Loyalty Rewards Program App Development for Real Estate

Loyalty Rewards Program App Development for Real Estate

26 April 2023 • 18 min read

Customer loyalty is critical to the success of any business. The real estate industry is no exception, and digital transformation offers new opportunities to achieve this goal. Developing a loyalty rewards app helps brands improve user engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

But how to make a rewards app that would be user-friendly and engaging and improve the profitability of your business? As a company with experience building real estate solutions, Softermii will share its insights and knowledge.

This article explores the benefits of a loyalty app and its must-haves and extra features. We will also discuss the best UI/UX practices, technology stack, and approximate cost. Additionally, we will provide examples of world loyalty real estate apps and our Rently, Proper, Real Estate Association cases to illustrate the potential of creating custom solutions.

Main Reasons to Build a Loyalty App

Build a loyalty app

Implementing a loyalty app can benefit your real estate business. 93% of companies that offer a rewards program and measure ROI noted a positive result. And it makes sense, as 79% of consumers are more likely to do business with a brand due to its loyalty program.

Here are some main business advantages of the loyalty programs:

Increased Customer Loyalty

A loyalty app is a powerful client relationship builder offering personalized incentives and rewards. Integrating with your real estate website, you provide a seamless experience, allowing users to access important information and make transactions easily. As a result, you increase customer loyalty, making clients feel appreciated and valued.

Better Customer Data

82% of customers are open to sharing some personal data in exchange for more personalized service. Loyalty apps allow you to collect user data, including client preferences and purchase history. Use this information to target your marketing campaigns and promotions, boosting conversion rates and sales.

Improved Communication

Organize direct communication with customers, providing a channel for instant updates and notifications. For example, keep clients informed of new listings or special promotions.

Increased Referrals

By offering referral rewards, you can motivate clients to spread the word about your services, leading to new business clients and increased revenue.

Streamlined Transactions

Loyalty apps can simplify making payments, scheduling appointments, and accessing important documents. It improves the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Competitive Advantage

Implementation of a loyalty app can give your business a competitive edge in the market. Provide a unique and innovative service to differentiate yourself from other real estate companies and attract new clients.

And let’s have a quick overview of customer favorites regarding personalization. The most desired options include discounts, flexible rewards systems, easy product access, remembering preferences, and individual offers.

Create an app like Bilt rewards

Examples of Successful Loyalty Program Apps for Real Estate

We prepared several successful solutions that can inspire you to create an app like Bilt Rewards:

  • Bilt Rewards is a loyalty program app that allows renters to earn points for paying rent. Then users can redeem points for cash back, travel rewards, and gift cards. Bilt Rewards partners with landlords and property managers to help them reward renters, improving user loyalty and trust.

Loyalty program app development

  • Zillow Rewards, Redfin Rewards, and Homie Rewards encourage users to buy or sell homes through their platforms. Users earn rewards based on the purchase or sale price of the house, redeemed for gift cards, or applied to closing costs.
  • Compass Concierge rewards users for listing their homes with Compass. Users can access interest-free loans to pay for home improvement projects, and the loan cost is deducted from the home sale price.

Key Features for MVP Loyalty Program App Development

The main features of a loyalty rewards program app are to incentivize customer loyalty, differentiate from competitors, and provide a convenient way for customers to track their rewards.

Easy Sign-Up

The app should include a simple sign-up process that collects basic information such as the customer's name, email address, and phone number. Customers may also be able to enroll in the program by linking their social media accounts or through a referral program.

Personal Profiles

The personal profile reflects loyalty program status, rewards, and transaction history. Customers can update their personal information, preferences, and interests to receive personalized recommendations and offers.

Home Search and Filter

The loyalty rewards app should integrate with the home search platform, allowing users to find homes that qualify for rewards or discounts. Also, let customers filter their search results by available rewards and discounts.

Create a loyalty app


Adding geolocation to the app allows customers to find the nearest properties or real estate agents. It is useful when they look for properties in a specific location or need to contact a real estate agent in a defined area.

Points System

Create a loyalty app with a clear user understanding of how they can earn points, how many are needed to unlock rewards, and how to redeem them. Bonuses may include cashback, discounts, freebies, and exclusive offers, earned online or through NFC-enabled loyalty cards.

Referral Program

Allow customers to earn rewards for referring friends and family to the loyalty program. Allow them to share referral links via social media or email. A referral system helps to expand the customer base and increase engagement among existing customers.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to remind users of their loyalty program activities, rewards, and new rewards or discounts that become available. This way, you increase engagement and drive repeat sales.

