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Curating the product lifecycle and driving it to success with us, your project is on the right track to build maximum value and win the audience acclaim. Hurry up to use product management consulting services and see for yourself.

More than software development

Product is the common-ground concept that brings your team together. Each person, however, views it from a very different vantage point. This is why it’s important to maintain a holistic vision throughout the entire product development and always keep it in the spotlight. Thus, in today's competitive market the role of product management is crucial for any kind of products and businesses you’re in.

By hiring Softermii product development consultants, you get hold of a highly cohesive development and product management team with both the technical expertise and eyes on the end-goals of your future digital software.

We house an extensive crew of Subject Matter Experts with skilled developers, both product and project managers, DevOps specialists, Software QA Engineers as well as UX/UI designers and more.

Our company takes a full-on responsibility for the outcome of your project with all possible means taken to build its core value and multiply it.

Planning stage

Long before anything else, we conduct a series of meetings in which we establish your goals, the scope of the product, amount of work on our part, timeframe and other essential details that are put into the product strategy. Upon deciding these nuances, together with you, we build the product roadmap and establish the milestones we set out to reach throughout the project lifecycle.

Field research

Before you get the chance to put your product out there, you need to do some recon. In lines with our product management services, we will conduct market studies and make sure that you know everything there is to know about the environment you set out to work in. Based on this data, we establish actionable insights that help us determine the true market demand and act upon it.

Competitor Analysis

It pays to know what’s out there. Some companies have already worked to make similar products. From them we can get a few valuable ideas, we wouldn’t have otherwise. Market research is a robust source of intel that will contribute to creating a unique identity for your product. At Softermii, digital product consulting services are focused on finding real needs and preparing the right solution to meet them.

Audience Research

User personas are yet another keystone element that will help us come up with a more vivid target audience for our product. What kind of people are you setting out to reach? What are their interests, mentality, values? We get out there and study your demographics to come up with compelling ways to win them over. This crucial data will be deciding for the core philosophy of your product, having an impact on things like feature design, brand positioning, and advertising. Create a more precise and distinct product with Softermii.


With so much new software featured each day, getting heard is becoming increasingly difficult. In order to appeal to the audience and create a product that is memorable, our experts dedicate special attention to establish a mindful approach to your brand positioning. We do this by learning about the core culture of your company and making it manifest in the visual appearance that truly represents your identity.

Logo and Interface Design

We help you arrive at the image that will be the face of your company and product. Based on what we’ve learned about your company, our experts offer you a number of logo styles that you can choose depending on your preference. Afterward, we use the semantic kernel made from the ideas you choose to describe your future product and use it to create a number of color themes that we present to you in multiple variations and iterate upon until you are fully satisfied with the results. We help you get in touch with your identity so that it is true to your product and resonating with the people you are reaching out to.

Unique selling point

A huge part of a successful product is the articulated value offer projected to the market. Your product may have much in common with your competition, but we design your software so that it has a unique flair that stands out. In lines with inimitable identity and positioning of your product, we arrive at a unique selling point that gets through to your target audience while rising above the noise of market competition and lookalike promotional efforts. Get a product that is unique and symbolic to your success.

UX/UI Design

Presentation is a very sophisticated part of the experience and by no means can you assume that good functionality of itself is enough to make it to the stars. Based on prior research, our UX/UI experts come up with correct user flows that yield streamlined interface layouts. To achieve this, we come up with designs that are easy to navigate thanks to relevant labeling of the UI elements, powerful storytelling and much more.


The world needs to know you’re out there. While the techs are hard at work to prepare your product for the grand opening, we will go out of our way to warm up the crowd. Our marketing division will gather all relevant channels to reach your target audience. Afterward, we will effectively advertise your product and generate leads, so that, when it’s finally out there, your product already has a user base. We will do so via an effective lead-generating web page and even working to make them higher conversion. Our product managers will highlight and document the core benefits to achieve maximum lead conversion rates and win you some early adopters who will pounce on your digital product as soon as it goes live.

MVP Design

The best way to get some crucial data on market response is by publishing a Minimum Viable Product.

With Softermii, MVP is more affordable than ever. Ukraine is the major destination of choice for IT offshoring. Here, the development costs are at some of their lowest with world-class programming talent ready to take on your project. By picking us, you save a major portion of your funding. Get much more timed material and use your budget to effectively test more features and scenarios, achieving the ultimate product in the output.

