Real estate is one of the global industries boasting some of the greatest capitalizations the world has ever known. Surprisingly, even to date, it is also one of the very few to miss out on innovation. With just a few exceptions, it’s only recently that commercial and residential real estate would start getting into the spotlight of IT companies seeing the opportunities to make a change.

There is much terrain to cover in digital marketing for real estate, property management, listing, lending, data analytics and more. Make your own real estate product together with Softermii and gain a foothold in this profitable field.


Rental listing has proven to be the most accessible and easy segment in residential real estate. The National Association of Realtors is currently the biggest trade association in the entire world. In it are nearly 3 million agents currently. Even in this straightforward area that only scratches the surface of IT can really do for real estate, ROIs are massive. Multiple brands like Trulia, StreetEasy and others have risen around this opportunity. There is no telling what kind payoffs are waiting for those who will start redefining how the industry operates. With our team you get to find this out for yourself assuming relatively low levels of financial pressure thanks to our pricing.


This part of the industry is as far-reaching as it is untapped. Among the few notable exceptions are CoStar LoopNet. Commercial real estate are offices, shops, motels and more. As opposed to residential, the stakes are way higher in commercial real estate. For this reason, the parties involved are ready to invest into growing their competitive advantage which makes real estate application development a very gainful enterprise. Transaction values are huge and they very often involve multiple parties which greatly adds to the complexity of their interactions. The volumes of raw unused data are huge and demand a highly consistent scientific approach to master. Whatever unique idea you have to put into action our techs will help you make the most of it.

Innovation in real estate is long overdue. Get your mobile app up and running at minimum cost.


Right now, there are enormous amounts of unused potential in real estate mobile app development that’s only beginning to unfold. Here are only a few of the routes you that currently lie in wait:

Digital marketing;

  • Organization of the currently used IT systems;
  • Logging of massive transaction volumes;
  • Centralizing multiple offices with the main headqaurters;
  • Using technology to improve business processes;
  • Information exchange between multiple dissimilar departments.


There is major opportunity in streamlining the commercial and real estate management. Despite a few big brands already occupying this market space is by no means crowded. The adoption in the entire sector is still under 10% which is quite little. This is why there is still tremendous opportunity in the industry. With us you can make your unique idea into a real product and showcase it to the world.


Nowadays, real estate is mostly promoted by the media outlets via commercial ads. Sooner or later this has to change by the tech industry which should provide paid listing and have a meaningful impact on the industry. Thanks to Softermii you get a team of seasoned tech experts who will help you create a marketplace solution and create a healthy alternative to a relationship-driven machine that persists right now.


Commercial real estate is usually adopting help on part of entire analyst departments that help them zero-in on great openings for investment. Nowadays, the open data is redefining the way real estate is approached. For you we will provide the necessary digital foundation to create a versatile analytical product for powerful digital insights that help your clients make educated decisions when they really make a difference.


This is the largest part of the real-estate market. Today, regulations finally allow lending to truly benefit from tech. Whether it’s residential or commercial lending, we are already starting to see some companies pouncing on the opportunity, despite their drastic difference from each other, and there is still of room for you to bring your vision about. With Softermii you will get to create a technically sound piece of software that will present your idea in the best way possible.

Not strictly a real estate app development company, we have had the chance to work on multiple products in this sphere. Here are some, Softermii took major part in that are already changing the world right now:


There is one particular issue with renting. Landlords tend to forget when you ask them to call a handyman to do some repairs. Multiple times, yes they do! Here comes the application made specifically to deal with this problem. Doing house repairs in a rented apartment has never been easier! Proper creates an especially organized workflow that combines the roles of the tenant, landlord and contractor into a highly optimized interaction model that really gets things done.


As a real estate agent you can often find yourself booked for weeks upon weeks of showings. These lengthy queues can really turn off large numbers of your potential clients. What can you do? Technology to the rescue! Rently allows you to do the showing without having to be physically there. Retrofit your apartment with a handy Smart Lock Box that stores the key to your property. Now your client can simply book their visit in our app and get the door key by entering a generated code. The visit is allowed only after your potential client has confirmed their credit card number. After the visit is over the key goes back into the box.


One of the best property listing platforms in US, RadPad makes heavy emphasis on comprehensive visual presentation of the properties. It encourages the property owners to provide more images and ensures that all interactions with clients are completely transparent. We’ve ensured that you can even pay the rent within RadPad. Additionally, you can view geo-based listings as you move through the city. Just visit the neighborhood you like and see if anything’s there.


Whatever the construction project, thanks to VR technologies you can now explore the building before it’s done and really take your planning to the level of surgical precision. VR simulation has proven to be an invaluable aid to immerse yourself into your future house before spending your precious resources to make it a reality. With AR technology you can use your mobile device to see how your potential renovation will affect the existing structure of your room. You can even project how an entire building is going affect the landscape before deciding on how to build it. All these positive new ways to build better and experience the future are an awesome competitive advantage. With Softermii they can be yours.


Location data is yet to be fully employed by Real Estate, and it will be key in bringing the information technology to really serve the medium. Geofencing allows sophisticated location tracking of relevant objects. With it you can grant your users an additional amount of convenience in their search of real estate. Use geo-based advertising to reach out to your customers when they are close to your point interest and give them enhanced awareness of potential opportunity in the immediate vicinity. The possibilities are plentiful and, and our professionals will lend you their expertise.


The cost of failure in real estate is high. This does not have to concern the tech that helps to keep it running, though. This is why you ought to make a nice little MVP just to see how your idea works before going all in on creating the final product. MVP will help you gain the invaluable insights to shape your app into a product your users are going to love. With MVP the risks are low and they are even lower with Softermii, as our prices are really small than those of your local inland teams. Our experts will help you invest more timed material and iterations into your product and save you a lot of precious resources in the long run.

Bringing disruptive technology into real estate is an amazing chance to get foothold in this lucrative field.

Real Estate is not just buildings. It’s also people and information. These two are what truly makes real estate so gainful for IT. There is a lot to improve and many products are already trying to. Our company had had the chance to work on multiple projects that deal with real estate, and we have more than enough experience to lead some of your most innovative ideas to their execution. Softermii is featured among the top mobile development companies of Ukraine at We work around the clock to keep up this reputation. Our experts will adapt to your convenient working schedule and make sure that you have full control over the project in its entire development lifecycle.

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