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It can be hard to pave the right path towards the success of your future product when the technology is evolving so quickly. In times when the development process is continuously being redefined, both startups and businesses with a long history have to be especially careful when choosing the IT project management services to fit their goals.

The solid organization is paramount in the development of all scales.

Correct planning is the difference between profit and loss. That’s why the role of project management is so important when creating any type of software.

Our unified project management solution helps to organize your efforts into a unified pipeline that achieves full awareness of your business objectives and aims at completing them.

Project strategy

Together with you, we sit down for a series of consulting meetings to discuss your project requirements.

Our IT PM experts draft it in as much detail as possible and outline the scope of the future work. In the output, you get the estimation of project management process that includes the entire roadmap our developers will follow through to build your future digital product with well-defined criteria and deadlines.

We carefully document all the operations needed to complete your digital product and measure them according to the following key parameters:

  • Activity description;
  • Milestone documentation;
  • Project scope statement;
  • Organizational assets.

This kind of breakdown will make the effort of the entire team way more productive and allow you to have more control over all processes.

Our project team prepare a complete estimation of the amounts of work, hardware and paid digital frameworks involved. You’ll be able to see all activities on part of every team member and know exactly how the works are scheduled.

Take a peek into the trenches. Through our project management dashboard, you will see the real-time progress of our development crew and the amount of time they’ve spent on each task.

Risk analysis

After the mishap has already manifested itself, it is quite hard to mitigate it. In lines with our project management solutions, the team will evaluate the types of threats involved in creating and controlling your digital product.

This risks management includes the potential security weak points, third-party integrations, data management, device, and OS nuances as well as the needed amounts of fault tolerance.

By covering the given factors early on during our prospecting, we will adopt the necessary proofing practices to establish a firm countermeasure for these risks.


Outsourcing in project management and software development can be as seamless as working with an in-house PMO. Cohesion with our offshore team will not pose a challenge despite how far we are from you in terms of distances. Over the years we’ve learned to arrange things so that geography doesn’t take any toll on the quality of communication.

Our PM services company specialists know how important it is to stay in touch with your vision of the project, and so we make sure that every detail is discussed in advance. PM solutions includethe not only guide to the project but also visions from different angles on it so that your vision and our perspective align perfectly.

Unlike most development & project management consulting companies, we adjust to your schedule and acquaint you with all of the developers and SMEs who will take part in your project. Should the need arise, an off-schedule consultation is never an issue. Feel free to communicate any necessary changes that will impact the course of our development at any time.

World-class IT professionals

When working with us, you hire a team of seasoned Subject Matter Experts who know their business. We house some of the top talents with areas of competence covering DevOps, Mobile Apps Development, Web Development, QA as well as UX/UI Design and more exceeding the competence of so many project management services companies. Our specialists are more than qualified to take on a digital product of any scale with an impressive record of successful projects in web and mobile apps development behind our backs.

We are always dedicated to staying in touch with the latest technology and pioneer change while applying the core knowledge of our developers gained through the years of experience.

In the course of our cooperation, you will be able to personally interview each person working on your project and discuss their part.

Project management mentoring

We are not an exclusive project management consulting firm, however, should you need us to review the processes in an existing project, we are at your disposal.

Our specialists will give you a fresh perspective on the state of your development effort and reorganize it for increased effectivity. They will provide project management coaching and mentoring to your in-house IT PM team. This mentoring will assist them to ingrain an improved set of standards in various aspects of your operation.

Introducing change is a challenge both for the PM development specialists and the tech team. We know this and we offer IT project management consulting package that will help the decision makers to bring in new processes and templates.

In lines with our project management consulting services, we provide:

Senior PM project manager efficiency coaching that will empower your staff with the methodology to implement impactful changes in the working process more easily;

Consultancy based on past projects to offer improved methodologies for future works;

Comprehensive project health checks and analysis of the risks that may affect the progress as well as potential solutions to remove them;

Reinforcing the implementation of learned skills within the organization so that they are exercised in real conditions and remembered.

Mobile development

Unlike many project management consultancy companies, we also excel at mobile. It is a huge part of our company, and we know which things to prioritize at each stage to ensure the results are outstanding. By outsourcing our team you will get your hands on a highly affordable world-class mobile apps with native versions for both Android and iOS.

Android – the majority of people in the entire world use Android. It is a myriad of device specifics that need to be sorted out with due attention. Thanks to the organized effort of our developers, you will see the progress gracefully unfolding on the entire range of Android devices.

iOS – Apple is the product of choice in most developed countries. In order to reach out to all of these people, you will have to make it through the highly restrictive approval policies within the iOS app store. We know the degree of refinement it takes to pass the test, and so we make sure to dedicate all the needed priority to refine your product.

