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Software Development for Healthcare Providers

The potential of healthcare digital transformation

Long before the global pandemic struck the planet, telehealth and mhealth were used by some medical specialties for around two decades. Even though these models demonstrated cost savings, adoption had been slow.

But as the COVID-19 hit the world in early 2020, healthcare software has become a must for healthcare providers. The recent McKinsey report predicts $250 billion from medical budgets to be potentially virtualized.

Developing custom healthcare software proves to be a relevant approach to customer and employee comfort, especially in a post-Covid and remote world. Therefore, the growth and popularity of healthcare software development services will be more relevant than ever.

Total annual revenue for major telehealth players

$ billion

Total annual revenues

Growth in telehealth usage

(peaked during April 2020 but has since stabilized)

Growth in telehealth usage

Telehealth claims volumes, compared to pre-Covid-19 levels 38x times (February 2021)

Total venture funding for digital health companies

by year, $ billion

Total venture funding for digital health companies by year

Venture funding in 2020 was significantly higher than in recent years, in both invested capital and deals


Develop telehealth software 2x faster with VidRTC engine

  • Core application with essential features for telehealth solution on board
  • Fully customizable engine — leave it for telehealth purposes or adapt it to a complex mHealth app
  • Save up to 2 months of the development, all the basics are already included
  • HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC2 compliant engine
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We will help you implement

  • Apps for physicians

    Apps for physicians

  • Apps for patients

    Apps for patients

  • Apps for staff management

    Apps for staff management

  • EHR Integration


Apps for physicians
Apps for physicians

Apps for physicians

Conducting online consultations is not the only essential feature for such apps. EHR access, personalized schedule, and patient monitoring dramatically boost physician’s productivity. As part of the healthcare IT services, we provide such solutions.

Apps for physicians
Apps for patients

Apps for patients

Patients can get online consultations with enhanced experience. Remote medical data monitoring, appointment management, and complete access to their health records are available in one app. Our company provides medical software development services in this direction.

Apps for staffmanagement
Apps for staffmanagement

Healthcare apps for staff management

Managing huge hospitals or medical branches requires quick access for their monitoring. Hire additional employees, be in touch with physicians or manage shifts easily and online

EHR Integration
EHR Integration

EHR Integration

Manage patients data as well as including key administrative clinical data electronically. All the data is protected from breaches with the use of HL7 and SOC2 security protocols

Telemedicine app development guide: benefits, features & cost

Hospitals worldwide are adopting virtual care technologies from remote patient consultations to remote monitoring of vital signs and chronic conditions (i.e., the pulse, blood oxygen, glucose levels, etc.)

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Healthcare software development for your essential business needs

For medical companies

For physicians:

  • Performance analytics
  • Billing
  • Instant access to EHR
  • Built-in messaging and video calls with VidRTC engine
  • Personal profiles
For medical companies

For hospital management:

  • Workload management
  • Staff management
  • Financial and legal reporting
  • Collecting feedback
  • Instant access to analytics

Why work with us

  • Dedicated healthcare software providers

    Dedicated healthcare software providers

    Our healthcare app development team comprises 105 developers, 13 project managers, and 11 QA specialists

  • Secure & compliant solutions

    Secure and compliant solutions

    We follow all relevant security protocols, such as HIPAA, GDPR, HL7, SOC2, and local privacy regulations

  • Flexible & agile software development

    Flexible and agile healthcare software development

    Our specialists regularly complete new courses, training and conduct market research to come up with the relevant solution

Consider hiring a healthcare app development team?

Dive deep into the healthcare development process breakdown with costs and deadlines. Access our telehealth app development detailed guide or use our healthcare application development now.

Expertise proven with successful stories

The Locum App

The revolutionary staffing platform for pharmacies and pharmacists

Locum App is an innovative recruitment platform that streamlines and automates the recruiting process in the pharmaceutical market.

Country Country
Timeline Timeline
12 months
Team Size Team Size
9 team members
Tech Stack Tech Stack
React JS, ASP.NET Core, PostgreSQL, Swift, Kotlin

HIPAA Telmed

Access to medical assistance with no boundaries

A web-based high quality video conferencing application for remote healthcare and medical advice.

Country Country
Timeline Timeline
3 years
Team Size Team Size
12 team members
Tech Stack Tech Stack
React JS, ASP.NET Core, PostgreSQL, Swift, Kotlin, WebRTC


Web and mHealth booking & telecommunication platform

Telemedicine app with real-time video consultations, appointments scheduling & reminders for doctors and patients.

Country Country
Timeline Timeline
11 months
Team Size Team Size
12 team members
Tech Stack Tech Stack
React JS, ASP.NET Core, PostgreSQL, Swift, Kotlin, WebRTC

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Stack of technologies we use

This is a list of technologies that may be used when developing healthcare software.

