Build and optimize your business processes by hiring dedicated developers. Choose our highly skilled software engineers and see how easy complex software development processes can become.

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Hire only professional dedicated software developers



Our IT specialist architect complex software solutions



Working with worldwide companies, R&D centers, startups, and SMB



We have no Junior, only Middle and Senior specialists



Every member has at least B2 English level



All our members have BS/MS in IT, Computer Science or Technical field



We provide only Object Oriented Design

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Stack of technologies we use

We can provide IT professionals with extensive experience and expertise in both popular and more specialized technologies to fill any skill gaps that impact your development projects. We extend your in-house expertise with a cross-functional team to efficiently deliver complex tech solutions to the market.

Java Script
React JS/Native

Why you should hire a dedicated software development team

Cost optimization

Cost optimization

Building a dedicated software development team reduces annual IT cost up to 120%.

Accessible best talents

Accessible best talents

Don’t spend months on looking for the right dedicated IT specialist. We can hire software experts following your needs.

Industry experts

Industry experts

Our specialists are experienced with real estate, video & audio conferencing, healthcare, and others niches.

Scale your growth

Scale your growth

Expand your dedicated team with brilliant minds. Hire only professionals to cover the missing needs.

Quick start

Quick start

The hiring process usually takes two weeks. You can kick off the development process within a few weeks.

Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Your remote software development team is always in touch. Hold daily meetings and monthly planning via video and chat.

Choose your engagement model

We made hiring dedicated developers easy


Defining needs

Tell us about your business needs, pains and bottlenecks.

Choosing the right specialist

Identify the specialists who might solve your problems.

Designing a team

Design a dedicated application development team according to your needs, budget, and requirements.

CV Screening

Examine CV’s and choose the most suitable candidates.


We hold internal tech interviews, then you’ll have an ability to interview the developer afterwards.


We’ll help you leverage onboarding, including signing NDA, setting up equipment, and providing all working tools.


Softermii has a hard commitment towards the project delivery on time without any delay.

We ended up by having a very attractive product that can compete with any other virtual platform.

Walid Farghal, Event10x. Director General

Softermii are great with time management and produce high-quality work.

Because of how satisfied we've been with their work on this project, we're exploring bringing them in on a new project as well.

Muna Al Hashemi, Founder of a Proptech Startup

They were really on top of everything.

They know how important my timelines were and they made sure that they're dead to them and got everything done quickly.

Reece Samani, CEO & Founder, Locum App, London

The team is really flexible with picking up urgent bugs.

I found that is a really good working relationship in that sense that the prices are very reasonable and they are accessible even over the weekend.

Duncan Mitchell, Managing Director, Co-Founder at TempTribe, London

Softermii delivered a technically sophisticated app.

It integrates multi-party video conferences with social media dynamics. These guys proven to be a professional, reliable, and effective partner.

David Levine, Founder, Scoby Social

I would highly recommend Softermii for any programming needs.

I am consistently impressed by the quality of the work and team effort brought forth by everyone that we've worked with.

Ashley Lewis, VP of Product, Dollar Shave Club

Excellent programming skills and timely delivery.

They were able to take our poorly documented description and deliver a world-class app.

Folabi Ogunkoya, Founder, Cococure

They delivered amazing results and worked through holidays to make sure I could deliver on the project deadline.

The results were consistently top quality and the devs are friendly and responsive.

Shervin Delband, Director of US Operations, ITRex Group
  • event10x

    Walid Farghal

    Event10x. Director General

  • muna

    Muna Al Hashemi

    Founder of a Proptech Startup

  • locum

    Reece Samani

    CEO & Founder, Locum App, London

  • temptribe

    Duncan Mitchell

    Managing Director, Co-Founder at TempTribe, London

  • scoby

    David Levine

    Founder, Scoby Social

  • shave

    Ashley Lewis

    VP of Product, Dollar Shave Club

  • cococure

    Folabi Ogunkoya

    Founder, Cococure

  • itrex

    Shervin Delband

    Director of US Operations, ITRex Group

They were really on top of everything and pushed everything together done really good. They know how important my timelines were and they made sure that they're dead to them and got everything done really quickly. They are making sure that all is set up smoothly.

The team is very dynamic and is really flexible with picking up urgent bugs. I found that is a really good working relationship in that sense that the prices are very reasonable and they are accessible even over the weekend. So we didn't get that kind of service before.

In total, we have about 5–6 people working on the project, including dedicated iOS and Android developers, backend developers, and a project manager. Besides that, they have some quality assurance specialists and a designer. They have been rather professional in their communication and in their project management. They've really tried to go the extra mile to handle the project in the best way possible.

I would highly recommend Softermii for any computer programming needs your company may have. I have worked with them for well over a year, and are consistently impressed by the quality of the work and team effort brought forth by everyone that we've worked with.I hope to have the opportunity to work with them on future projects!

