Cultivating DevOps methodology

Achieving a superior product in the state of continued growth is a real challenge. As the systems start becoming more and more convoluted, managing them gets increasingly harder.

In these conditions, it’s highly important that team members don’t start losing sight of the final product and maintain a proactive mindset.

Scaling cannot be imagined without proper DevOps implementation.

Our specialists use a wide range of DevOps tools and help you create efficient operation pipelines that make the global-scale applications possible.

Together we will achieve this by establishing a positive cross-learning DevOps culture among all teams and automating the massive volume of tasks they have to cover on a daily basis.

CI/CD implementation

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment are indispensable to DevOps methodology because they really help to get the freshly deployed build into the hands of the final users ASAP via managed services.

We are doing this by implementing an efficient workflow that includes:

  • productive integration of the new code into the main code;
  • running a continuous series of tests with heavy emphasis on automation at each stage;
  • effective application infrastructure management and monitoring;
  • deploying the new version of the product with freshly committed code and changes.

With the given set of procedures contributing to the software development process, your business-analysts will accumulate tons of relevant feedback straight from the users and raise the bar for the value of your product dramatically.

Information security

Accumulated data, be it crucial field reports or benchmarks on system integrity, is a valuable asset that has tremendous strategic value and needs protection. Today, the most renowned brands can get themselves burned by failing to prevent data leaks, which is why we make sure it’s a significant item in our plan.

The InfoSec benefits from collaboration much the same way the development team and stakeholders do.

Our DevOps specialists ensure that security is not just slapped on the top after development is almost done but embedded holistically and from the very beginnings.

We help the security specialists communicate the main risks that other teams should watch out for during their work.

These include preventive practices to mitigate buffer overflows, runtime issues with authentication, incorrect code deployment and keeping infrastructure up to date, following best security practices and more.

It is only with help from the dev team, as well as continuously testing provided by QA, that InfoSec is able to deal with all possible security flaws and we are there to arrange all these aspects.

The DevOps guidelines promote correct source code management which enables a whole different level of control on part of the security team. By applying this wholesome rapport to your development process, you will grant your security department a unique set of means to fortify your product. Among these is the version control system that allows code vulnerability checks and many more.

The right tools for DevOps implementation

In the course of our CI/CD, we leverage a diverse range of instruments. When choosing the future toolset, we don’t cling to any particular favorites. We adjust to what it is that you need. Our team can work with on-premise solutions like Jenkins for flexibility in the build process and local artifact storage.

If you’re in for quick setup, easy scalability and no hardware upgrade required which is offered by the hosted solutions, we’ll be happy to comply, and set up shop in a product like GitLab.

Our DevOps engineers may also advise the preferred solution based on your specific needs, such as the level of Docker support.

Infrastructure as code

Right infrastructure requires a special kind of expertise in server deployment and configuration management. We properly install application code of core components into system architecture and configure the middleware.

Our DevOps consulting services render the process of infrastructure deployment fully automated, repeatable, sufficiently documented and verifiable. This allows for seamless server provisioning and continued configuration of multiple servers as per your needs.

Cloud-based infrastructure support

Thanks to the cloud, today, you can deploy enterprise architecture at a low cost with minimum effort and scale it as the need dictates. Of course, keeping your application on a cloud runs a few challenges of its own.

For instance, VMs might not fully replicate the production environment and force you to be an extra incentive to make sure the testing efforts are sufficiently verifiable.

Our DevOps engineers will help you make the best use of your cloud server and neutralize the weaker points that come with hosted solutions.

Expertise sharing – we take a proactive approach to creating a culture with special emphasis on knowledge exchange between all the parties involved in the success of your project:

  • Subject Matter Experts offer the highest grade of technical expertise;
  • Our DevOps engineers benchmark the live performance of your application;
  • Your team makes sure that our mutual effort is fully aimed at creating value.

This positive communication is highly important for both the established huge-scale enterprises and startups. We are the ones to help you nurture it from bottom to the top.