  • .NET


  • Kotlin


  • NodeJS


  • Swift


  • WebRTC


  • Java Script

    Java Script

  • React JS/Native

    React JS/Native

  • Kubernetes


  • Typescript


  • Elasticsearch


  • AWS


  • Azure


  • Mediasoup


  • Twilio


New opportunities with custom telehealth & mHealth software development

  •  Audio & video online consultations

    Audio & video online consultations

  • Appointment management

    Appointment management

  • Electronic Health Records

    Electronic Health Records

  • Patient data monitoring

    Patient data monitoring

  • Staffing & recruiting apps

    Staffing & recruiting apps

  • Messaging & document exchange

    Messaging & document exchange

  • Payment services integration

    Payment services integration

  • Ratings & reviews system

    Ratings & reviews system


Let us help you choosing the right solution

Answer a few questions to help us determining the most suitable solution

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Pick up your key activity:

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical regulator
  • Non-profit organization
  • Medical Software Providers

Pick up the desirable outcome

Let us help you choosing the right solution

Answer a few questions to help us determining the most suitable solution

Question 2 of 4

Pick up the desirable outcome:

  • Telehealth application
  • App for patient
  • App for doctors
  • Staffing and recruiting app
  • Complex mHealth application
  • EHR management software
  • Patient data monitoring app
  • Product management & design
  • Hospital management app
  • Custom Web/Mobile Development

Pick up your business needs

Let us help you choosing the right solution

Answer a few questions to help us determining the most suitable solution

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Pick up your business needs:

  • Improve workforce efficiency
  • Improve security
  • Validate business idea
  • New market opportunities
  • Scale up operations
  • Boost software functionality
  • Cut operational costs

What type of collaboration do you need?

Let us help you choosing the right solution

Answer a few questions to help us determining the most suitable solution

Question 4 of 4

What type of collaboration do you need?

  • Discovery phase
  • Support
  • Short term
  • Long term

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What questions do you have?

Here is a list of commonly asked questions and answers

What is healthcare app development?

It’s the process of developing a custom mobile app for realtors that aims at simplifying and improving the industry and realtor experience. For example, an app for realtors will enable them to close more deals, help manage multiple properties online in real time, and empower buyers to easily choose the apartment and close deals electronically on an Airbnb-like app.

What’s the difference between telehealth, telemedicine, and mHealth?

All these three terms refer to practices supporting healthcare and wellbeing with the help of modern technologies. However, there is a difference in meaning. Mhealth usually refers to the concept of mobile self-care via such gadgets as smartphones, tablets, apps, and wearables.

Whereas telehealth means a broader understanding of healthcare practices supported and provided by technology. Telehealth also includes electronic health records, patient administration systems, lab systems, pharmaceutical records and orders, clinical and non-clinical services, including training and continued medical education for practitioners.

Telemedicine refers to a solely remote clinical service, which includes such practices as video appointments, remote monitoring, and providing access to healthcare for people in remote areas and those who can't be physically present for a consultation.

We provide all healthcare software design and development services to seamlessly integrate them into your product to ensure you reach all your business goals.

How much will it cost to develop a custom medical app?

The cost of the healthcare app development usually depends on the features and the complexity of the required project, terms, and the team involved. Contact us to get professional expertise and cost of your product development

What details do you need to provide a precise telehealth app or web development estimate?

At the start of the project, we appreciate maximum involvement from your side. The traditional brief consists of your business model, features, market research, competitor’s benchmarks like apps & websites, specifications, deadlines, and business goals. The more details you provide, the less editing and additional alterations your product will need, leading to a seamless healthcare software development process.

How much time do you need to develop custom telemedicine software solutions?

The development time may vary greatly, depending on the number of features, design, complexity, deadline, and business goals. We prioritize clients who are planning a long-term commitment. The desirable minimum project length is six months. We encourage a high level of collaboration to deliver a product that best meets your needs on time during this period.

We offer the full cycle of medical software development:

  • Discovery phase
  • WMVP production
  • UI/UX design
  • Web and mobile development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Support
How to choose a reliable healthcare software development company?

First and foremost, you need to find a trusted partner with a portfolio of developed projects, clients' reviews, and recommendations. Choosing a reliable telemedicine software development company means choosing a partner that collaborates with you and tailors software to your needs.

Softermii ensures we deliver the most advanced and secure software that incorporates all your needs, such as IoT, artificial intelligence, conferencing engines, and AR/VR. We develop telemedicine software that seamlessly fits your business principles and enhances your market reach, empowering you to stay connected in a digital age.

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HL7 Interface Integration: How It's Used
HL7 Interface Integration: How It's Used
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