Hipaa Video App Development

Healthcare conferencing application

HIPAA Video is a brand new web-based communications and video conferencing application for accessible healthcare and medical advice.

Created by a startup company from the US, it offers a new medium for online interaction available to physicians and their patients.

HIPAA Video aims to revolutionize doctor-patient relationships and reduce the costs of healthcare in the entire world.

To make this possible, we’ve harnessed the latest advancements in WebRTC and adapted them for both PC browser and web-mobile.


The affordability of healthcare has been one of the main social issues in the US from the very beginning of the 21st century and up until today.

With so many groundbreaking medical advancements inbound for the next few decades, the market has also reached the critical point when it needs to rethink the way medicine is being distributed and go deeper into the development of healthcare solutions.

There are many concerns involved in remote doctor appointments, but, finally, the technology that allows resolving these both sensitive and technically challenging issues is here. We are proud to be among the first teams to pioneer it.

In patient tab, you can manage your patients' list

Hospital visits are indispensable to successful diagnosis and sophisticated medical procedures, but going to the doctor’s office is not necessary for the absolute majority of meetings. A large portion of doctor-patient follow-ups does not involve any observable cues that alter the course of treatment.

Thanks to the latest advancements in multiple-peer video conferencing technology, we’ve finally managed to deliver a product that has sufficient means to live up to international medical standards as well as the consumer demand for quality and ease of use.

With HIPAA Video we’ve managed to create a fully functional video conferencing application for healthcare. It enables doctors and patients to conduct remote meetings without having to be physically present in the hospital.

Master the raw multimedia technology and connect it on all desktop and mobile platforms


Legacy technologies that could be applied to video conferencing like Media Source Extensions, custom browser plugins or good old Flash had their days numbered and were inapplicable. To deliver a great healthcare solution, we decided to choose WebRTC as the only viable option.


WebRTC had never been supported by Apple browsers. Luckily, by the time we’ve started working on our web-based application, Apple had announced WebRTC compatibility for Safari 11 that released on July 23, 2017, which was unprecedented.

The only issue with WebRTC was that, at the time, it was relatively new and we had to gem-cut this piece of software into a decent conferencing solution. Additionally, our healthcare app had to cover a lot more than one-on-one physician checkups.

It had to include functionality for multiple-peer use cases involving big groups of medical professionals and other recipients for instances like an entire doctor board meeting for special diagnosis.

Appointments scheduled

HIPAA Video was originally planned as the ultimate communications platform. This meant that video conferencing had to combine with all the other essentials the doctor and patient would need to manage their interactions.

To this end, our UX/UI designers had to create efficient user flows that combined texting, scheduling and other high-value features into a convenient healthcare application.

Treatment is always a sensitive issue and so, in order to enable HIPAA Video for medical use, we’ve had to ensure the product corresponded the global standards for healthcare applications data privacy and security before release it.

One of the main issues we had to address in this regard is doctor-patient secrecy with all possible means taken to remove the possibility for any data leakage.


The project took less than a year. In its course, we’ve built a robust web tech health application that shows great output in all browsers. Our techs have laid down a versatile solution that covers both doctors and patients needs for medical data storage, transfer, and scheduling.

With HIPAA Video, physicians are now able to easily organize appointments as well as to stay in touch with their network of colleagues and clients. Patients, on the other hand, have all the needed means to consult their doctors and get all message exchange documented, stored and easily available.

A top of this, the flagship feature, our conferencing setup now offers a full-on live video exchange. Face-to-face doctor-patient meetings are very much hardwired in the world of healthcare. For both psychological and procedural reasons, no written exchange can offer an equal substitute. Thanks to our video-call option, any medical professional can finally offer the same level of human connection to that of meeting in person.

Distances – a barrier, no more. Our WebRTC knowhow now lets us create multi-peer video connection.

Thanks to awesome encoder implementations, effective echo cancellation, and browser support, our developers have managed to devise a supreme video-streaming solution. This means that health professionals can now be more versatile in their medical practices by collaborating with multiple specialists in multiple locations at the same time, with huge potential to even offer their services abroad.

Powerful telehealth application for efficient treatment

The technology now allows us to run a meeting for a board of doctors scattered all over the globe and gathered in a single conference to offer their unified opinion for complex diagnosis.

To meet the key criteria of international health standards for medical privacy while developing a healthcare app, our developers have encrypted all messaging and video data exchange. We have implemented TSL, TDL and Role-based Authorization for app entry to ensure the sensitive personal data exchange is fully secure.


Right now, the product is a unique standalone cloud-based communications platform, compliant with HIPAA as well as European Health Security norms and widely adopted all over the world. With its help, physicians and patients are able to remotely manage their activities in a safe and highly cohesive environment.

HIPAA Video is a gamut of highly functional assets that create a productive environment to provide and receive medical treatment that can be distributed digitally. Among the key features are:

  • Full-HD real-time video streaming;
  • HIPAA compliance;
  • Portable device compatibility;
  • Security encryption of all data;
  • Appointment scheduling features;
  • Whiteboard functions;
  • Quick payments;
  • Password protection;
  • Chat & VoIP functions;
  • File sharing;
  • Screen sharing;
  • Cross-browser compatibility including Safari 11;
  • Multi-peer conferencing.
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