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EXtoBit is a cryptocurrency exchanger of the new generation that allows hyper-quick transactions with a high degree of convenience for its users. It offers lucrative exchange rate pricing deals along with exclusive special offers for long-term members. These include the referral and affiliate programs that grant attractive discounts.

Softermii took responsibility for the entire technical side of the project as well as the major marketing and UX/UI decisions that have shaped the platform as the way we know it today.


Blockchain technology has been the crucible of great shifts in the world of finance. Never in modern history has the world been so completely enveloped in a unified financial project of this scale. The one to stand for a set of values that would unchain the global economy and remove a great many of its confines.

Thanks to Blockchain and Bitcoin, today, anyone can freely purchase and trade cryptographic assets without the restraining reign of the world banking system.

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In the long run, Bitcoin has always been growing its value as blockchain development has been steadily growing too. Subsequently, the few major currencies have followed its lead and depended on it in terms of their own capitalization.

Simultaneously though, today, cryptocurrencies are some of the most short-term volatile financial assets you can think of. Naturally, trading communities have begun to emerge with people buying and selling their cryptographic assets.

There are so many companies currently operating in the same field, it took a unique kind of value proposition to successfully enter this crowded niche-space market.

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EXtoBit is a team of international crypto-investors and financial analysts united to deliver their own cryptocurrency exchanger that stands out. It allows world traders to easily obtain cryptocurrency in both huge and small amounts with affordable commissions.

Right now, EXtoBit provides a special assortment of benefits to its members, enabling them to trade any cryptographic asset as soon as the viable price offer hits the counter.

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Two-factor autentification improvement


Cryptocurrency is an extremely profitable source of income. Naturally, it gave rise to a number of businesses that still are to this day being created in huge quantities.

In order to succeed, we have had to excel at everything that they do and go beyond that and meet the best standards of cryptocurrency exchange development. This meant going the extra mile at marketing, designs, reliability and, of course, the profitable conditions offered to our users.

In terms of technical inner workings, our main challenge was to ensure the security of the platform. With a great deal of legal uncertainty that still is present in the world cryptocurrency, the safety of money transfers and exchange remain extremely sensitive.

Our developers needed to come up with highly efficient ways to synchronize data between multiple backend applications and protect the transferred information from malicious tampering.

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Exchange operation process

As for the marketing, our business analysts needed to create a unique suite of selling points to onboard our future users. It took a special kind of branding effort to make a statement and break into the scene.


Our cryptocurrency exchange developers have used the cutting edge technology to create robust cryptocurrency trading with state-of-the-art functionality.

In order to build it, we’ve chosen C#. Our engineers have divided the backend into a number of isolated applications to ensure maximum security. Among them are a separate web application for end-customers, web application for admins, managers and other staff as well as the API application for an exchange platform (Binance in our case).

This division grants us an additional layer of security as it facilitates the negative impact of any conceivable system hack and the set of privileges the potential culprit would gain access to.

All of the backend applications use ASP.NET Core as main the framework. The database engine is MS SQL Server. Fronted is built on both conventional Vanilla JS and React. Exchange page is written with React and ES6.

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To achieve synchronized data exchange between applications we’ve implemented Quartz and Hangfire schedulers as well as webhooks. As for the measures taken to protect the transferred information from malicious tampering, we’ve used TLS 1.2. which has proven to be perfectly fit to secure all data on the transfer level.

We’ve also involved transparent database encryption to ensure data safety at rest. Additionally, we encrypt transaction data in the database to prevent forgery via private keys.

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The major part of our sales pitch towards the end-user were profitable membership programs which included a cumulative loyalty bonus as well as the referral program that granted hefty bonus income to the active members of EXtoBIT.

As an affiliate member, you were and still are eligible for a growing discount bonus that ranges from 1% to 10% discount on all commissions. There are six levels of membership that correlate to the number of funds traded through the platform. Each level of membership has its own title and bonus meter which gamify the experience and make it more compelling.


Right now, EXtoBit keeps expanding its user base. It has opened with a consistent number of early adopters, many of whom have already reached the top levels of the cumulative membership program and keep using the exchange as the main go-to platform for their cryptocurrency exchange needs.

EXtoBit features a huge range of available currency pairs including BTC, BCC, ETC, XMR, LTC, ETH, DASH. It supports Visa/MasterCard deposits and withdrawals along with Qiwi. As for our company, Softermiicontinues updating the platform and expanding the range of available payment instruments as well as new tokens.

    Here is the rundown of the most notable milestones we’ve completed when building EXtoBIT cryptocurrency exchanger:
  • Accumulated analytical data on potential customers;
  • Launched lead generation campaign and landing page;
  • Devised a set of enticing cumulative special offers;
  • Created super secure multi-layered backend;
  • Ensured safety during the data-transfer stages;
  • Synchronized data exchange between fragmented components;
  • Built separate user and multi-admin account types;
  • Added support for leading cryptocurrencies;
  • Enabled Visa/MasterCard deposit/withdrawals;
  • Created a super crisp visuals and pleasant UX/UI;
  • Ensured post-lunch monitoring and support.
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