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Rently is a one-of-a-kind digital product that brings IoT into Real Estate and makes it integral to the property showing process. Rently’s physical Smart Lockbox allows potential renters and buyers to visit your properties with little to no involvement on your part. The concept offered by Rently has proven to be redefined for the rental business.

We have redesigned Rently and made it even more user-friendly through fundamental improvements in the UX and new visuals. Right now, the technology has gained major traction, continuing its evolution with new iterations.

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Real estate is by far one of the most profitable industries in the entire world with over 3 million individuals actively involved with property management in the US right now. For very long and to this date real estate has seen immense amounts of growth.

So much so that very little had been done to introduce innovation that was disrupting other industries over the past decade. Luckily, the inevitable progress of technology is making new opportunities both more obvious and attainable. In a recent couple of years, companies have started harnessing information technology to drive the effectiveness of real estate even further. One of such companies is Rently.

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Rental business runs a number of processes that you can optimize. In particular, it takes a lot of time and resources to show people around multiple property sites scattered all over a huge city.

Rently solves this problem by introducing a fully IoT-powered showing process that doesn’t require the agent to physically be on site. It does so via a Smart Lockbox that stores the key to access the room in question.

Everything is connected through a robust real estate mobile app that lists all the properties for potential tenants and schedules new viewings.

The process is completely secure as any potential viewer has to confirm their identity by entering their payment details in order to register in the first place. All that’s left is to seal the deal when the tenant wants to move in. No need to run around the city all day, bottle-neck the showing schedules and manage a huge team of assistants.


When the team at Rently had reached out to us, they’ve already released the first version of their product in terms of web and mobile app. While being a success, Rently had a few major areas for improvement in their design. Their decision was to obtain an outsider perspective and make positive changes to drive the growth rates even further.

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This is where we come in. Our mission was to rethink the user paths within the app and come up with a fresh visual appearance that would breathe new life into the product. One of the key challenges was to keep the old and familiar brand identity that had amassed its fan base and present it in a new light to expand the outreach to other demographics.

desktop view
desktop view

Great design takes a lot of research and so, after settling all the details with the team at Rently, we began ours.

Even to this date, there are no direct competitors to Rently but many real estate startups partly share common goals and terms of reference. We’ve analyzed the layouts and functionality applied by other housing web platforms and gathered a few insights from their practices.

Another important part of work was focusing our efforts at the user personas. Rently was mostly used by young adults who are looking for a place in a city they work in. In part, our goal was to drive the adoption among the population that was above that age gap.

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We’ve come up with an enhanced set of visuals based on the blue and orange hues that dominate in the original pallet. Complemented by contemporary white-grey background themes that give Rently a cozy feel it has today.

When studying Rently we’ve come to realize that one of the underlying issues was an overly complicated registration process.

Having in mind that Rently is a real estate management solution, then security is one of the key areas that one has to account for. It has to do both with the personal information and integrity of the property that’s in question.

That being said, the registration process the user had to undergo with the previous version of the app was overly complicated for the given set of purposes. It had more than 3 steps to verify your account, taking you away from the app to the SMS screen, then to your browser via a link and forcing you to do other actions to verify your account.

Our design and developers team had created a more streamlined registration process with fewer steps. This new flow had provided enough protection without suppressing the adoption due to its difficulty.

Overall, due to our experience in real estate mobile app development, we’ve come up with a new UX map and used it to alter major parts in the previous design, achieving a much more refined product in the output.

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We have redesigned Rently to give it a more compelling set of looks and an intuitive set of user flows. This had helped to achieve a highly sophisticated piece of technology to captivate the masses and get them onboard with ease.

Today, Rently is widely adopted by the real estate industry. It is a popular product of choice both with the citizens in major US cities and businesses in residential housing. It continuously grows its demographic scope and country-wide presence, right now already covering such major cities as Dallas, Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston, Memphis, and Indianapolis.

The technology conceived at Rently is continuing its own growth, now reaching far beyond the Smart Lockbox and into the completely keyless access. Today, Rently Keyless is a full-fledged smart-house environment that ensures fully integrated remote access control, energy management, network administration and voice control with Alexa.

It is amazing how Rently had changed over the past few years. We are very happy to have played our part in the creation of this awesome piece of technology and hope to see it’s continued growth in North America and beyond.

Here is a short rundown of our work to create a new better Rently:

Gathering of information:

  • Evaluative research of the product;
  • Business goal analysis;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Targeted demographics and current audience analysis.

In the output we have:

  • Built the initial wireframes;
  • Created new user flows;
  • Introduced a newly improved pallet and redesigned the visual layout.


Being excited with the idea, we work together with our client at all the stages of product development and were looking for the perfect solutions, that would be convenient for all the users and Administrator.

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