Fortifying by verifying

Quality assurance is an integral part of our full-scale development process. Today, we offer our SQA expertise as a standalone service that combines a full spectrum checkup of your mobile app or website. With us, you are confident your project is ready for deployment.

team to take on the challenge of fully reviewing your piece of software. Our engineers will test each technical component as well as the general usability aspects and supervise the implementation of changes all the way to the launch.

We take a look at the root of your project and consider the objectives you set out to accomplish with it. How well is it built, how does it meet your business KPIs, as well as the user goals. This knowledge helps us evaluate your product in its entirety, taking into account the expected user engagement qualities, assessing them and proposing changes.

Mobile testing

Our QA is great for mobile innovators looking to get more kick out of their development budget. Mobile technologies are a subject to rapid change and division due to the high level of competition. Apple is very restrictive towards its hardware while Android, on the other hand, surrounds you with software that is too miscellaneous.

For a mobile startup it can be hard to define the best course of user interaction. We know how the UX should be approached. Not only do we test the features, we evaluate the usability as well.

Website testing

Business website is a huge pressure point for your company. It has to meet your goals, and do so with grace.

Got a sealed third-party component integrated into your platform? We’ve worked with a multitude of websites that combined custom marketing, analytics and lead generation. We know the extra adjustments they need in order to show a good output. Our tests will ensure, you get the maximum of their integrity.

Feature function testing

We do everything to deliver a comprehensive image on the state of your core functionality. In order to achieve this, we start by studying the architecture of your product. Our QA specialists go through the plan of your project and prepare the cases to measure each feature. Afterwards we:

  • Check the functioning from the user-side of your product;
  • Test how features interact with each other so that no unintended effects arise;
  • Run all inputs as well as usage cases through their entire intended reach;
  • Test the input of error parameters to ensure effective recovery from invalid usage cases.

Backend testing

We go beyond the frontend. Our team examines the state of database layers and admin functions that play a major part in your platform. It goes without saying that these elements should not be overlooked and we make sure that your product is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the surface.

When building your app from scratch, we always do Unit testing to ensure a solid foundation of your product.

User experience

Creating a product and looking at it from the user’s standpoint is too different to all be done by the same person. Is your mobile app or website doing everything it can to be successful? Let’s make sure it does.

Aside from the technical benchmarking, our UX/UI designers will give you an educated assessment of usability. We will analyze your user flows in conjunction with your sales funnel and offer improvements.

Integrity of international standards

We know that a certain medium of projects has to live up to multinational regulations to even enter the market. Our team has been through multiple full-scale healthcare apps that depended on official approval. We’ve built them from top-to-bottom with adaptation to HIPAA, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and more. Aside from the developers, our QA guys additionally guarantee that your product meets these standards and makes it through.


Perfect for repeated sanity tests, automation is a great way to run diagnostics and ensure no accidental errors occur in the new iterations of your code. Our devs will create the right tools for the job. With these tools, QA specialists will run the checks and, should you need these tools, we will pass them on to you, so that you’d able to use them on your own.

Manual test suits

As soon the new feature is deployed, our engineers roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty with it. New code is the likeliest to have errors and we process their intended functionality with diligence to make sure everything is in order. This methodical manner is used to test all of our user and junior-admin side interactions with your project.

QA for e-commerce

Launching an online store is a handful. Web retail is highly intricate even in terms of sheer dependance behind processes, not to mention the computing behind it. We know because we’ve both built and tested quite a few. This gives us the valuable insight into eCommerce testing that will help your platform prevail despite all the technical challenges.

Transactions – payments are a sensitive matter for your customers and a challenge for developers. This is when the rubber meets the road, which is why you need to pay special attention to the success of your transactions. Our team will help you double-check this tremendous piece of work into perfection as well as give you the tools for regular sanity testing.

Optimization – a successful marketing campaign will eventually cause a traffic spike on your website. You better make sure that it can withstand a good stress test. We run a series of automated checks to ensure your platform can boast sufficient durability. This way, when motherlode comes around, your yield will not be suppressed by technical difficulties.

  • Monitoring the activity under overload spikes;
  • Exposure to prolonged overload;
  • Database volume system testing.

Sales Funnel – subside in leads can mean a number of things and in part have a random cause. By applying the latest analytics tools and heatmap data, we take a closer look at the path of an average user through your online store. Thanks to this intel, we zero in on the bottlenecks your layout is experiencing and help you get rid of these roadblocks to success.

Web Mobile – big data tells us the mobile use is destined to inevitable growth in the coming years. All free time people used to spend offline is now being taken up by their phone and your web store just has to play the field with this amazing opportunity.

When launching a mobile version of your online shop, you still have to deal with device adaptation in addition to the multitude of browsers. We’ve been there and, we know the test suites that will help you make your mobile experience silky smooth despite all diversity.

CMS testing

Content management systems need tons of work to craft them into decency. There is always much ground to cover as media content is performance intensive. Imagery, interactive and entertaining UI elements, video playback. Combining all this into a presentable user experience is a challenge. With our know-how in CMS and QA we will help you create a content-intensive platform that will work on different rigs and endure traffic spikes in a graceful manner.

Security check

Security is no minor concern. Today, a product exposed to the entire world can become a target of choice for cybercriminals. We create platforms that guarantee the safety of your transactions and databases in lines with PTES, OWASP and PCI-DSS. Our end-to-end security penetration test suites will ensure that your mobile app or website are invulnerable against remote threats.

Test driven development

As a complex project grows, it gets progressively difficult to expand and refactor new code. Each time you integrate a new feature into your project, the number of ways it can wrongfully interact with the other components – multiplies. When doing TDD with us, your website or mobile app goes through a series of automated tests that ensure every new build is consistent with all the intended functions.

This seemingly deliberate development method of verifying every step actually saves a ton of time. Half the way through, we don’t have to go back and take down all we’ve built to fix something at the bottom no one saw causing trouble.

Softermii works in close collaboration with you to define our partnership, goals and deadlines. We’ve worked as an offshore partner of numerous global companies and know how to establish communication that doesn’t suffer due to geolocation differences. We adjust to your workflow and keep the constant feedback flow going to stay in touch as the milestones are met and changed.

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