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Softermii provides web development services in Chicago for companies that are ready to grow. We are interested in scaling and growing your business as we are much more than just a web application development company.

Web development services

We're here to help you with web development services in Chicago

  • End-to-end software development

    End-to-end software development

  • Technology consulting and scope

    Technology consulting and scope

  • Concept and MVP Development

    Concept and MVP Development

  • UI/UX for your web-based software

    UI/UX for your web-based software

  • AI and Cloud Implementation into your infrastructure

    AI and Cloud Implementation into your infrastructure

  • Cyber-secure software protection

    Cyber-secure software protection

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Our Key Web web development services in Chicago Include

  • MVP Development

    MVP Development

    Our efficient MVP development approach dramatically shortens the time-to-market, delivering a core application complete with key features for user testing in just 4-8 weeks.

  • Web Software Development

    Web Software Development

    Our state-of-the-art, comprehensive web software propels digital transformation forward. Expand, increase your clientele, and open up new lucrative avenues.

  • Technical Consulting

    Technical Consulting

    We offer thorough evaluation of current software, encompassing business analytics and quality assurance. Additional services such as market analysis, investor pitches, or product conceptualization are available upon request.


Bringing Offline Event Experience into Online

Hybrid and virtual events platform. Easy setup allows holding conferences, lectures, and webinars seamlessly. Available online from any device, any time, anywhere.

Country Country
Timeline Timeline
1+ year
Team Size Team Size
10 team members
Tech Stack Tech Stack
Node.js, React, Saga, Redux, Azure, AWS, WebRTC, VidRTC

The Locum App

The revolutionary staffing platform for pharmacies and pharmacists

Locum App is an innovative recruitment platform that streamlines and automates the recruiting process in the pharmaceutical market.

Country Country
Timeline Timeline
12 months
Team Size Team Size
9 team members
Tech Stack Tech Stack
React JS, ASP.NET Core, PostgreSQL, Swift, Kotlin


Bringing IoT into the property rental industry

Rently introduces a fully IoT-powered rental showing process that doesn't require the agent to be physically on-site. The app's Smart Lockbox simplifies the property visiting with no involvement of a landlord.

Country Country
Timeline Timeline
17 months
Team Size Team Size
6 team members
Tech Stack Tech Stack
Swift, MVC, Wordpress, Firebase, Google Maps & Places


The accessible cryptocurrency exchange of the new generation

Cryptocurrency exchange that combines essential features like exchange rates, market trends and statistics as well as secure trading.

Country Country
Timeline Timeline
9 months
Team Size Team Size
11 team members
Tech Stack Tech Stack
ASP.NET, MS SQL, Vanilla JS, React, ES6, C#

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We apply best practices for accessible and profitable solutions

  • 1

    Hiring brilliant IT talents

    We are a team of business analysts, designers and web developers in Chicago experienced in software development projects of different complexity.

  • 2

    Helping with go-to-market strategy

    We ensure the delivery of a product that possesses only advantageous features and meets market demands.

  • 3

    Putting usability and quality first

    Our solutions are meticulously crafted, featuring intuitive interfaces and meeting both usability and security standards.

  • 4

    We exceed expectations

    We aim to exceed expectations: offering frank insights, proposing solutions, and developing premium products.

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Key industries for web development services in Chicago

We are trusted by entrepreneurs around the world in the following fields:

  • Communication

  • Real Estate

  • Healthcare

  • Fintech

Communication Read More arrow right


Audio & Video Conferencing

Audio & Video Conferencing

An application with multiple rooms designed for secure audio and video chats.

Collaboration software

Collaboration software

Internal software for both staff and client communication.



An application that allows streaming and broadcasting for large audiences.

Online Event Management

Online Event Management

Online expo’s with virtual booths and panel discussions.

Real Estate Read More arrow right

Real Estate

Property Listings

Property Listings

Create Airbnb- and Zillow-like listings or apps with multiple property objects for sale & rent.

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

Stream from your apartment to your potential renters and answer their questions online.

Property Management

Property Management

Manage your objects, receive payments via Stripe or Paypal, and keep maintenance under control in one app.

Property Database

Property Database

Internal or external database with easy to interface.

Real Estate
Healthcare Read More arrow right




Manage your staff in all branches by using an app.

Online Appointments

Online Appointments

Schedule and visit a doctor online by using video chats.

M-health Applications

M-health Applications

Applications that help patients keep their health data and get help online.

EHR Integration

EHR Integration

Store all your patients’ data online with secure cloud technologies.

Fintech Read More arrow right


Digital Payments

Digital Payments

Design, build and deploy browser-based or in-app payment products securely and sustainably.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy Now, Pay Later

Standalone app or integrated solution for installment payment options.

P2P Money Transfer

P2P Money Transfer

Transfer cash from person to person, or entity to entity, quickly, conveniently, cheaply, and securely.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Digital solutions for ongoing, comprehensive financial planning, everyday financial management, and investment advice.


Haven’t found your industry?

Our versatile tech-list and a set of technologies allow us to work with the vast majority of industries.

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Creating top-notch software requires an up-to-date and complex tech tech-list. Don’t worry, we got it.

