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Our real estate software solutions are empowered by IoT, artificial intelligence, videoconferencing engines, and AR/VR. These features can turn you into a market leader and make you a market changer.

Empower real estate business

Living in a fast-paced environment requires you to stay connected. You need to have all the property data analytics accessible. More importantly, you need access to high performance digital software that empowers you to confidently and quickly make decisions.

Our Real Estate Software development approach creates data-driven products for real estate owners, buyers, agencies, and agents. Improve your effectiveness with us.


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We build custom real estate software solutions for your needs

We’ll help you to

We’ll help you

  • Improve the efficiency of your workforce

    Improve the efficiency of your workforce

    We develop only user friendly real estate software solutions. You won’t have to spend time on staff training anymore. Eliminating training and enabling users to hit the ground running dramatically improves your business’s efficiency.

  • Be ready to scale

    Be ready to scale

    Our business analysts and product designers constantly analyze future prospects. Keeping an eye on the trends is crucial to creating a scalable product for future business growth.

  • Boost your security

    Boost your security

    All of our solutions are protected from data breach and cyber-attacks. We carefully follow your local regulations in order to fully protect your data and users.

  • Unlock digital channels

    Unlock digital channels

    Unlock the additional monetization opportunities with real estate mobile apps & web products. Maximize your ROI by reaching new audiences.

Why real estate business software is so important

Increasing investments and demand for proptech means your business can harness expanding opportunities with the right software. Capitalize on the growing demand by developing and leveraging real estate business software.

  • $12.11 B
    IT Real Estate market size will be evaluated by 2025.
  • 41% of buyers and 54% of sellers
    would buy/rent a property without a visit.
  • 56% of buyers and 58% of sellers
    would close real estate deals electronically.
  • $4,263.7 T
    Expected revenue of the global real estate market by 2025.
Why real estate business software is so important

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Case Studies

French Real Estate Association

French Real Estate Association

The software for realtors who are working in the renting apartments business in France. Allows real estate agents to manage multiple clients and follow properties online in real time.

  • Country - France
  • Team - 6
  • Stack - iOS
  • Year - 2019-ongoing
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Rently logo



Rently is a self guided real estate tour solution. It allows potential renters and buyers to visit your properties with little to no involvement on your part.

  • Country - US
  • Team - 4
  • Stack - iOS, Android, Wordpress
  • Year - 2018 - 2019
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Proper logo



Proper renders any housework super-easy by bringing landlords, their tenants, and third-party contractors into a single mobile app where they can align their efforts.

  • Country - US
  • Team - 8
  • Stack - iOS, Android, Wordpress, Firebase
  • Year - 2017 - 2019
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Apartmii - ready to implement engine

Apartmii is a custom real estate booking and recommendations software solution. It includes AR/VR and videoconferencing features for conducting virtual tours and open houses. We developed this for faster software release. It can be adapted to fit your needs, faster.

Deploy your real estate solution twice faster with Apartmii

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Why work with us

  • Dedicated real estate development team

    Dedicated real estate development team

    Our team comprises 30+ developers, 10 project managers, and 10 QA specialists.

  • Secure and compliant solutions

    Secure and compliant solutions

    We follow all relevant security protocols, care about following GDPR, local data privacy, and regulations.

  • Flexible and agile software development

    Flexible and agile software development

    Our specialists regularly complete new courses, training, and conduct market research to come up with the relevant solution.

Stack of technologies we use

We can provide IT professionals with extensive experience and expertise in both popular and more specialized technologies to fill any skill gaps that impact your development projects. We extend your in-house expertise with a cross-functional team to efficiently deliver complex tech solutions to the market.

