Making your concept a reality

Mobile app is a great way to propel your business into a whole new level of opportunity. As much as it is an awesome medium for startups to push innovative ideas. It is a big challenge that pays off, and our team will help you make it through.

We ride the tide of latest advancements in mobile technology and know how to create a robust mobile app while thoughtfully approaching the myriad of nuances that arise and shift the course of development process.

Softermii is awesome for international companies in search of an offshore solution to get more benefit from their development budget. One of the best in Ukraine according to, we know the main concerns product teams have towards offshoring, and we go an extra mile to fully neutralize these factors.

Prospecting stage

We analyze how your business and client goals align as well as the methods you’ll be using to achieve both. Afterwards, we outline the scope of our interaction, your development budget and how will your funds be allocated on our part.

Going from this baseline, we start exploring and outlining the foundation of your future app:

  • Creating exact user personas targeted by your mobile app;
  • Reviewing your competitors and their strategies;
  • Distilling the unique selling proposition offered to the user;
  • Analyzing the marketing insights;
  • Mapping out the user flows within your app.

As we piece your app together and the construct becomes clear, your vision may change. We are always attentive to these revisions, and you may communicate them during one of our frequent briefings or off schedule.

Core design

Over the years we’ve built the expertise to make educated decisions on mobile app architecture. When working on your project, we come up with correct structural solution that will go into foundation of your app and take the major usability concerns into account. We contemplate matters like ensuring low power consumption of diverse mobile devices, backward compatibility of your product and more.

IOS app development

Apple devices are the product of choice among the US citizens and a major priority to reach out to them. The same goes when targeting users in other 1st world countries. You don’t need to cover a hugely diversified set of device specifications and have more time to refine your design.

Hitting the Apple Store – iOS is standing apart from the market majority. Apple Store is very restrictive towards new apps, all of which are manually reviewed by the Apple staff and not uncommonly rejected. When making iOS apps, developers need to consider the brand philosophy. There are extensive guidelines to qualifying, and these are a subject to constant change.

Winning the User Community – Apple Store relies on community and so, post-launch, the user score and feedback will determine your success. All the more reason to utilize exact user personas and predetermine how well the onboarding will go and other crucial UX metrics.

Looking into the future, user feedback will give you valuable insights about further iterations of your mobile app.

Our team has a long history working with iOS dev tools. We know the Apple human interface guidelines inside out with multiple apps deployed in Objective-C and Swift. We launch a well-rounded iOS app and reach your predicted business metrics with grace.

Android app development

Android is the powerhouse of world mobile audience. It’s the predominant portion of the market that will give you access to almost the entire world of users. When you do, you may reach for a specific type of user in all parts of the world simultaneously.

Your app will be available from multiple app stores including Amazon Appstore and Google Play, instantly granting you global visibility.

Adapting the Differences – When creating an app for Android, one has to consider the huge mix of architectural factors. Android covers an extra large range of dissimilar devices with different resolutions, running on different OS versions. It’s highly important that your future product is adapted for fluid performance despite these difficulties.

Cutting Edge Firmware Solutions – Android is the hub of open source technologies that spring around, ready to be used with an exceedingly customized range of enterprise software. We will use these technologies to integrate your app into your entire business environment with even more efficiency.

We house some of the world-class Kotlin and Java coding talent who know how to craft Android-based apps into responsive and versatile user experience that covers your user base in its entirety.

Native for all

In the heavy competition of mobile app economy, the smoothest experience is king. All else being equal, your client base will choose the app that works quicker. Juggernauts like Facebook and Pokemon Go are using native apps and, with us, so can you. Even a minor delay of 2 seconds can cost a lead. Thanks to our affordable mobile development, you can finally invest into creating both native iOS and Android versions of your app.

Cross-platform and hybrids will simply be outpaced by your product, and users will award you their preference.

Mobile WEB

Browser-based mobile experience can work wonders. Let our team make it happen for you. We will deliver a crisp and performant website with high success in lead capture. If user gets overwhelmed with too much content, the only thing you’ll be growing is bounce rate.

Let’s make sure the confined mobile screen space is used wisely and not cluttered up. When working with us, you get a mobile site with rich engaging content and thoughtful spaced out design that will be a breeze for your user.

Mobile MVP

Minimum-viable is minimum-cost. Unlike your onshore teams, we will help you get even more with less. When taking your MVP project to us, you spend less and thus invest more effort for the same amount of funding. This will multiply the number of iterations we can build and test together.

Our mobile dev team knows how to quickly create mobile apps that combine the core functionality, cosy design and poise.


Creating an architecturally sound piece of software, you need to contemplate on the experience in its entirety. In order to achieve this, our mobile UX/UI experts work out a balance between the goals of your app and the flows your users will be comfortable with long in advance. Pairing the technical side of the project and the need for finesse, we work out an adapted solution that meets everyone’s goals.

Depending on the content strategy, we offer the most appropriate information architecture your project will use. This strongly depends on the medium and will help in presenting your content strategically, saving it from cluttering up.

With our help, your company will establish a strong onboarding with well balanced strategic follow-ups to your users to get them going with your app without causing any discontent.

Overpowered lead generation

Years of experience with mobile apps for startups allow us to arrange lead generation campaigns that yield results. We know how to create a successful formula for mobile sales funnel. Each case is special and so is yours. We lend you the insights to establish well rounded lead generation that makes sure you are using your full potential to find new clients and lead them all the way to the sharp edge of your funnel.

Quality assurance

We build software that lasts. In order to do so, we provide extensive QA checks, revising each aspect of your mobile app with high diligence and attention. Our team estimates your app on all device resolutions, runs automated test suits and manually checks every aspect of the user interaction.

Update support

As the world of tech keeps evolving, with years your, app will need additional adaptations to stay relevant. We are always ready to continue the works on our familiar project long after the launch. You will find our update support rates highly lucrative for your business as they are for our development.

Augmented reality

AR apps are a massive opportunity to create an inventive startup. Your idea – our execution. Be among the first to take advantage of this amazing opening. We are continuously exploring AR and our techs are always ready to help you turn your concept into life.

Your mobile app needs all the time and effort you can get. Invest more by working with us. You will find our rates to be more than affordable in comparison to your onshore AGILE teams. We give you the opportunity to spend your funds on a more fleshed out and iterated variant of your app.

At our own expense, we will remove anything that could possibly obstruct communication in regards to remote nature of our partnership. We adjusts to your schedule to allow having meetings with maximum comfort.

So tell us about your project. Drop us a few lines and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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