I’ve had such a pleasant experience with them, and these guys are a diamond in the rough. They’re such a pleasure to work with every day, even on weekends. We’re in constant communication. I really feel like they are part of our businesses. They’re always pushing me to refine my ideas, which is refreshing. They’re always thinking ahead about how we can make the product better. I feel very much like they’re an extension of the team.

Softermii has a solid team of developers. They had done an amazing job implementing the iOS UI from our Sketch design. They used their good sense of judgment helped us enhance our UI design on the fly, adhere to the original schedule (despite unforeseeable changes on our side) and great communication. I would highly recommend anyone who considers realizing his idea to talk Softermii. I will, without a doubt, be working again with them in the future

Excellent programming skills and timely delivery. They were able to take our poorly documented description and deliver a world-class app.

I originally reached out to Softermii when I needed to hit a tight deadline around the New Year. They delivered amazing results and worked through the whole holiday to make sure I could deliver on the project deadline. We later hired them for several high profile contracts. The results were consistently top quality and the devs are friendly and responsive. I worked with them both remotely and in-person over two years and I can say they are some of the best I have ever worked with!

Working on our project, employees of Softermii have shown great professionalism, result-driven attitude, involvement into what they do, proposed numerous ideas. They have not simply designed the website, but also guided us through all the details, possibilities of using it. All the deadlines were met exactly as it was estimated and planned to. This cooperation brought us only positive emotions!

They helped our team deliver the JibJab for the Messenger Android app under very tight deadlines. They're smart, talented, friendly and they'll continue to be our go-to team whenever we need a helping hand with Android development.

We were late to the game with our Android application and needed to get something live, quickly. They helped us scale rapidly to launch an app at parity with iOS in fewer than 6 months - quite impressive given our iOS app had been in the market well over a year!

Expertise in Building a Dedicated Team

We have experience in building custom-recruited dedicated software development teams for healthcare, eCommerce, fin-tech, real estate, media, and hospitality. As a result — positive reviews from our clients and IT organizations.

Real estate

radpad rently proper avnu


hipaavideo MedRealtime locumapp myhealthexplained


hollar dollarshaveclub




dropin wobi


sportworld tiddle mask cococure audiobridge videme bemyguest jibjab


petrealtime dogvacay


guideapp janbala farelogix




nulawer floorwatch idearoom


Kick-off the development process

Discuss your project

Get in touch

Key Industries

Banks & Insurance

Banks & Insurance

Close deals electronically, and communicate with your clients and employees in confidence with local security regulations.

Startups & Product Companies

Startups & Product

Stream video on your app to showcase your new company and its products.



Conduct appointments online and communicate with patients through telehealth platforms.


Social Networking Software

Unlock the opportunity of online lectures or build your own online school like Coursera.

What questions do you have?

Here is a list of commonly asked questions and answers about dedicated developers.

What services can a Softermii dedicated software development team provide for my business?

A dedicated team can provide a wide range of services such as Branding, Web and App Development, and MVP Strategy Consulting. We are also a one-stop-shop for Product and Project Management, DevOps, and Blockchain. A dedicated software team can focus on one or any combination of these and other services.

How do we build dedicated development teams?

Our company begins to ask questions and carefully record customer responses. The main goal at this stage is to gather requirements, set deadlines, and assess the potential of the project. Next, we define the scale, evaluate the resources and assemble a dedicated team. Customization of dedicated teams occurs depending on the roadmap and project schedule. The increase or decrease in the team changes as the project evolves.

What is the typical size of a dedicated software development team?

Dedicated software teams can range in size from 1 to as many as 20 or more. A team of talented tech specialists can vary based on the services needed, project timeframe, and projected IT budget. At Softermii, you will have access to the largest IT talent pool to match your software engineering needs.

How do my dedicated software developers secure my intellectual property?

At Softermii, securing your intellectual property is our highest priority. IP rights are protected through secure servers and dedicated professionals. Your dedicated software team will be as devoted to protesting as developing your intellectual property.

What is the average length of a software development project?

Every software development project is distinct and follows a different timeline. However, our simplified hiring process will set up your team in six easy steps. Determining your needs is the first step in the hiring process. Your software needs will greatly determine your expected timeframe.

Who will be my dedicated software developer, and what are their credentials?

We faq__answerract only the most professional and qualified candidates. Many have 5+, 10+, or even 15+ years of experience in IT. We will select team members that fit into your corporate culture and have developed software used by billions worldwide.

What industries do Softermii dedicated software developers thrive in, and what sets Softermii developers apart?

Softermii engineers have developed software, websites, and apps across several industries. We are especially well versed in projects for the real estate, healthcare, and finance sectors. However, our wide ranging team of rock-star developers can tackle any software project. This is what sets us apart. At Softermii, our dedicated software teams use a holistic approach to draw on the extensive experience of every team member.

What is the average cost of dedicated software development?

Software development budgeting can vary tremendously. This is because each client and project requires a different combination of services and team members. HR services or recruiting are free of charge. After establishing your dedicated software team, a fixed monthly fee will be determined based on team size, services, and project timeline.

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