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Enriching the world of ideas

Quality assurance is an integral part of our full-scale development process. Today, we offer our SQA expertise as a standalone service that combines a full spectrum checkup of your mobile app or website. With us, you are confident your project is ready for deployment.

team to take on the challenge of fully reviewing your piece of software. Our engineers will test each technical component as well as the general usability aspects and supervise the implementation of changes all the way to the launch.

We take a look at the root of your project and consider the objectives you set out to accomplish with it. How well is it built, how does it meet your business KPIs, as well as the user goals. This knowledge helps us evaluate your product in its entirety, taking into account the expected user engagement qualities, assessing them and proposing changes.

Expert approach

When it comes to VR/AR, the initial designs often go through an entire gamut of changes. Accurate wireframing is virtually impossible, and yet we believe it’s the way to go with a valuable payoff. Contrary to popular belief, exploring different hypotheses on paper helps to maintain a constructive mindset and a sense of direction. This way we keep our work consistent and provide a proactive stance to stay on the same page with your needs and expectations.


Whenever you are trying to sell a product, the display is the name of the game. Latest AR apps are yet another novelty picked up by many huge brands and made an advantage.

The client can now project the furniture size and placement into one’s home before buying it in a store. Same goes for clothing and styling with shapes and colors directly applied through imagery and thus more accurate in the context of composition as well as lighting. Allowing your clients to check the apparel applied onto them through AR is an immense competitive advantage.

And what of the more permanent things? In architecture, where the stakes are especially high, you can examine and alter entire buildings before you construct them. This is a 2.0 of refinement, and the possibilities are limitless. We are the ones to help you explore them.


Creating true-to-life experiences in a risk-free environment makes VR especially useful for the areas of human stress tests and cognition training. The new generations of simulators can help aircraft pilots fully immerse themselves into their training session and go through high-pressure tests that are true to life. Same goes for any type of dangerous scenarios, as when adrenaline kicks in, the real life the likehood to get panic reactions is especially high.

VR brings a whole array of opportunities to create applications that help by improving awareness within a realistic environment. Even in the corporate world and employee training, the usage of VR simulations is often given preference depending on context.


Distances are no obstacle for communication, and you can finally bring people together in a virtual CGI-quality 3D environment. Facebook and the likes have already proven that the entertaining value for multiple-pier VR hangouts is hard to overestimate.

Work collaboration too is greatly enhanced in virtual environments. Though geographically remote, today, teams can join forces in VR sessions and have the penalties of long distances removed completely. Productivity goes through the roof when members work with each other in a seamless fashion. It’s your time to shine and create new immersive conference apps. Whether it’s virtual, augmented or mixed, we bring your ideas into the reality you need.

Creating a spectacle

VR creation goes far beyond the technical expertise. To create a compelling presentation, one has to learn a lot from stage magic. The aspects that draw person's attention play a crucial role in VR design. You don’t really hold user’s hand through the given scenario, and so you need to know how to captivate the attention with visual signals. The educated design decisions of our UX/UI experts make your VR product an intuitive well-paced and well-directed road.

Going 3D

It takes a special kind of knowledge to design VR and AR because you finally break away from the constraints of a screen size. You have to consider this and think bigger, while creating a layout that takes full advantage of the space that is now 360°. At the same time, you should keep the feature list concise because the sheer amount of items can become a clutter. We know this from experience, and we strike a perfectly balanced application that takes full advantage of what the technology can give while taking the friction to a minimum.

Unreal Engine

Get a top-notch CGI-quality VR app with stunning graphics right out of the box. With Unreal Engine you are bound for some tremendous looking visuals that are on par with photo-realistic art and triple-A enterprise computer games. Unreal Engine is an awesome framework that has a long prolific history in highly optimized and visceral 3D graphics.

Unity 3D

In past few years, Unity has worked to democratize game development and make it accessible. Not at the expense of quality though. Made from the common libraries alongside Unreal Engine, today Unity 3D allows immensely detailed graphics as well as different levels of optimization that will fit onto any hardware. It offers highly versatile grounds for the top-quality approach in VR development.

Stellar AR

Augmented Reality is the future of computer-based environmental awareness, and there is a huge movement to build upon this niche in multiple spheres of technology including Machine Learning. We work with most major AR SDKs that include Vuforia, Kudan, EasyAR and XZIMG to deliver highly fluid Augmented Reality solutions that allow for powerful immersion.

Doing a SLAM

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, we use frameworks that support SLAM to map the environments while tracking personal movement. This algorithm is applied to record the data on physical spaces and thus remember where AR objects are planted in course of the movement. We also go as far as applying SLAM when creating maps for pathfinding.

Decoding 3D Markers

Since we are augmenting the reality that is real, what we need is impeccable surface recognition that doesn’t break the immersion. Luckily, today the hardware finally allows us to, and so the demanding part is preparing a code that uses it to the fullest. Long since the common QR code recognition, today you can impressively plant a 3D object onto a real flat surface and make them interact with each other. It’s spectacular how far you can take this concept today, and we know how to do it.

Reading Location Data

A successful AR app like Pokemon Go can rely on geolocation even more than on the visual cues. This type of awareness can be hooked to GPS, digital gyroscopes and compasses. An innovative array of features will enhance your future product with directions and help users get around. Another way your product can go is using 3D markers together with street view instead of real-time physical surface recognition.


Got a bunch of bold ideas you’d like to put to a test? Let’s make it happen. We have worked with dozens of startups to test their creative concepts with minimum risk. Our business flow allows you to go through minimum risk to maximum output and have much more iteration with successful prototypes. Reach out to us, and together we will arrange for a maximum-lovable product.

Post launch updates

The road doesn’t end after your project is done. As time goes by, you need to keep things fresh and compatible. Even after a long time-gap in-between, our team will pick up where we’ve left and roll out new updates, resolving common issues and expanding upon graphical optimization. Post-launch feedback is the richest source of information you can get. Learning from it, we will further improve upon the initial set of features and take the user experience to its prime.

We at Softermii.com create a highly versatile and communicative approach to development for western enterprises and startups. Through the years of collaborative work, we’ve learned to establish a highly constructive workflow that fully eliminates the downsides of huge distances and creates the correct flow of feedback. With us, you get recurring meetings and progress reports to ensure that we are on the right track while taking into account all the changes you may have at any point during your internal discussions.

Polish is key in immersive experience. You will find that, working with our company, you spend much less than offshoring your development to any other business partner. This allows you to invest more work into your product and deliver a much more refined piece of software that will compel your future user.

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