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E-commerce development

Today, commercial ability means adopting an innovation. Even for a brick-and-mortar business, digital transformation is something essential to growth. Computing power sprung up so rapidly that even carried devices are a gamut, now widely used to take customer experience to places that are radically new. Harness innovation with Softermii.

Latest technology in retail and e-commerce is a great way to reach out to new target audiences. Thus own e-commerce mobile application is an effective way to get much more new customers.

However, in this case, appearances matter. Whatever the experience your audience gets when interacting with your online identity is the rep your brand is building in their minds.

This is why it’s important that the architecture is sound. Invest in more time and material to achieve a much better digital product choosing our e-commerce app development services.

Mobile commerce

Mobile is still on the rise and there is a lot of potentials to grow this channel into an ever more robust source for your business. There is no question in that whatever the shopping-related experience you’re up to present, it has to be mobile-friendly and also the pinnacle of smoothness.

Studies show that over 40% of all visitors are leaving at the first issue arising with your product. Even minor spikes in waiting times for directories to load up can cause frustration.

Don’t lose your customers because of the low usability of your e-commerce mobile app.

We can help you with your own retail app development as we’ve created fully cohesive mobile experiences with special emphasis on optimization for all scenarios.

UX/UI design

Surely, aside from the strictly technical capabilities that should not be the bottleneck of your sales funnel, the overall layout of your product has to be straightforward while constantly keeping the essential elements in the view.

Streamlining the user paths like short registration and easy checkout process within your product demands huge amounts of iterative effort.

Our designers slowly pace this process from the very basic stages. We begin with initial wireframing and only after approving the design development path do we start to gradually build upon it while keeping the usability concerns in the spotlight.

Computing power keeps growing. It really allows the people of today to think big and envision products that were too much to ask for just yesterday. Here are some of the notable eCommerce products we’ve helped to create that really prove this point:


Hollar is a discount monitoring marketplace of the new generation. Founded in November 2015 it was created to take the original idea of brick-and-mortar discount stores to the online space and offer affordable experiences to a wide audience and, most of all, young moms. Right now, it is dominating in its niche providing awesome deals to US women.

Hollar preview


Farelogix allows airlines to create individualized offers for their customers. It creates a unique value proposition by offering personalized traveling experiences unlike any other air company in the world.

Farelogix preview


Janbala is an online travel agency that takes the quality of service to new heights. Thanks to us, today, Janbala is fully integrated with Farelogix and having a good run in the market.


DropIn is a brand new platform for remote video inspection. Originally created for insurance companies, DropIn could be considered a “live streaming Uber” of today.

Droperators get on the spot and attain real-time video of any object. They examine the damage on the insured object without heading out there having the local device carrier to capture every piece of all needed footage.

Dropin preview

CRM solutions for your e-commerce business

Anyone with prior experience in sales should know how important it is that your online store is not only lightning-quick but also easy-to-manage despite massive dissimilar listings within it.

Creating a product like that demands a carefully thought-out approach from the very beginning stage of planning to the most intricate details in UX and technical decisions.

With various levels of complexity e-commerce apps development cases behind our back, you will find that our prior experiences are more than enough to lead your project from start to finish.

Augmented reality

AR/VR apps development proves to be the really transformative way for growing eСommerce business. Empowered by these apps, the leading retailers of the world let you check how things look in context. Try on a new t-shirt, try how a new piece of furniture looks in the room.

Everything, so that you don’t need to guess the fit and then have to ship it all the way back if it’s a miss. There are dozens of applications to this technology. Whether it’s a go at a beaten path or something drastically new for the market, we are ready to help you bring your eCommerce product into life.

Virtual reality

Sometimes, you need to get the feel for a room before you build a real thing from solid materials. When it’s the entire context you need to try out instead of a single object, the best thing you can do is to visualize the whole scene. This is exactly where VR technology shines and you can make it your competitive-technological advantage. The shop layout is your real-life user experience which is why it’s so important.

Whether it’s the planning of your own interior or renovations that you offer to clients, your own VR experience will add an extra layer of fine-tuning that will definitely be a pay-off.

AI and ML products

User behavior is a unique set of repeating patterns. It’s their interests, hobbies, tendencies. No one’s the same, and so it was literally impossible to tap onto this dissimilar set of metrics up until only recently.

Today, the technology is finally here to track user behaviors and put forth unique commercial offers that address their personal needs with precision.

All based not only on what they have wish-listed in your e-commerce store but also their viewings together with Google searches. Of course, this data is not fit to be used indiscriminately. It requires due processing which, today, is possible with the latest ML technology.

Omnichannel retail

Omnichannel commerce doesn’t get enough credit where it’s due. While not adopted widely, so far it had already allowed brands to present themselves more wholesomely to their audience.

It is proven that customers involved in more than 4 channels as opposed to just 1 spend 9% more money when visiting a physical store. All accompanied by an obvious growth in sales. This potential is tapped by unifying every outreach channel into one and making the most from the accumulated leads.

Adoption of omnichannel philosophy is especially rewarding because of the remarketing capabilities. When you get a hint at the buyer’s item of interest it’s only logical that you can use their data to warm up these leads in an individualized manner.

Get them on social media platforms, Google AdWords, email, push notifications from the app and many others. The potential is truly great and it’s up to innovators like you to disrupt eCommerce through omnichannel.

Cloud-based solutions

Unified turnkey cloud databases for item tracking are increasingly becoming a viable option for growing e-commerce businesses. They allow brick-and-mortar networks to excel at sales without having to painstakingly build their personal know-how in digital logistics.

When connecting multiple storefronts or vendors, these cloud solutions enable combined monitoring of stock numbers, details and more. In case you need an all-in-one command point to get a unified map of your business, we are there to make it happen for you at affordable rates.

Product management

There are a lot of different specialists trying to ensure the success of your product. Each views it from a dramatically different scope, hyper-focusing on their field of expertise.

For this reason, keeping the core priorities unskewed for the entire team can be a challenge. Which is why you need a person who will take everyone’s attention to the user value and engrain it within each segment of the global construct.

Our project management services are at your disposal. Our project managers will build upon any initial user feedback available and achieve a wholesome approach to the creation of your commerce solution. Make the right decisions on how your product grows with Softermii.

Today retail is affected by digital transformation like no other industry. Shopping is migrating away from brick-and-mortar to online shopping via eCommerce stores which become ever more fluid and secure. The particular emphasis falls onto mobile audience thus demanding special attention to portable devices and web-mobile.

Adaptability to the explosive growth of tech is one of the main tenets that will make a difference in the coming future. To this end, you can rely on our tech team to help you deliver a sound technical solution that will drive your business to new horizons.

Why should you choose Softermii as e-commerce app development company for your project?

  • We have vast experience working with teams in foreign countries. Most of our clients are companies in North America looking for affordable outsourcing opportunities in Europe.
  • We go the extra mile to be as available as any of your local teams.
  • In the course of initial prospecting meetings, we will get carefully acquainted with your philosophy and the business goals behind your product. This will help us make the right decisions when coming up with initial designs for the infrastructure of your e-commerce website or software.
  • Our team keeps you informed about the dynamics of the entire development process as it gradually advances.
  • If you feel the need to make changes, you are free to contact us any time off schedule or during our regular progress reports.

We’d love to hear what you’ve been up to! Use the contact form to drops us a line, and we will get back to you shortly.

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