Healthcare application development


Healthcare application development

As we go through transformative change brought in by innovation, human lifespan is seeing drastic improvements. We attribute this to the game-changing impact that technology is already making in all spheres of human progress.

One of the most deciding factors is the growing quality of healthcare. Sensitive as it is, clinical practice has been slow to incorporate information technology. Right now, the security and versatility of IT finally suffice to provide a safe and robust environment for new better ways to deliver high-quality healthcare on a grand scale.

As an innovator, you find yourself in a huge field of operations. When it comes to healthcare, however, there is a lot at stake for you and your users. The market is expecting nothing less than a 100% reliable health product on par with real-life clinical assistance. To achieve this, it has to undergo a much more iterative development process led by world-class SMEs.

By now, we have helped a number of health initiatives to put forth durable medical and wellness applications that empower people to improve their lives plus keep their personal data more organized and available.

Softermii is a truly experienced healthcare app development company that is proven by numbers of successfully launched products for the medical industry:


A brand new web-based doctor-patient video-meeting platform, HIPAA Video provides a highly functional environment for medical practitioners and their clients for remote consultations.

Additionally, HIPAA Video offers a versatile dashboard for client management on part of the doctors along with unified record keeping for each patient.

HIPAA Video preview


Obtain medicine at convenient locations and get the best deals from your favorite vendors. Near Pharmacy allows you to monitor all drug stores within your area, compare prices, arrange your shopping preferences and order scheduled delivery to your doorstep. Pharmacy owners get hold of a powerful hub for outreach and analytics that lets them have a more comprehensive image of their practice.


Get a powerful cloud-based application for veterinarian checkups with multi-peer HD video streaming. PetRealTime takes veterinarian practice to a whole new level by providing a unique communication platform for pet doctors and owners. No need to take your pet to the clinic for progress follow up or minor consultation, use PetRealTime to meet your doctor from the comfort of your home.

These are only a few of the clients we’ve had the honor to work with. Become one of them and bring healthcare to the new levels of quality together with Softermii.


Telehealth applications

One of the downfalls in remote communication is that it’s lacking in the human aspect of a personal meeting. For a successful physician, this matter is extremely important. Thanks to the powerful video streaming of today you can have a real face to face interaction of doctor and patient without any limitations. Create crisp HD-quality conversations with the involvement of multiple peers meeting on different platforms, desktop and mobile alike.


WebRTC has proven to be revolutionary for vid conferencing the way we know it today. It is instrumental in allowing web-based communication across all browsers and devices. Today, most of our video streaming products are based on WebRTC. With this powerful piece of technology, we will present a premium telemedicine product that will seamlessly work with any potential setups.


Users are highly receptive towards mobile health applications. They help to draw their attention towards personal wellbeing which bears the ultimate importance. Softermii will help you cover a wide range of mHealth solutions to cater to your individual requirements.

  • Geolocation apps for available healthcare providers;
  • On-premise wayfinding solutions for clinics;
  • Education and scheduling apps for special conditions;
  • Individual hospital apps for patient information and marketing;
  • Physician feedback and referral services;
  • Medication intake dosage and scheduling;
  • Health monitoring products and promotion of better habits;

mHealth reminders have real significance towards better health and it’s only important to convey this value in the most encouraging and positive way possible. We will integrate an informative personal progress system that will feel most rewarding to your users and help them adopt healthier lifestyles or manage chronic conditions.


IoT health devices and wearables are becoming more and more common with each year. As the technology is become more elaborate so do the devices designed to address health and lifestyle issues. In these times of global healthcare advancements that operate clinic-side and at home you need to make sure your hardware possesses reliable digital support that maximizes its capabilities. To this end, we are ready to create a highly iterative development environment to make sure that your IoT device’s work is fluid, reliable and wholesomely integrated with any third-party components.

Medical enterprise applications

Due to the highly nuanced nature of medical institutions, clinics are in huge need of enhanced enterprise management capabilities.

In order to optimize the costs of services and manage available medical staff, they have to rely on predictive analysis with intricate adaptation for rapid emergency response and other unconventional functionality. Any type of medical practice is extremely sensitive and requires a very individualized approach when it comes to digital management.

With us, you will be able to establish a very methodical development process that enhances your operational logic.

Health insurance management

Digital health is a gamut of unexplored potential for health insurance providers. Combined with IoT and mobile interventions they can offer unexpected and gainful ways to promote a healthy lifestyle among entire populations.

Wearables can give better insights from daily activities on part of each individual as well as expected wellbeing. Even little actions matter. Users can be encouraged towards healthier lifestyle habits or donate their personal health data for research to be rewarded in terms of better insurance conditions. The potential for new positive health services is immense and it is up to you to explore them.

Healthcare data security

Unlawful acquisition of user data and potential loss due to system failure are not an option when it comes to personal health information. This is why we take every possible measure to meet the full security of our healthcare software and prevent and recover any damage from negative cases.

Our architects will employ a cross-dependent modular approach when designing your medical application. This will facilitate any potential breach and prevent the privilege escalation in case of any hacking attempt.

The user data will undergo a thorough encryption process. Should any damage occur in case of technical malfunction, all information will be recovered via backups. In addition, we will retrofit your product with powerful logging capabilities so that your administrators are always up to date on the state of your platform.


Privacy of healthcare is one of the most confidential tenets of human ethics.

In the world of healthcare mobile apps development, the heavy emphasis falls on the potential vulnerability of all information technology. For this reason, from the very beginning, our products are designed to protect and preserve all doctor-patient interactions.


HIPAA is a set of regulations to protect US citizens in the case with information technology applied for medical purposes. Our team ensures that your product:

  • enhances insurance access for patients using your app
  • will meet HIPAA compliance
  • helps them resolve the financial aspects of their experience within your app
  • ensures their privacy and confidentiality when dealing with your product


GDPR is a set of legal responsibilities for user data protection covering all European citizens. With these in mind, we enhance your app with extensive data management capability that allows you and your users to have full control over their information. This includes:

  • Transparent processing of all information
  • Functionality for data export and transfer
  • Limited data use and storage

You can check our team experience in making healthcare mobile app meeting GDPR.


Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act is a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). It encourages the implementation of EHR on US soil. It legally covers the growing data exchange between the hospitals. The main tenets are:

  • Explicit ramifications on data access breach;
  • Security requirements imposed on business associates and business associate agreements;
  • Conditions and rules access to electronic health records.

Blockchain and EHR

Both sustainable and compliant, BlockChain ledger is the ideal vessel for patient data. Electronic Health Records are one of the integral parts within the global agenda for BlockChain identity management.

This technology is one of the few sufficient to qualify for international health regulations and provide the much needed failsafe platform for patient data that makes the storage and data transfer easy. Be among the first to create a game-changing BlockChain EHR product.

Make your input towards improving the quality of healthcare for everyone

In the past healthcare has seen many difficulties in adopting information technology, lagging behind in terms of patient expectations. All due to technical reliability concerns.

Right now, together with the overwhelming progress seen in the quality of software development, the change is already happening. More and more digital health products are hitting the market with astonishing results in terms of productivity.

We know how to build extremely durable healthcare IT products.

Under your tactful guidance, we will create a piece of custom software for your healthcare organization that follows your operational logic to the letter and qualifies in all the legal requirements. It is long overdue for medical app development services to be enhanced through technology.

Let’s create a healthcare digital solution that improves the lives of millions and makes your job easier.

Please tell us about your project. Use the contact to reach out to us and we will get back to you shortly.

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