Today, every B2C company goes for its own mobile app to reach bigger audiences. Portable devices keep building their performance ability, and users are actively putting it to use by spending more time on their phones daily.

It is estimated that in a couple of years mobile advertising is going to see a 72% growth at least in the US. In this highly competitive scene, you need to heavily invest in quality. Even a couple of seconds of wait time can cause a major bounce rate spike.

For this reason, companies like Facebook and Instagram have gone for separate native versions of their mobile apps. The given route is the most resource-intensive, however, with Softermii you will find it more than attainable.

By hiring us you can get native while spending equal amounts of budget you’d pay for a cross-platform app charged by your onshore teams. Why pay for an inferior product, when you can get your hands on the very best for the same price?

Website development

Complex web platforms require a very elaborate approach to build them. You need to make sure that your construct is properly deployed on the servers with all components properly integrated among each other. You also need to make sure that your website is fit to withstand various stress conditions and many more different scenarios. Our project management includes organization practices to ensure that the development is proceeding dynamically and our team is handling all the challenges in a due manner.

E-Commerce Website – get your hands on a robust sales platform to trade a wide assortment of goods. From third-party frameworks to 100% newly-built, we will create your e-commerce website with a fully functional range of features to captivate your leads, ensure security and globally manage thousands of items.

Use the full arsenal of visual cues such as item color view choice and 3D view to offer a comprehensive product display. Avail of recently-viewed side lists and Machine Learning to offer similar goods and remarket these warm leads with fully automated email follow-ups.

Today, E-Commerce users are accustomed to a great choice of options for both payments and delivery. Some people prefer the cheap slow shipping, while others want it fast albeit though expensive. You’re missing out on those buyers if you don’t provide. Our experts will go out of their way to present down everything the user takes for granted in a premium online store.

Cryptocurrency Exchange – cryptocurrency trading will always be lucrative. Step up your game by taking charge of an exchange with a live order book. Together with us, you can fund a trading platform that is on par with the leading players in the market.

Our web development and project management company experts will make sure that this beast of a product unfolds the full functional spectrum of essential features including algorithmic trading as well as the leading currency pairs that are easily integrated.

Money exchange is a highly sensitive hub of operations, and we will organize the project so that all the fund circulation is fully resilient against any possible threats. Be it human interference, the risk of breach or hardware issues, we have it all covered.

Quality assurance

Regular Quality Assurance is a crucial part of our development routines. We run full-spectrum system checks threaded throughout our entire development cycle. These services include both automated and manual test suites to make sure all bugs are dealt with on earlier stages.

We organize our working pipeline so that QA gets enough time and resources to be 100% confident that all functions are in order. As soon as each new iteration is ready, it is immediately subjected to full-scale testing.

Our dev team always keeps our QA engineers informed in terms of the technical nuances involved in your product. It’s not what all development and project management consulting firms do, but this is what makes our Quality Assurance really effective. As a result, the tests never miss out on any hidden properties that are important.

Minimum value product

Running experiments with Minimum Viable Product is the best and easy way to quickly put a unique idea to a test. By choosing this path, you get the most accurate source of market feedback, as it’s coming straight from the real world users.

Fast plus inexpensive is key, and we make it happen. With Softermii you tap into the pool of some of the most skilled developers you can hire in a highly affordable world region.

Our PM team has worked with a number of products that evolved through MVP into full-scale platforms. With us, you’ll be able to invest more effort and resources into your new concept while spending much lesser amounts in terms of your budget.

Talk to us

Depending on your goals, we leverage AGILE, SCRUM and KANBAN methodologies to deliver a superior digital solution that you require. We’ve got vast experience working with progressive international companies, based in the USA, Great Britain, Australia and other leading countries around the world.

Unlike project management companies in the USA or your other inland based firms, our rates will prove much more affordable at no loss. We will happily adjust to your working hours to conduct meetings.

Our project management plan involves regular status reports to make sure that we stay on the same page with your envisioned concept. With Softermii you are in charge of development goals for project managers that we are accountable to reach.

Upon your request, our UX specialists will prepare mockups and user-flows for your stakeholder discussions. In case there are changes in your plans, you can reach out to us at any time, and we will mutually include them into the technical roadmap.

We’d love to hear about your project. Just enter your details into the form, and we will get back to you shortly to plan our first project management consultation.

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