Cybersecurity services

Leave all security issues behind with our security services. Get to know more about securing your web and mobile software.

Cybersecurity services

About Cybersecurity services

Data is the core of any software-based company, as they all rely on huge amounts of data.

Any failure or error might cost thousands or billions, while data breaches can completely destroy a company's reputation.

As the number of attacks is on the rise, more security regulations come out. You have to keep an eye on all of them to ensure that your software is security compliant.

We introduce our security packages that help you build a secure environment for your software infrastructure. Benefit from Penetration Testing to avoid critical errors and potential security breaches, and correspond to a widespread GDPR standard that allows operating your business on the huge EU market.

Our cybersecurity packages

  • GDPR

  • Penetration Testing

GDPR-Ready Software pack

What is this?

The GDPR states for the EU regulations on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

Even if your company is located outside the EU, there are a great number of cases when the GDPR is still applicable.

What you get:

  • Compliance Report (Current state of Compliance with GDPR and best practices for personal data security)
  • Data Flows spreadsheet
  • Action Plan to become Compliant (including security-related domains)
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Penetration Testing pack

What is this?

Penetration testing is an industry recommended practice that focuses on the assessment of a company’s information systems for vulnerabilities.

Domains of testing include: Information Gathering, Identity Management, Authentication & Authorization testing, as well as error handling and cryptography.

What you get:

  • Executive Summary & Risk Evaluated
  • Vulnerabilities discovered & Technical description
  • Security Risk of each finding
  • Recommendations on how to fix the vulnerabilities identified
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Process outlines

  • GDPR

    Penetration Testing

  • GDPR


  • 1


    • Signing NDA
    • Project overview
    • Pre-engagement meeting
    • Documentation Study
    • Estimation
    • Formation of security assessment team
  • 2


    • Scope Approval
    • Timeframe
    • Signing Statement of Work
  • 3

    Engagement rules

    • Timeline
    • Time of the Day to Test
    • Approach and Types of Testing
    • Points of Contact
    • Requirements to vulnerability reporting
    • Status reporting schedule
    • Permission to Test
  • 4


    • Information gathering
    • Threat Modelling
    • Vulnerability Analysis
    • Exploitation
  • 5


    • Risk Assessment
    • Generation of the report
    • Sending report
  • 1


    • Checking Articles Applicability
    • Requirements definition
    • Reviewing Current of State of Policies
    • Reviewing information security practices
  • 2


    • Drafting Policies & Procedures (including security-related)
    • Drafting Privacy Notices
    • Cookies handling solution
    • Making Changes to Contracts
  • 3


    • Staff Education
    • Resign contracts with processors
    • Implementation of the processes for the security of data processing

Our Key Security Practices

We ensure to cover all the essential security practices that help you adapt your software to local regulations and requirements.

  • GDPR


  • HL7


  • OAuth2




  • OpenID Connect

    OpenID Connect

Where you can apply it

  • Industries

  • Features and Data

  • Heathcare


  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

  • E-commerce


  • Conferencing software

    Conferencing software

  • Messaging


  • Veterinary


  • Fintech


  • Social Networks

    Social Networks

  • Payments


  • Personal data

    Personal data

  • Passwords


  • Financial information

    Financial information

  • Documents


  • Calls


  • Corporate information

    Corporate information

  • Emails and messages

    Emails and messages

Get the security plan for your industry

Contact us and find out the opportunities that will help you to follow compulsory regulations and standards.

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Security Guidelines that limit the business risks

We offer Secure Software Development Lifecycle as a service that minimizes the potential security breaches. Get the best practices that enhance the traditional SDLC for building secure applications from the outset.

Secure SDLC Pipeline

  • Early Planning
    • Security Trainings and awareness sessions
    • System threat modeling
    • Define user stories
  • Requirements Setup
    • Gathering of internal requirements
    • System threat modeling
    • Design the development process
  • Architecture design
    • Set up software architecture according to threat modeling
    • Plan reporting and updates
    • Checking up on third-party integrations
  • Secure Engineering Process
    • Secure engineering
    • Secure deployment
    • Manual code review (on demand)
  • Security Testing and Verification
    • Dynamic security scanning
    • User story requirements verification

Security standards we follow

Microsoft SDL

Microsoft SDL



Security really matters

  • Meet customer and investor requirements and expectations
  • Reveal security gaps on stages before the release
  • Keep up with regulatory laws & controller obligations
  • Mitigate reputational and financial losses
  • Avoid internal data breaches as well as third-party intervention
  • Be confident in your product that has fewer business risks

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