Into the ranks of a cryptographic revolution

Bitcoin and blockchain-powered currencies have proven to be exceedingly resilient. Amid this success, it’s no surprise that brand new services and opportunities based on the technology keep arising.

Our experts can build a blockchain and cryptocurrency software from scratch customized for your business goals. Moreover, our blockchain developers will help you to create a highly sophisticated digital product based on a well-designed cryptographic algorithm.

It takes resources to create a blockchain-based product. With outsourcing your product blockchain development to Softermii you get more time while spending less. As our team consists of only experienced developers in one of the most affordable offshoring destinations. So you get only world-class quality coding.

Smart contract-based apps

With BlockChain ledger you can adopt a fail-proof technology to register information. Create an app that will automatically act upon each relevant update in the stream. This model has a number of benefits that make it the next big leap in many industries:

  • Speed of execution – the fact that BlockChain information appears instantly and is publically available makes it perfect for a myriad of business uses.
  • Reduced operation costs – smart contracts are automated and require no manual intervention, making them much less resource-intensive.
  • Security – decentralized nature of BlockChain removes the risk of hacking and makes it a sound source of data.

All of this is possible thanks to Solidity, the core language of Ethereum. Designed after C++ as well as Python and JavaScript, it targets Ethereum Virtual Machine and uses the full potential of now the most reliable foundation for smart contract apps as well as new tokens.

Creating a coin and launching it

Each coin out there is similar in its structure. It’s the unique conceptual angle that makes most of the difference. The kind of people your currency is associated with and the value it offers in itself. Your success hereby lies in ensuring that your cryptocurrency does everything it can to follow its specific path with correct marketing efforts made to propel it.

We know all the right steps to launch your ICO and, together with us, you will create the correct image for your currency. This unique identity will distinguish your product from among the thick rows of other tokens and help you quickly gain traction.

  • White Paper – this is the essence of your entire concept. The piece that will represent your ICO to the potential early adopters. We will help you establish the core principles of your currency and review this important document.
  • Visual Design – you want your currency both to stand out and yet represent the values that speak proliferation and stability. Going from your culture and the people your new cryptocurrency is going to reach out to, together with you, we will brainstorm and iterate the logo design of your currency, pallet it will be using and choose the version that truly aligns with the personality of your brand.
  • Website – our experts will help you conceptualize the right website to showcase your vision. It will include all details about your currency and the roadmap to reach your goals. We build them from scratch and ensure that they personify your company through crisp visuals and lightspeed response time. The mobile version for your site must be as well refined as the desktop. A lot of visitors will be using their phones to reach you, and our team will make sure that mobile usability is impeccable.
  • The Coin – in order to obtain funding, you will need a token. We suggest ERC20 as the most reliable. Our Ethereum Smart Contract developers will deliver the software package that it needs to be fully functional and test everything you need along with security auditing. It will also avail of thought out the smart contract for ICO crowdsale to investors.
  • Promotion – we harness the channels you need in order to put your ICO out there. They include social media, popular discussion platforms, and messengers. Your PR campaign will be backed by an effective content strategy to spread the word, press releases combined with ad placements in all the relevant spots and, of course, email marketing.
  • Legal Support – cryptocurrency has a history with vagueness in terms of the legal state. As a new coin with a serious claim to dominate the world, your product will need to define itself in a lawful manner. We will help you outline your product as a legal entity and protect it in the full roster of possible cases of illegal action or prosecution.
  • Beta Software – when your ICO startup comes with a unique arrangement of features, you need a uniquely capable software to pull it off. Your future investors will need a proof of concept. We know this, and we adjust to your feedback channels to submit early versions of the product in both viable and presentable fashion. The same also applies to all detailed information in regards to your product: User flows, mockups, separate feature showcases and any other displays of progress towards our mutual goals, all to help you showcase your road to success.

Crypto exchanger

Sell and buy cryptocurrency from your very own online trading shop. We will set you up a performant and secure website. Cryptocurrency adds a myriad of specifics into your business equation. Administration of the static order book, exchanging the currency into fiat and more.

Our experts have a deep experience in cryptocurrency exchange development as our EXtoBit project.

We will ensure these matters are resolved in a productive way, taking account of the best practices in the development of crypto platforms.

Live cryptocurrency exchange platform

With us, you can create a cryptocurrency marketplace, where people will trade with each other. Almost everyone looking to make money off of buying, selling and investing into BlockChain tokens uses huge exchanges with live order books. Such a platform is a highly sophisticated structure that is much more advanced than any other cryptocurrency product.

Aside from matching orders and automatically adjusting the order book, we will deliver a global-scale online trading platform with efficient internal sanity checking and secure modular structure.

We will achieve the latter by planting each crucial component into a separate structural segment, so that, in case of a breach, the malicious agent is confined within the segment and unable to access any other parts.

All these checks and balances will help to facilitate and prevent any detrimental malfunctions in a big-scale enterprise that is your exchange platform.

Our experts will also make sure that your exchange is using advanced networking protocols to trade with other similar platforms. This type of connection makes the exchanges all over the world extremely resilient by compensating the huge spikes in trading volumes via transactions among each other.

With it, the currency flows are not taken out of balance or skewed by speculators.

Identity management solutions

Give your users a higher degree of control over their personal information via BlockChain. Our experts will help you create a mobile or web-based app to verify transactions with a personal signature in the BlockChain stream.

This is a great opportunity for users to gain a degree of additional measurable trust and finally be able to earn reputation credit without the authority of local governmental and financial institutions.

There is tremendous opportunity to embed this technology in every area of life:

  • Finance – paper contracts are no longer the only viable way to seal business deals. With BlockChain keeping all the details permanently in the open and unchangeable, the need for human verification is dropping. Two parties can now simply publish their agreement in the feed and mutually confirm it.
  • Health Care – storage of medical records and access to them via multiple signature verification. BlockChain can be of great use to health researchers as a centralized database of medical records that can be reached upon patients’ permission. A unified feed to track patient IoT health devices and react upon achievement of certain milestones therein.
  • Insurance – automated checks and examinations for possible mistakes. Supervision of workflows and the way they are routed. Machine calculation of payments in regards to the specific claims and policies. Micro-insurance payouts in conjunction with data gathered from IoT devices.

It’s hard to overestimate the immense potential for BlockChain technology, and you can pioneer the next breakthrough in your industry. Lead the charge to improve the world, and we will ensure that your product avails of the 2.0 distributive technology to its full potential.

Softermii is a blockchain software development outsourcing company with proven expertise in this field and already launched blockchain products.

We have been working with western companies for a long time, and we’ve learned to establish a workflow that completely eliminates any issues that can possibly arise due to remote communication.

So, what are you working on? Tell us about your product you’re looking to design. Drop us a few lines in the field, and we will get back to you shortly.

Start your own BlockChain mobile or web-based app development, with us!

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