  • Front-End

  • Back-End

  • CMS

  • Database

  • Security Protocols

  • Other Technologies

  • React JS

    React JS

  • Redux


  • GraphQL


  • Storybook


  • Typescript


  • ASP.NET Core

    ASP.NET Core

  • EF Core

    EF Core

  • NodeJS


  • ExpressJS


  • NetJS


  • GraphQL


  • Typescript


  • Sequelize


  • TypeORM


  • Kentico Kontent

    Kentico Kontent

  • Strapi


  • Wordpress


  • Orchard


  • MS SQL Server

    MS SQL Server

  • MySQL


  • PostgreSQL


  • MongoDB


  • Cassandra


  • Redis


  • OAuth 2

    OAuth 2

  • OpenID Connect

    OpenID Connect

  • HL7




  • Identity Server

    Identity Server

  • WebRTC


  • Twilio


  • Mediasoup


  • Nginx


  • Gstream




  • AWS


  • Azure


We’re not a typical web development company in Chicago

  • Moving gears from the first meeting

    Moving gears from the first meeting

    Gain a thorough understanding right from the start. Our sales team conducts in-depth research on your project, delivering a solution that balances your vision with market demands. As a leading web development company in Chicago, we prioritize clarity and precision.

  • 15% of deviation of delivery time

    15% of deviation of delivery time

    Accustomed to strict timelines, our approach ensures precise estimates with a mere 15% deviation in delivery time. This method establishes transparent expectations and avoids overpromising, a hallmark of our web development services in Chicago.

  • 2x faster development with pre-made engines

    2x faster development with pre-made engines

    Our ability to deploy web solutions much faster than others, often within years, sets us apart as a top web development agency in Chicago. Benefit from our pre-built engines, adaptable for your bespoke product, to save significant time.

  • Experienced product creators

    Experienced product creators

    Boasting a team of experienced business analysts and software architects, we excel in identifying product-market fit and crafting growth strategies. Our team's expertise cements our status as one of the premier web developers in Chicago, committed to creating high-quality products.


Softermii has a hard commitment towards the project delivery on time without any delay.

We ended up by having a very attractive product that can compete with any other virtual platform.

Walid Farghal, Event10x. Director General

Softermii are great with time management and produce high-quality work.

Because of how satisfied we've been with their work on this project, we're exploring bringing them in on a new project as well.

Muna Al Hashemi, Founder of a Proptech Startup

They were really on top of everything.

They know how important my timelines were and they made sure that they're dead to them and got everything done quickly.

Reece Samani, CEO & Founder, Locum App, London

The team is really flexible with picking up urgent bugs.

I found that is a really good working relationship in that sense that the prices are very reasonable and they are accessible even over the weekend.

Duncan Mitchell, Managing Director, Co-Founder at TempTribe, London

Softermii delivered a technically sophisticated app.

It integrates multi-party video conferences with social media dynamics. These guys proven to be a professional, reliable, and effective partner.

David Levine, Founder, Scoby Social

I would highly recommend Softermii for any programming needs.

I am consistently impressed by the quality of the work and team effort brought forth by everyone that we've worked with.

Ashley Lewis, VP of Product, Dollar Shave Club

Excellent programming skills and timely delivery.

They were able to take our poorly documented description and deliver a world-class app.

Folabi Ogunkoya, Founder, Cococure

They delivered amazing results and worked through holidays to make sure I could deliver on the project deadline.

The results were consistently top quality and the devs are friendly and responsive.

Shervin Delband, Director of US Operations, ITRex Group
  • event10x

    Walid Farghal

    Event10x. Director General

  • muna

    Muna Al Hashemi

    Founder of a Proptech Startup

  • locum

    Reece Samani

    CEO & Founder, Locum App, London

  • temptribe

    Duncan Mitchell

    Managing Director, Co-Founder at TempTribe, London

  • scoby

    David Levine

    Founder, Scoby Social

  • shave

    Ashley Lewis

    VP of Product, Dollar Shave Club

  • cococure

    Folabi Ogunkoya

    Founder, Cococure

  • itrex

    Shervin Delband

    Director of US Operations, ITRex Group

What questions do you have?

Here is a list of commonly asked questions and answers

How much does web development in Chicago cost?

The cost of web development in Chicago varies based on project complexity, duration, and specific client needs. As a leading web development agency in Chicago, we offer competitive pricing tailored to your project's requirements. Typically, prices range from budget-friendly options for small-scale projects to more substantial investments for complex, large-scale developments. We recommend discussing your specific needs with us for a detailed estimate.

How to choose the right company for web development in Chicago?

Selecting the right web development company in Chicago involves considering factors like experience, portfolio, client testimonials, and the range of services offered. Look for a company that demonstrates a strong understanding of local market trends and broader industry developments. Additionally, ensure they have a track record of timely delivery and can provide customized solutions. As web developers in Chicago, we pride ourselves on meeting these criteria and being responsive to our clients' diverse needs.

What are the key trends in web development in Chicago?

Key trends in web development in Chicago include a focus on user experience (UX) design, mobile-first approaches, and the integration of advanced technologies like AI and machine learning. As a web development company in Chicago, we stay abreast of these trends to offer cutting-edge solutions. The market is also seeing a rise in demand for responsive designs and secure, scalable web applications. Staying ahead of these trends is crucial for any business looking to make a significant impact online.

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