Customer Service

Also, you should offer customer service through a chat or messaging system, helping customers with any issues or questions. Use AI-powered chatbots to guarantee seamless support with timely responses.

Make a loyalty card app

Extra Features to Improve User Experience

Here are some additional features that can make a loyalty card app more convenient, competitive, and special.

Exclusive Content

Include exclusive content, such as market trends, insights, or tips for buying and selling homes. Upgrade it regularly to keep users engaged.

Feedback and Reviews

Allow customers to review their experiences with the loyalty program and real estate company. Their input helps you improve the program and get valuable information about user preferences and needs.

Social Media Integration

Sharing user rewards or experiences on social media means promoting your brand and encouraging others to use the app. Don’t forget to offer specific bonuses for these activities.

Virtual Tours

Including virtual tours of properties in the app allows customers to see the property without physically visiting it. This option saves their time and money while providing a more immersive experience.

Loyalty card app development

Personalized Recommendations

Use customer data and ML algorithms to provide personalized recommendations for properties that customers might be interested in. Create an individual user experience and stimulate their actions.

Integration with Other Services

Integrate the app with other helpful services like mortgage calculators, home inspection services, or moving companies. Become a one-stop solution for all their home buying or selling needs.


Adding gamification to the app makes it more engaging and fun. It includes badges, achievements, leaderboards, quests, challenges, quizzes, puzzles, and scavenger hunts.

Also, you can read our article about real estate technology trends to get more ideas for your loyalty app.

UI/UX Best Practices in Loyalty Card App Development

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are critical components in developing software. A well-designed UI/UX can make a loyalty card app more user-friendly, engaging, and effective in driving customer loyalty. Here are some tips to consider:

Simplify the User Journey

Keep the user journey as simple and intuitive as possible, with clear calls-to-action and minimal steps to complete tasks. Avoid clutter and unnecessary features that could confuse or overwhelm users.

Use Familiar UI

Use standard icons for buttons and menus and typical navigation patterns that customers already know.

Include Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions such as animations, sound effects, and haptic feedback can make the app more entertaining and responsive. Pay user attention when they earn points or redeem rewards.

Prioritize Key Information

Ensure that essential information, such as point balances, rewards, and program details, is prominently displayed and easy to find. Keep customers engaged with the program and motivated to earn rewards.

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Choose among 120 software specialists

Personalize UX

Use customer big data to personalize the app experience. Show relevant rewards, offers, and content based on their preferences and behavior.

Provide User Support

Provide users access to customer support through live chat, email, or phone support. Make sure they get help with any issues.

Ensure Data Privacy

The loyalty app design should communicate what data is being collected, how it will be used, and who can access it. This can be done through user agreements, pop-up notifications, or in-app messaging. Also, you must consider secure login protocols and data encryption.

Responsive Design

Your user interface and layout should adapt to different screen platforms and operational systems, all with their sizes and resolutions. It means the app will look good and function properly on any device – from smartphone to tablet – without zooming images or text.

Keep Speed High

Mobile users expect apps to be fast and reliable. Optimizing images, using caching, and minimizing the number of HTTP requests can help improve app speed.

Optimal Tech Stack for Loyalty App Development

In general, the technology stack depends on your project and its functionality. But here is what we use ourselves to build a customer loyalty app for real estate:

  • Cloud computing: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure
  • Programming language: Swift and Objective-C (iOS), Java and Kotlin (Android), JavaScript (cross-platform)
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Containers: Kubernetes
  • Back-end: Node.js/Express.js, Django
  • Front-end: React Native, Flutter
  • Design tools: Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma

Let’s overview a possible technology stack for core features implementation:

  • Registration: Firebase Authentication
  • Payment wallet: Stripe, Braintree
  • Pop-ups: Poptin, React Native Popup Dialog, Flutter Dialogs
  • Map and geolocation: Google Maps API, Mapbox
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics
  • Communication tools: Twilio, Mediasoup
  • Search: Elasticsearch

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Loyal Rewards App

The cost and timeline for loyalty program app design and development can vary greatly depending on the features, complexity, and project scope. However, here is an approximate breakdown of the stages involved and an estimated cost and timeline for each:

Web and Mobile App Development

The first step when you decide to create an app like Bilt Rewards. In this phase, technical execution takes place, spanning from the admin panel to the desired functionalities and technologies in your app, such as video chat or push notifications.

It's crucial to recognize that adding more advanced features will lead to higher development expenses.

Furthermore, you must choose your app's iOS or Android platform. Developing cross-platform apps that work with the top operating systems to accommodate all user needs is recommended.

Web and mobile app development cost: up to 900 hours, estimated at $27,000.

