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Project intro

French Real Estate Association’s Mobile App for Realtors provides a powerful proptech tool for agents. It streamlines collaboration between professionals in the real estate industry. The company felt they were hindered from taking advantage of potential real estate deals. The app addresses a lack of transparency and communication between members of the real estate establishment.

The association identified a need to develop a mobile app for realtors that provided real-time information regarding the properties available for purchase or rental. Softermii, with experience in app development for real estate agents, delivered a mobile tool that addressed the specific needs of the French real estate market. Realtors and agents using this app enjoy a distinct advantage over their competitors who are not using the solution.

Highlights of Softermii’s Solution


Enhanced visibility of all available properties through an intuitive interface


Real-time vision into property availability for specific sectors


Advanced filtering enabling geolocated property searches

Zones Monitoring

Custom zones can be created by outlining it on a map


Mobile app puts property details at users’ fingertips


Easily compare similar properties and find distinctive property features


Visibility into client payment details through secure communication


A searchable database displaying the inventory of participating real estate agencies

About the project

French Real Estate Association is an enterprise with headquarters in Paris. The organization is an association that welcomes all real estate agents and attempts to improve their ability to serve potential customers.

The company approached our company to make an app for real estate agents that would facilitate finalizing deals with potential customers. The application needed to provide timely information to professionals and customers in the field. The project’s goal was to eliminate issues that negatively impacted the ability to finalize deals. Development began in May, 2019 and is ongoing.

  • Industry

    Real Estate

  • Type of project

    Mobile application

    Mobile app

  • Country


  • Duration

    23 months

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Challenges and Project Goals

Several challenges were identified as issues that severely limited the ability of real estate professionals to close deals with prospective clients.

  • 01

    The main problem was the lack of real-time information available to real estate professionals concerning the state of the market. There was no collaborative tool with which to coordinate the actions of agents in the field, leading to confusion and degraded productivity.

  • 02

    The lack of information resulted in wasted time spent trying to determine if properties were still available or had already been taken off the market. Productive time was lost by agents discussing unavailable properties with their customers when they could have been concentrating on opportunities that still existed.

  • 03

    In addition to costing agents precious time, the inability to quickly respond to client queries resulted in reduced customer satisfaction. We provided a mobile solution bringing the necessary information together to resolve the bottlenecks in the French real estate industry.

Our solution

The team at Softermii already had experience in app development for real estate agents. It was logical to choose them to develop a solution for French Real Estate Association. The final product is a mobile app for iOS that streamlines the interaction between agents and their clients, increasing the number of successful transactions and customer satisfaction.

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Key deliverables

Here are the main features delivered in our solution:


Users get real-time visibility into their market sector and can perform geolocated and filtered searches to identify properties that meet customer requirements. The ability to see updated information regarding available properties gives users a competitive edge over agents not using the tool.

Descriptive information

Searches return property profiles that include details like the price, full-color photographs, and other details prioritized by the owner or realtor. Visit reports enable agents to determine how much attention a property is receiving, allowing them to make better decisions when offering it for sale. All information contained in property profiles is stored securely.


Real-time comparisons between similar properties enable agents to furnish potential customers with options and demonstrate the financial advantages of their offering.


Collaboration between agents and agencies is fostered by the app by the potential to share real-time updates on inventory and avoid contention over prospective customers.

Time savings

Both customers and real estate professionals benefit from the reduced time spent locating the right property and closing the deal. This greatly increases customer satisfaction and enables more deals to be completed, boosting agents’ bottom line.

Custom zones

Agents can define custom zones simply by drawing its outline on a map on their mobile device. Using this feature enables agents to fine-tune property searches to address specific client requirements.


Notifications can be sent to agents regarding the status of properties which interest them or their clients. This saves time that would be spent researching property availability and enables agents to better serve the needs of their customers.


Future development of the solution can be performed by fine-tuning the collection and processing of real estate related data. Softermii has ensured that all personal data is securely managed to comply with privacy regulations. Agents in the field are the target audience for the app. As the tool matures, new features can be introduced to provide innovative ways to further enhance the flow of real estate information.


  • Research

    Assess Market

  • Analysis

    Business Analysis

  • Design


  • Coding

    Code development

  • Launch

    Debut on market

  • Support

    Ongoing maintenance

Tech stack

List of technologies we used to develop an app for French Real Estate Association

  • Swift

  • Google Maps & Places

    Gmaps & Places

  • Firebase

  • MVC

Project results

Over 3,900 agencies are currently using the tool to assist their agents and clients. Reviews are very favorable and demonstrate that the app provides the following positive results:

  • Productivity

    is enhanced for agents in the industry by taking advantage of easy access to real-time information. No more time wasted by investigating properties that are no longer for sale or rent.

  • Collaboration

    across agencies enables new levels of efficiency to be brought to the real estate market. Users can use the app to inform other agents of properties as soon as they come on or off the market.

  • Customers

    experience an increased level of satisfaction when they are engaged in the real estate procurement process. Property profiles and comparisons give clients confidence that they are getting a good deal and improves an agent’s chances of success.


Softermii’s solution for Fichier AMEPI the Web Marketing Association’s MobileWebAwards Best Real Estate Mobile Application for 2020. This platform is dedicated to identifying the best solutions in the field of responsive mobile web and application development.


  • Walid Farghal
    Walid Farghal
    Event10x. Director General
  • Reece Samani
    Reece Samani
    CEO & Founder, Locum App, London
  • Duncan Mitchell
    Duncan Mitchell
    Managing Director, Co-Founder at TempTribe, London
  • Mikael Laustsen
    Mikael Laustsen
  • Ashley Lewis
    Ashley Lewis
    VP of Product at Dollar Shave Club, Los-Angeles
It was great experience!

Softermii have very hard commitment towards the project delivery on time without any delay, without any obstacles. We ended up by having a very attractive and competitive product that can compete with any other virtual platform.

It was great experience!

They were really on top of everything and pushed everything together done really good. They know how important my timelines were and they made sure that they're dead to them and got everything done really quickly.

The team is very dynamic and is really flexible with picking up urgent bugs. I found that is a really good working relationship in that sense that the prices are very reasonable and they are accessible even over the weekend. So we didn't get that kind of services before.

In total, we have about 5–6 people working on the project, including dedicated iOS and Android developers, backend developers, and a project manager. Besides that, they have some quality assurance specialists and a designer. They have been rather professional in their communication and in their project management. They've really tried to go the extra mile to handle the project in the best way possible.

I would highly recommend Softermii for any computer programming needs your company may have. I have worked with them for well over a year, and are consistently impressed by the quality of the work and team effort brought forth by everyone that we've worked with.I hope to have the opportunity to work with them on future projects!

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