating systems to cater to all user preferences.

The cost for web and mobile application development: up to 900 hours, approximated at $27,000.

UI/UX Design

A remarkable UI/UX design focuses on creating adaptive user interfaces and fostering enjoyable user experiences by understanding your target demographic. Moreover, a flexible event app design guarantees seamless operations on any device, especially crucial for cross-platform apps.

The cost for UI/UX design: up to 200 hours, estimated at $6,000.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Before launching your product, thorough testing is essential. At Softermii, we use a combination of manual and automated testing to ensure optimal performance and remove any potential flaws.

In addition, this stage offers valuable data on app usage, leading to enhancements in features and user interfaces.

Quality Assurance cost: up to 200 hours, estimated at $6,000.

Project Management

A project manager's role is to ensure that project milestones are achieved, and that the project's scope aligns with your vision. They also conduct risk evaluations to pinpoint possible security threats and keep you informed on the progress of the group travel app development.

Project management generally constitutes 10% to 15% of the total budget. However, based on our present estimate, it will be approximately $5,500.

What is the final price tag for developing an event app? Please refer to the table below:

Group travel app Development Cost



Web and mobile development


UX/UI design


Testing and quality assurance


Project management




Softermii Logo

It's important to note that the cost of building an app is just one aspect of the overall investment required to build a successful app. Other crucial expenses include marketing, ongoing maintenance and updates, and potential fees for app store distribution.

Be aware that the figures given above are not definitive, as the final expenditure on developing a loyalty rewards program hinges on numerous aspects. These encompass the particular functionalities, team structure, timeframes, selection of platform, among other vital specifics. To get a more precise calculation, reach out to our team for a free quote.


A group travel app is likely to find its users as it offers personalized travel experiences, improves communication between travellers, and provides a one-stop solution for all related needs. It can also increase customer loyalty and boost revenue through in-app purchases and partnerships with travel providers.

Softermii already has experience creating a product for a ticket reservation system that finds the most comfortable routes, schedules flights, purchases tickets and orders food on flights. We have also integrated Farelogix airline commerce gateway and Janbala local experience booking service. As a result, the solution developed in three months passed certification and entered the market.

If you need a consultation or assistance developing a group travel app, please contact the Softermii team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to make an app to organize group travel?

The time it takes to create a group travel app depends on many factors, including the app's complexity, the development team's size, and the availability of resources. Generally, you need from 6 months to a year or more. It's crucial to invest sufficient time and resources into each stage of the development process to ensure the app is high quality and meets the target audience's needs. For more detailed calculations, please contact our team.

How to make an app for group travel planning better than WeTravel?

To compete with an app like WeTravel, you must offer unique features and experiences that differentiate your solution. This could include integrating advanced AI or ML algorithms, partnering with exclusive travel providers, or implementing a gamification strategy to engage users. Additionally, investing in marketing and user acquisition efforts can help increase visibility and attract new users to the app.

Can I hire dedicated group travel app developers from Softermii?

Yes, you can hire dedicated group travel app developers from Softermii. We offer many services, including mobile development for iOS and Android platforms. We have a team of experienced developers who specialize in building custom solutions for businesses of all sizes and can provide dedicated specialists to work on your project.

What examples of group travel apps can be considered as an idea?

If you wonder how to build a group travel app, orient on marketplace solutions like WeTravel, Tripline, Splitwise, Prava, Launchtrip, Tourlane, Roadtrippers, and others. They offer a range of features such as itinerary planning, real-time updates, expense sharing, group chat, and more, making group travel organization easier and more efficient.

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