UX/UI Design

An exceptional UI/UX design emphasizes creating responsive user interfaces and promoting enjoyable user experiences by studying your target audience. In addition, a versatile event app design ensures smooth functioning on any device, particularly for cross-platform applications.

UX/UI design cost: up to 200 hours, estimated at $6,000.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Before introducing your product, comprehensive testing is crucial. At Softermii, a mix of manual and automated testing ensures peak performance and eliminates any defects.

Furthermore, this process provides valuable insights into app usage, leading to improvements in features and user interfaces.

QA cost: up to 200 hours, estimated at $6,000.

Project Management

A project manager ensures that milestones are met, and that the project's scope aligns with your expectations. They also carry out risk assessments to identify potential security risks and keep you updated on the loyalty rewards program development progress.

Project management usually accounts for 10% to 15% of the overall budget. However, based on our current estimate, it will be around $5,500.

What is the final cost of developing an event app? Refer to the table below:

Loyalty Rewards Program Development Cost



Web and mobile development


UX/UI design


Testing and quality assurance


Project management




Softermii Logo

Please note that the numbers provided above are not final, as the ultimate cost of developing a loyalty rewards program depends on various factors. These include the specific features, team composition, deadlines, platform choice, and other essential details. To obtain a more accurate estimate, contact our team for a free quote.

Why Choose Softermii As Your Reliable Partner

Softermii has solid experience in custom real estate software development, providing advanced solutions. They are powered by IoT, AI/ML, AR/VR, and videoconferencing engines. We know how to improve your workforce efficiency, boost security, connect digital channels, and provide scalability.

Let's overview project types and available functionality using our cases as an example:


Proper wanted to create powerful multifunctional software for real estate management. A project goal was to provide easy communication between landlords and tenants and resolution of all issues that may arise during the rental process.

We've created a mobile app with chat, media downloads, a database of home improvement contractors, invoicing, and payment integration. Tenants can now quickly notify landlords of any housing issues, and landlords can quickly bring in contractors to fix them.

Loyalty program app design


Rently is a revolutionary real estate renting app. IoT devices help to show apartments without the physical presence of the landlord. The company approached us to update the existing solution, improving its usability and performance.

Our analyst researched more than 20 programs to discover consumer needs and ways to satisfy them. We implemented key-free access to apartments with the help of an application, property listings, a module for tenants that facilitates the selection of an object, and a module for landlords with schedule navigation, payment acceptance, and maps.

Create a loyalty program app for real estate

Real Estate Association

Softermii also developed a mobile application for realtors of the French Real Estate Association. The goal was to improve transparency and communication between all participants in buying and renting housing by providing real-time information.

We have implemented a mobile app for iOS that helps you instantly see all the properties in the selected range, with access to property information, the ability to compare alternative options and notifications about the status of properties of interest.

As a result, more than 3,900 agencies are actively using this solution, reporting time savings, improved productivity, and better interactions between agents and agencies.

Create a loyalty program app for real estate


Developing a loyalty reward system for real estate can improve customer loyalty and communication, access customer data, and competitive advantage. But choosing the right features and providing good UI/UX design is essential.

In this article, we learned all the crucial aspects, including functionality options, technology stack, and approximate cost. The examples of world loyalty real estate apps and Softermii case studies provided further insight into the potential of building such an app.

If you want to make a loyalty card app or consult with our team further on this topic, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our specialists always consider your wishes and budget, offering the most optimal solution and advising priority functionalities and ways to implement them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can your real estate business benefit from a loyalty program?

Loyalty programs can benefit real estate brands by improving customer engagement, retention, and satisfaction, differentiating them from competitors. Also, you can get valuable customer data and insights and build trust. Finally, you should create a loyalty card app to increase sales and build long-term customer relationships.

How to approach value addition in real estate loyalty programs?

Adding value to a real estate loyalty program can be achieved through personalization, exclusive offers, convenience, and educational resources. By understanding your customer's needs and tailoring the program accordingly, you can build long-term customer dedication.

What resources do you need to create a loyalty program app for real estate?

The cost can vary depending on app features, technology stack, team size, and experience. However, it may take from 19 weeks and $44,500 to create a loyalty reward app in the real estate business. To calculate your project's exact amount and terms, please contact Softermii.

Should you create a rewards program app for real estate using outsourcing?

Outsourcing can be a good option if you don't have the in-house expertise or resources to develop the app. It can also be a cost-effective option, allowing you to avoid the expense of hiring and onboarding new staff or investing in new technology and infrastructure. With Softermii, you can extend your in-house team with our specialists or contract a dedicated team.

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