Mobile App Development for Real Estate

Softermii is a team of managers, designers, QA professionals, and programmers that builds custom applications for business and startups. In our Real Estate app development services, we are focused on intuitive design, well-executed integrations, and clean code that is free of bugs. Welcome to get web or mobile app development for Real Estate business, build your application from scratch or outsource part of the project.

Why choose us

Real Estate mobile app development, as well as building web services for real estate, is in fact a diverse field. You may need different functionality, from geolocation to document scanning. Luckily, we’ve been involved in developing a wide variety of apps, from classic apartment search tools such as RadPad to note taking apps and apps inetgrated with maps. RadPad, in particular, lets you easily find most important information about over 600,000 homes and apartments
We use a variety of programming languages and tools (Java/Kotlin, Swift/Objective-C, Ruby on Rails, C#, AngularJS, ASP.NET MVC, HTML 5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. Every developer is an expert that regularly updates his or her knowledge base.
We use agile methodology of project management, preferring to make changes on the fly. Project management saves you hours and days of unregulated efforts, especially when outsourcing the task.
Favorable pricing
Our R&D center is based in Ukraine, and the prices are set accordingly. Just as usual, in the end, package offers will be cheaper than bites of work.

The process

We build your dream real estate app in several stages. If you only need some of them, for example, QA or UX design, this can also be done up to date.

Stage 1. Planning.
We discuss which features you need and why. As a result, you get a timeline of work with key goals and roles: designers, developers, etc.
Stage 2. Wireframing and design.
At this stage, we analyze user scenarios and the way your app will function in web or mobile environment. When this is done, you get a wireframe. Later on, we design mockups of every screen of the would-be app.
Stage 3. Real Estate web application development or mobile app development.
We’ve hired the best programmers on Ukrainian market to do this for you.
Stage 4. Quality assurance
This stage usually starts parallel to the previous, as it has to do with quality assurance. Every aspect on performance is tested and gets updated accordingly.

Let’s start

So, do you have any particular goals in mind? Let us help you with mobile or web app development for Real Estate business. You deserve fast and high-quality service!

Get on board

We are just one click away from helping you develop an amazing application! Let’s get in touch. Drop us a line in the form below, and we’ll reach out to you as soon as humanly possible.

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