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VidRTC - ready to implement engine

Vidrtc is a scalable online conferencing engine that can host video calls. It makes it easy to plan and manage virtual rooms that can support over 1,000 people with media servers.

The potential of the
online conference

The demand for online communication is rising. According to Transparency Market Research’s industry analysis, more and more companies are switching to online video conferencing. It’s used as a communication tool for their clients, branches, and employees.

The recent success of Zoom, Tiktok, and Clubhouse has proven that audio/video conferencing and business connectivity are here to stay. It has taken the market by storm and this new source of scalability should be one to consider.

Therefore, web and video conferencing software development makes sense, especially for small businesses and enterprises.

Worldwide video conferencing market size, by component, 2019 - 2027
(USD Billions)
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2027
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific

Audio and video communication software for your needs

Real Estate

Real Estate

Host virtual open houses to show off your property online and integrate it with AR/VR technologies for a more personalized user experience.

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Banks & Insurance

Banks & Insurance

Close deals electronically, and communicate with your clients and employees in confidence with local security regulations.

Events & Conferences

Events & Conferences

Hold events online that can provide an offline-like experience by using custom software to create a virtual office with multiple rooms.

Startups & Product Companies

Startups & Product

Stream video on your app to showcase your new company and its products.



Conduct appointments online and communicate with patients through telehealth platforms.



Unlock the opportunity of online lectures or build your own online meeting software or online school like Coursera.

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Save time and money by applying our engine in business video conferencing software development. Get the first results in a couple of months.

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We'll help you implement custom video conferencing software solution:

Live Broadcasting Apps

Videos can be recorded and broadcasted at the same time. This can be used for client communication, lectures, product demonstration, medical screening, and more.

Live Video Conferencing

Manage webinars, conferences, and business meetings with custom video conferencing solutions that can be adapted to your needs.

Appointment Systems

Conduct one-on-one video calls with custom interface integrations. Connect your appointments to an existing database and protect your information from a data breach.


Communicate with custom online messaging solutions between your employees, agents, and clients. Enjoy the benefits of confidentiality with security features that are compliant with local regulations.

Event-management systems

Create multiple rooms and manage them simultaneously. Allow your visitors to leave general streams in your video conferencing software and switch into private chats or video calls.

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Stack of technologies we use for online conferencing software development

This is a list of technologies that may be used when developing a live video streaming app and custom video conferencing solution.

Java Script
React JS/Native

New opportunities with custom video communication software

Product management & design (discovery phase)
Custom booking listing
Property management platform
Multiple listing services
Mobile app for real estate agents
Mobile apps for customers
Recommendations listings engine

What questions do you have?

Here is a list of commonly asked questions and answers.

What is a business communication software?

Video conferencing software is an online solution that provides businesses with simple and convenient online communication through audio and video. It’s designed for business meetings, video conferencing and seminars with built-in features such as online chat or screen sharing.

What is the difference between custom solutions and ready-made apps like Zoom or Google Hangouts?

Zoom and Google Hangouts are ready-made solutions that can’t be customized for your business needs. For example, a number of giant solutions, such as Clubhouse or Whatsapp, cannot guarantee full security. With a custom software, however, it is deployed on your facilities and is under only your control.

How do I develop a video conferencing application?

You will need to first define what features that you need and then set the number of users that your system has to handle. Afterwards, choose your host and CDN/media server, and now you can begin. the development process.

What features should be in online video conferencing software?

When developing video conferencing software, it includes features such as streaming, video and audio recording, media sharing, screen sharing, group chats and collaborative note-taking. These are the basic features, depending on the needs of the business, this list can be longer.

How does video streaming work?

Live streaming takes a filming device’s data and transfers it to the server with WebRTC technology. This data can also include the data from your screen and audio outputs.

What technologies are required to develop a business communication software?

The technology stack can vary, based on your needs and requirements. However, in general, you should consider:

Data Protection and Encryption: many businesses need to be assured that their information will be protected. You should use end-to-end encryption, such as TLS for text, DTLS for audio, and XSalsa20 for audio over desktop applications.

WebRTC: you will need to have high-quality audio and video streaming. To have real-time communication, WebTRC will ensure seamless user-to-user connections.

How can I create a live streaming app?

You will need to first determine what key features that you want. You must have an understanding of your users and audience in order to have an application that they want to use.

Once you know the technical and functional specifications of your app, choose your development team. Creating a successful live streaming app can be complex and difficult. However, with a team of specialists, you will have video conferencing software developers who will help you every step of the way.

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