Last but not least, in case with DevOps cloud services, we involve SMEs from the hosting service providers for accurate knowledge sharing.

Resilience and recovery

Time, wear and changing conditions cannot be left out of the equation. They all affect the way your mobile app or website work and thus need to be addressed before they can tangibly harm your system.

On a constant basis, we improve your resilience and fault tolerance, exploring a broad scope of weaknesses in the architecture that arise under varied situations and work to prevent their causes.

In addition to facilitating any possible causes of failure and minimizing the damage, our specialists make the best use of DevOps managed services to improve recoverability. We build mechanisms that render all the core functionality resumable and continue on taking these capabilities further. This is achieved by creating more elaborate procedures to renew the functions as well as to estimate and bring back any lost data.

Continuous QA

As your company keeps growing, the levels of pressure you are exposed to become dramatic. Profitability can go into decline, as you are forced to keep up with a gamut of rising issues and maintenance work.

Softermii DevOps consulting services are purposed for knowledge sharing among the technical experts as well as the efforts to improve performance will ensure quality under the conditions of rapid evolution and growth.

We establish a helping environment to ascertain that various internal teams are on the same page with each other. Our specialists ensure that QA and testing is accurately instructed about the actual capabilities and inner workings of the application they’ll be working with.

Unlike so many DevOps consulting companies out there, we really do make sure things work as intended. Our experts know how important it is that performance is monitored for different sets of conditions.

In lines with the top DevOps practices, you will obtain a cost-effectively automated array of test suites that will help you make the entire state of your application both measurable and easily repeatable.

Proper QA instructions – to properly verify the correct work of the system, QA specialists combine their expertise with business experts to fully understand end-value and nuances of the architecture.

Service virtualization – delivering a huge number of testing environments can often be resource-intensive. With service virtualization, we record the messages that are exchanged between the tested app and the resource with a combined effort from the Dev team and QA.

Application lifecycle management

ALM is a key area that reaps massive benefits when combined with DevOps principles. It helps to keep the ever-changing project structure clear to individuals across different spheres of expertise and cross-educate them for a more holistic image of the whole product.

This type of approach is highly valuable in the broad scope of the ALM paradigm. We know how to nurture the DevOps methodology in system implementation and fulfillment for the project to evolve in a meaningful way.

To achieve this we establish the following key procedures:

  • Defining the requirements for all stakeholders;
  • Systems design with involvement from developers, business users, and architects;
  • Communicating dependencies;
  • Ensuring the operation of proper middleware;
  • Obtaining feedback from the database engineers;
  • QA effort;
  • Balanced knowledge contribution.

In addition, we gather data on key performance indicators to adequately measure the overall state of your application. Our DevOps consulting specialists do this based on various graph systems chosen for each specific situation they need to be applied with.

These help us find ways to improve performance and prevent malfunction.

Depending on the type of product you work with, we use built-in cloud monitoring such as CloudWatch, or set up our own monitoring system that can include Zabbix, Nagios, Graphana with Collectd and Graphite or Prometheus among other options in terms of auxiliary services for performance measurement.

For deep application performance and stability analysis, we use open-source tools and proprietary solutions such as New Relic, as well as internal Linux debugging tools.

Learn how to optimize your digital product with Softermii.

We believe that scaling is only possible when each team member is fully conscious of how their individual role in raising the value of the entire project.

Our team excels at organization and highly communicative approach to development as well as thought-out automation of huge volumes of otherwise inconceivable amounts of processes.

You will find that working with us is much more affordable as opposed to DevOps companies in USA, Great Britain, Australia or any other option closer to you and onshore.

We have a vast experience working with international companies, mostly USA, making sure that nothing is lost due to the fact that we cooperate at the long distances that we so often do. Additionally, we are not an exclusively DevOps company, with expertise in all spheres of IT which sets us apart from so many other similar companies in the business.

With Softermii you optimize your development with enhanced workflows that allow rapid growth. Our DevOps experts become a regular part of your team and help your development effort stay grounded with your goals.

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