Create more value by spending less and investing additional effort into your product.

Product post-launch supervision

Even though getting your product market-ready is a great feat, it’s only the beginning. What comes after the opening day is a massive volume of iterative work. Our product management and consulting team start listening and building upon the huge stacks of user-generated feedback alongside the continued optimization on part of our developers.

Product management and product consulting

As for the product management vs consulting decision, by filling this role with us, you are not strictly locked with a consultant or a manager.

Softermii grants you an inclusive and unfragmented control over the development process that is unified to meeting your goals in a consistent manner. Which one you really need strongly depends on your situation.

Whatever decision you make, however, it doesn’t have to be final, because you can change the scope of our role from consulting to product management and vice versa based on how you view the current state of your project.

By hiring product management consultants, you get experts with many successful projects behind them.

Our product team had to both take initiative in key areas and partly leave the decision making to stakeholders while striving for cohesion, thus taking the product management and consulting roles combined.

Our product owners have been doing their part which included conducting interfacing sessions with engineers, business experts, CXOs and other SMEs.

Seeing to the needs of all different departments behind your project is what makes the job of a product management consultant. We know how to combine the needs of each department without pitting these values vs each other.

Softermii is not only a product management company, with teams of experts in all areas of software development.

This is one of the key aspects that separates us from other product management consulting firms and helps to ensure an unskewed approach when building and managing new products.

Lean user research

The product managers consulting your company are also prioritizing tight communication with your users and nurturing customer empathy as part of our continued effort to further improve the core value of your software.

Thanks to lean user research, we acquire a valuable critique that helps us get the most precise view of the client’s perspective and use this data to enhance the experience.

Our experts get the product feedback straight from the users and process it for the rest of the team.

Feature management

We’ve finally shipped and have some measurable stats on what features do people use and how satisfying their experience actually is. With this data, we can now contemplate future changes in functionality.

Our team will audit the deployed features on a regular basis. With this intel, our product manager consulting effort will be able to accurately decide on how to improve popular features and make them more accessible for new users.

Also, we will carefully analyze the opportunities to create new features that will offer critical value and work on increasing the adoption rates of the less popular elements. So our product management consultancy firm can help you to get an excellent product that one can only dream of.

Watch our team at work

Our team consists of only experienced professionals, and you get to see them in action. Through our live task management dashboard, you will see our team at work with accurate amounts of time dedicated to each task.

In order to be sure that all work by our team members is done in a due manner, and you get the right value out of our timed material, you may review the entire progress on your project in terms of individual actions on part of each team member.

Get a product development team that shares your product vision, stays true to it and meets your business objectives.

An outstanding product demands the courage to be bold and offer unique solutions to old problems as well as the flexibility for rapid change driven by new feedback. It is also important that the product management consultant is neck deep in the development process which is why you are much better off working with a well-rounded company like ours instead of picking one of the many narrowly focused product management companies.

Our product consultants and managers help you tap into the unique identity of your digital product and make it richly manifest in its core design.

We are always on the front lines, talking to users and bringing you the most relevant information about the current state of affairs. This knowledge helps to evolve the identity of your product in the right direction.

Unlike a huge number of product management consulting firms, we know the importance of communication when working with offshore development teams, and make sure that you are always up to speed with the current state of the project.

Our product team does everything to give you additional control over the development process and help you make fully educated decisions on its progress.

We’d love to hear about your project. Leave some detail in the field, and we will get back to you ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is product management consulting?

This is a set of services from product management consultants who are well versed in the business and technical aspects of the product. They are able to identify the technical problems faced by the client's business and, based on this information, offer solutions that increase the overall profit of the product and also reduce costs.

What does a product consultant do?

Product consultants provide customers with the information and support they need that goes hand in hand with products and services. Consultants of our company tell customers about the features and benefits of products, as well as answer questions and help with orders. They can also demonstrate how the product works.

How much do product management consultants charge?

The cost depends on many factors and the level of experience. If you want to hire professional project management consultants it will cost from $X to $Y per hour. For more strategic work, it could be $X-$Y an hour, depending on experience level.

What is included in product management consulting services?

Our services include planning, competitor analysis, branding, design, promotion and other related services.

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