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Best industry practices

The mobile industry is changing rapidly. Yet there are certain principles that are never out of fashion. Startups crave them to grow. Executives demand them for business of so different fields as e-commerce, social media, real estate, enterprise and entertainment. We share these principles and work accordingly.

In-depth analysis
Before getting down to mobile app development, we research the market, trying to browse through the work of both your native business practices and offshore ones. We also pay attention to the metrics when working on any project updates.
Timely delivery
Even when something is not working as planned, we are warning you in advance and change the schedule to still hit the deadline.
Keeping up with technology
We regularly learn new secrets and tools of mobile app development.

Experienced team

HR issues aside — we’ve recruited a powerful team for you. Whatever technology you need, we run several tests to hire mobile app developers that are really worth your project and build a team that plays together well. In the end, you always get what you’ve ordered, and get it timely. This is proven by such customers of Softermii as Dollar Shave Club, Cococure, DogVacay and others.

project manager
To break the process down to simple steps and optimize everything that can be optimized;
SQA engineers
For additional quality of the company’s mobile app development services;
Software engineers
Specializing in Java and Kotlin (Android), Swift and Objective-C (iOS);
UI and UX designers
To care for the comfort of your app users.

Fast and orderly process

Efficient mobile app development services should be scheduled

We do just this, paying attention to such details as:
  • Clear plan and order of initial brainstorming sessions;
  • GUI lists and programming documentation;
  • Extra time for designer-developer interaction, testing and debugging;
  • Time needed to get the product approved in the store;
  • others.

Other reasons to start now

We truly love what we do. Here are some more reasons for you to love it, too:

  • It’s your chance to try something new. We are never tired to experiment and measure results;
  • Having helped several businesses grow from startups to mid-size companies, we know the key features needed for attracting more customers while fostering loyalty;
  • An agency will always work faster than individual mobile apps developers for hire;
  • Our R&D center is based in Ukraine, which gives the opportunity to cut mobile app development costs.

Get on board

We are just one click away from helping you develop an amazing application! Let’s get in touch. Drop us a line in the form below, and we’ll reach out to you as soon as humanly possible.

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