World finance is always evolving. Right now, the next milestone is payments and transactions for a highly miscellaneous catalog of purposes. World banking system is too slow to drive every type of financial interaction to its pinnacle. Often too complicated and time-consuming, in some cases, this makes payments overly tedious which bottlenecks the sales funnels for many potential services. Multiple startup companies are successfully finding their niche in making these services more accessible.

Introduce a new fintech product to the world and make the global economy a more welcoming place for every individual.


Crypto-tokens, are the unquestionable popularity contest winner in the world of financial products. The phenomenon, however, is not strictly limited to just BitCoin. It’s a decentralized technology that offers tremendous amounts of flexibility and personal value:


BlockChain is a safe and reliable distributed database used to keep transaction records. By 2022 it is estimated to reach $7.6 billion in its valuation. Due to its very unique and transparent nature, today, BlockChain is used in a multitude of areas which too include the more conventional finance. Our financial app developers will help you create viable BlockChain FinTech products. We possess sufficient expertise to fully cover:

  • Cryptographic patterns of BlockChain;
  • The design philosophy of BlockChain;
  • Nuances of varied BlockChain platforms;
  • Specific issues coming with BlockChain technology that you need to cover for.

Smart Contracts

Contracts are a major part of our life that helps to seal agreements and deliver upon them. These agreements can be highly complex and lengthy, demanding great amounts of work to make them viable. One way to make this process easier is the contemporary technology of solidity-based smart contracts. Smart contracts are a great way to seal business deals by the means of a highly accessible transaction ledger. By going decentralized and smart contract-based you gain all the benefits offered by BlockChain technology.

New Types of Cryptocurrency

We will help you build the foundation for your new envisioned cryptocurrency and expand upon its individuality. While being mostly similar in the technical terms, each new coin has a unique conceptual angle that makes it special. With us, not only will you get the technical foundation for your product but also tap onto this unique identity more precisely and flesh it out in the most consistent manner possible.

Exchanges and Exchangers

Cryptocurrencies are in constant turmoil but the major tokens stay on top no matter what. This volatility makes them ideal for trade. Those looking to take their cryptocurrency business to the enterprise level need to seriously consider setting up their own exchange. Platforms of this kind generate massive amounts of income. If you are looking to create a major hub for cryptocurrency trading, we are your best option when it comes to high-quality financial app development with reasonable pricing. We house a diverse array of professionals united into a team that has sufficient expert knowledge to follow through a holistic approach to the project of this scale.


One of our projects that deals with BlockChain and cryptocurrencies is the EXtoBIT exchanger. Its main goal is taking the quality of cryptocurrency exchangers to new horizons and using the tremendous amount of great ideas offered by smart-contract based solutions today. It offers lightning-fast transactions as well as a huge amount of versatility and special offers with loyalty programs made specifically for regular users.


Investment advice is a forecast you make based on concrete data. It’s predictive analytics and the accuracy is quite high. You don’t necessarily need a human operator processing this data, so you’re better off creating a digital algorithm. The so-called “Robotic Advisors” are automating the investment guidance and, with us, you can create one on your own. Turnkey Robo-Advisors are a great way to optimize on human resources and multiply your income. Get one with Softermii!


Startups are really disrupting the landscape when it comes to insurance. You’d think that simply improving efficiency and streamlining internal processes would not have a deciding impact on the industry. It does. Ordinary insurance companies find themselves in an increasingly competitive environment due to the fresh new entrants starting to invent tech solutions that give them the upper hand in terms of operational costs. If you have a promising new piece of software you’d like to bring into the world of insurance, we are your go-to company. Tell us the details and we will gladly assist while saving you huge amounts of funding.


Global-scale finance deals are heavily burdened by extensive amounts of dissimilar legal regulations. The issue is so huge, companies hire third-party RegTech to process their data and reduce the legal friction. Whether you’re making a digital product to enhance your existing enterprise or about to offer your innovative RegTech concept to existing FinTech companies, you need to entrust this work to an expert team, and we are at your disposal.


Despite the amazing leaps of progress we see in FinTech every day, in this regard banks remain a very static type of legal entity. However, the demand for flexibility and change create an offer, brought not by the banks themselves but by the third-parties. These third-parties create truly unique financial solutions by utilizing banking data. The potential to use this data via APIs is huge. With it, you can create a new mobile app for enhanced adjustments of user’s financial information, transactions and fund management. Whichever route you choose, Softermii will be your reliable partner in making this product a reality.


Financial inclusion is one of the major areas of expansion for the companies operating in developing countries. It revolves around creating opportunity for disadvantaged groups of population. Areas of coverage include inexpensive financial products and increased accessibility of banking. IT products covering this area of FinTech help to create security and make it more accessible to all demographics. Softermii will help you create affordable technology on affordable terms.


When the money’s at stake, your product and all the users funds can become an attractive target for cybercriminals. With this in mind your structural security needs to go an extra mile to ensure the safety of these assets. This means you need to work on security from the very beginnings and not simply add it on top as an afterthought. Contrary to most other financial software development companies, we include all security considerations at the stage of planning.

When building up your future product our InfoSec effort is tightly integrated into the overall creation process. This helps to enact a number of multilayered preventive measures that keep the culprits at bay and counter their negative impact if they manage to gain any foothold.

We achieve this by implementing a segregated modular structure all the way through our product development. Ideally, we place each module on a separate server. Even in case the penetration does occur, with this kind of setup, the hacker is confined within a single partition, unable to gain new privileges as they strongly depend on other parts of the construct. Each module is continuously cross-checking the others and approves their actions. All backed by improved admin capabilities for live activity monitoring and enhanced procedures to prevent the attacks.


The technical environment you find your app in is always subject to change. The same goes for your vision of the project as the new insights keep coming in, constantly shifting your perspective. With this in mind you need to evolve as so do your challenges in order to resolve them, and, with Softermii, — you can indeed. You don’t want a random financial software developer to continue from where we’ve left off and we don’t urge you to get one. Not only will we follow your project to its completion, our financial services software development team will gladly keep at it long afterwards. It’s always good when dev team is the one to continue through the post-launch, and our developers will do it much more affordably than anyone else.


Time is money and so when scheduling your web or finance mobile app development you need to ensure that both are spent productively. For this reason, we offer fully accountable transparent project management services delivered on our part. It will put you in charge of all key decisions with no need to micromanage the details deemed minor for you as a stakeholder. With Softermii you gain control over the entire process via our open management dashboard which will allow you to see the time and effort spent on part of each developer.


Get started with your future FinTech product today. Our company has a long history working with clients in various parts of the world, most of whom are from the U.S. We guarantee to deliver upon the settled conditions, and you can check some of the client feedback on our profile at With our pricing you invest many more iterations than you otherwise could with any of your inland teams, be it U.S.-based or otherwise.

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