  • .NET


  • Kotlin


  • NodeJS


  • Swift


  • WebRTC


  • Java Script

    Java Script

  • React JS/Native

    React JS/Native

  • Kubernetes


  • Typescript


  • Elasticsearch


  • AWS


  • Azure


  • Mediasoup


  • Twilio


Real Estate Software Development services we provide

  • Product management & design (discovery phase)

    Product management & design (discovery phase)

  • Custom booking listing

    Custom booking listing

  • Property management platform

    Property management platform

  • Multiple Listing Services

    Multiple Listing Services

  • Mobile app for real estate agents

    Mobile app for real estate agents

  • Mobile apps for customers

    Mobile apps for customers

  • Recommendations listings engine

    Recommendations listings engine

  • AR/VR


Let us help you choosing the right solution

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Pick up your key activity:

  • Product company
  • Real estate agency
  • Real estate association
  • Non-profit organization
  • Real estate startup

Pick up the desirable outcome

Let us help you choosing the right solution

Answer a few questions to help us determining the most suitable solution

Question 2 of 4

Pick up the desirable outcome:

  • Product management & design
  • Mobile app for real estate agents
  • Mobile apps for customers
  • Custom booking listing
  • Recommendations listings engine
  • Multiple Listing Services
  • Property management platform
  • AR/VR
  • Custom Web/Mobile Development

Pick up your business needs

Let us know your top priorities while choosing the solution.

Answer a few questions to help us determining the most suitable solution

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  • Improve workforce efficiency
  • Improve security
  • Validate business idea
  • New market opportunities
  • Scale up operations
  • Boost software functionality
  • Cut operational costs

What type of collaboration do you need?

Let us help you choosing the right solution

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What type of collaboration do you need?

  • Discovery phase
  • Support
  • Short term
  • Long term

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What questions do you have?

What is real estate app development?

It’s the process of developing a custom mobile app for realtors that aims at simplifying and improving the industry and realtor experience. For example, an app for realtors will enable them to close more deals, help manage multiple properties online in real time, and empower buyers to easily choose the apartment and close deals electronically on an Airbnb-like app.

Do you have experience in developing custom real estate software solutions?

Yes, we do. We have collaborated with clients from the US and Europe and helped them find the right solution for their real estate needs. We developed mobile apps for real estate agents, property management platforms, and self-guided solutions. Moreover, we’ve leveraged this experience to develop our own real estate app—Apartmii.

How much will it cost to build a real estate app or website?

You might wonder how much real estate mobile app or web platform development costs. The average cost for real estate solutions varies from $250k up to $600k, but the development costs depend on multiple factors. First, we begin by determining which type of solution is right for you: real estate marketplace, property management system, or multiple listings services. Second, collaborate on the scale and platform needed. The final cost strongly depends on the project's size, design, number, and complexity of features.

What details do you need to provide a precise real estate app or web development estimate?

We appreciate maximum involvement from your side. The traditional brief consists of your business model, features, market research, competitor’s benchmarks like apps & websites, specifications, deadlines, and business goals. The more details you provide, the less editing and additional alterations your product will need, leading to a seamless development process.

How much time do you need to develop a custom real estate product?

We prioritize clients who are planning a long term commitment. Desirable minimum project length is 6 months. During this period, we encourage a high level of collaboration in order to deliver a product that best meets your needs on time.

  • We offer the full cycle of development:
  • Discovery phase
  • UI/UX design
  • Web and mobile development
  • Quality Assurance

How to choose a reliable real estate software development company?

Experience, collaboration, and trust lead to reliability. At Softermii, we strive to provide a range of options to fit every real estate need. Our experienced team of over 100 specialists. Our developers, project managers, and QA specialists work with you in a way that builds trust. Choosing a reliable real estate software development company means choosing a company that collaborates with you and tailors software to your needs. Softermii works with clients as partners to ensure we deliver the most advanced and secure software that incorporates all your needs, such as IoT, artificial intelligence, conferencing engines, and AR/VR . By partnering with us, we can develop real estate software that fits seamlessly with your business principles and enhances your market reach, empowering you to stay connected in a digital age.

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Slava Vaniukov

Remote Monitoring in the Construction Industry

Slava Vaniukov, CEO and Co-Founder at Softermii

Remote Monitoring in the Construction Industry

Remote Monitoring in the Construction Industry

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Property Management Software Development for Real Estate

Property Management Software Development for Real Estate

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