Recreating a company that stands out

Depending on your demands, we may create a highly conceptual set of assets by forming a distinct identity of your product. Branding will truly define your website or mobile app and highlight it in the dense fog of market competition. It will help you clearly outline a unique selling point that will be critical in breaking through to your customer.

We learn your audience and create a brand that address their needs the way no one else does.

A great product must be an impeccable journey. We know how to create it.

As a company with vast experience in software development on different scales, we have the holistic approach to the product, that helps us create educated solutions on UX and UI design. We believe the perfect design is a tandem of meeting both the goals of your business and your user base. When focusing on design, we optimize the look and feel for a more compelling experience in close collaboration with your team.

We know how to create an engaging interface in its whole in full compliance with your requirements.

Business strategy

We begin by making a plan. Together with you, we discuss and document a set of goals your product is setting out to meet. Afterwards we review the methods you are using in order to achieve them. This way we align our vision and make the first steps on the roadmap to reaching your goals.

At this phase we produce a plan, timeline and the course of measures we are going to take.

Generative research

When preparing an innovative idea, it’s highly important to predict the user response as part of prior analytics. We explore the livelihoods, opinions and challenges of your target audience and build on this input data for a more precise picture of values your product is should represent.

This data can lead to the most unexpected discoveries that would flip the original views of the problem.

Relevant labels

We know interactive object should have a telling name or label. Same goes for menu layouts and hierarchy branching that should be minimized to the essential. Saying more with less is and staying precise will play major part in molding the best kind of UX – the one off user’s mind.

Pattern libraries

As your site and business grow the need to organize the UI styles and elements grows more pressing. We will prepare a composed set of design patterns, that you can easily duplicate and reuse them in a simplified fashion without need to turn сoherent administration into a chore.

Informative structure

With tons of content that offers great value to the user, it can be hard to present it in a considerate fashion. Drowning your user in information, can undermine the results and so you need to boil things down as not to overwhelm your site visitor. Our experts help you reduce the clutter on your pages by removing repetition, spacing things and using directive cues.

Iterative approach

Great design takes many stages. Our team will gradually build and prototype the user layout of your product. We will start from conceptual wireframing, pacing our way to the final product with you, verifying every step and revisiting each piece for improvements. Before execution, every change goes through you.

Key features to drive engagement

In order to enhance the design of your website or mobile app, we embed the following features that make the user path easy in spite to any degree of complexity.

Suggested contents – when the user is interested in a particular item, it’s always a plus to provide a few similar pages that he or she may find preferable. An instant dropdown of suggested results will ease the users’ way around your interface and also drive them to explore your mobile app or site, prolonging their session.

Related items – showing a number of results that connect to the needed item is a massive advantage if used in the right context. Offering more variety in the same line of thought, you will see a massive boost in the average time spent, plus your platform will become much more intuitive.

Social widgets – it’s always great to give user an option to share their positive experience on social media. Instant social postings will spread the word about your product and engage people to join your online community. This way you will create a vibrant and well-rounded product playing the field in the user’s original habitat.

Item filtering – allowing the user to personalize the interface is a great investment. Hide/show features for different situations make your app more adjustable. We will enable easy search by filtering the given categories and adapting the interface into an intricate yet simple environment that will make your platform an intuitive breeze to navigate.

Dynamic objects – movable items will give your UI more versatility. Scalable menus, drag and drop items and more, these will push the boundaries of your interface, saving the need to travel between multiple directories and making more out of the constraint screen size.

Popup information – adding pop up information will make each UI element more intuitive. When the cursor is hovering over the button while being motionless, a good practice is to display information that would provide additional context. This will help your users to easily find their way around your UI in case of difficulties.

Email confirmations – email follow-ups are crucial. A friendly welcome letter is essential to striking a great first impression. When dealing with money, email confirmations help to assure that transactions go beyond your platform and have documented assurances. We will keep in touch with your user via a thought out email marketing campaign.

Adaptive design

Cross-platform versatility is paramount for great user experience. Should you need us to, we take the design to its constructional root and do all the required backend integrations to make your product equally smooth in all environments. Be it an array of different browsers or mobile platforms – we deliver.

Prototyping and mvp

Long before you put time and effort into your project we will prepare you a showcase draft model. From a low-cost mockup to a full-scale minimum cost product, a working test version is sure to beat months upon months of pure theorizing. Our prototype will become an explicit proof of your concept and a perfect display at a stakeholder meeting.

Testing and qa

We will help you even things out with independent testing. In the multitude of mobile devices and browser preferences, it’s important to double check everything and equally adapt your product to each set of circumstances. Our experts will ensure that performance is unimpaired.

Early launch monitoring

After the initial launch, we stay around to measure the performance and offer improvements. Our team analyzes user behaviors and ensures all intended functionality is fully performant. Using this data, we come up with solutions to improve the original design, increase the average time session and conversion rates.

Creating a brand that is memorable

Branding will help your company achieve a vivid vision of what it truly represents and effectively portray itself to the end user. We take an outsider look at your company in its core and help you brainstorm the common grounds at which you and your audience will bond.

We start by gathering the data on people and culture your company represents. The internal code that guides decision making and your philosophy. Discovering your true character will be a starting point to creating your image.

In course of the brand positioning process we:

  • analyze your competitors and their success metrics;
  • define what your future and existing customers want to hear from you;
  • create a compelling brand idea together with you.

As part of the branding process we help you achieve a fundamental level of presence that is sure to win emphasis.

Logo design

  1. First, we explore a number different logos and learn what kind of styles are appealing to you.
  2. Then, we define the semantic kernel of your brand along with the kind adjectives you identify with.
  3. Going from the above, we draft a set of logos that undergo our internal review before showing them to you
  4. Afterwards, we present the 5 complete designs for to you in monochrome and get your feedback.
  5. In lines with the emotional pallet embodied in your brand, we work on the color theme.
  6. We reiterate the final logo until it fully represents the core values and preferences of your company until you are fully satisfied.

Unique selling point

Unique brand is a unique service. Even though there may be a drove of competitors fighting for your customer, creating a USP is always possible. We know how and we will make sure that your sales pitch has something extra. A unique flare that will be prominent in the noise of competition, drawing in the customer by offering value in tandem with their mindset.

As part of our branding process we will help you root your USP into all of your marketing campaigns and make it scale from the very basic and easy grasp to more ramified and profoundly meaningful.

Powerful storytelling

An engrossing presentation of product through narration will be an effective means in bringing your idea across. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, the power of storytelling will make your audience captivated by your idea.

The key benefits will be the main highlight, organically embedded into the text in an obvious manner.

Imagery will play a huge part in your story. Crisp photos and intuitive vector graphics will add to informative value and space out the text in a proper way.

Instrumental to getting in touch with the people and thoughtfully combined with the right visual cues, human storytelling will propel your idea to new heights.

Branding is a great way to reinvent your company. A way that is more potent and targeted towards your end user. Even if you already have a distinctive brand, you constantly keep evolving and so should your image.

We help you bring your logo and positioning to fully represent your growth.

Users decide with emotion. Let’s make sure they are pleased when they face your UI. We know the importance of details firsthand and we know how to deliver. Our workflow is extremely agile with experience in meeting varied sets of demands. You will be able to monitor the work of our design team, including regular progress meetings and reports with time invested into each element.

We’d love to hear about your project. Use the form to leave your contact details and our representative will be sure get back to you, settle the initial details and arrange for the first meeting.

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