Enterprise Application Development

The shoemaker’s family often goes barefoot. When an enterprise provides products or services to hundreds of customers, it has little to no time for its own projects. Our agency is a golden opportunity to outsource Enterprise mobile app development, or, in case you need other solutions, web application development.

Everything for security

Security is often claimed to be the hottest trend in mobile and web app development for Enterprise business. However, we do not believe it to be a trend; rather, security is the must for both experienced companies and startups.

  • This is why we pay special attention to quality assurance and careful management. No detail can be amiss;
  • Best practices are used and best developers are hired for creating truly safe architecture and intuitive user experience.

Prices and process

Softermii is an outsourcing company with R&D center based in Ukraine. This makes our pricing policy affordable when you compare it to European and US-based solutions for startups and businesses. The entire process of Enterprise web application development and mobile development is broken down into several steps

To start web or mobile app development for Enterprise business, we need to dive into the interactions you make with colleagues and customers. At this stage, we define the scope of work and the number of integrations needed. As a result, you get a timetable of work.
At this stage, we come up with a detailed analysis of user stories and design the would-be interface.
The development stage is divided into milestones. Pace of work and quality are controlled by project managers.
Additional testing
We’ll define types of testing that are suitable to you and conduct the tests before release.

Flexible approach

Every enterprise web is unique by nature. If you think that shadow IT and ready made ‘apps for making apps’ have too many quality issues, go for Enterprise app development services. Maybe all you need is just expert programmers able to re-invent all the time and provide custom solutions.

Developers of Softermii have skillset and diverse experience to create a well-protected and well-working app.

Get on board

We are just one click away from helping you develop an amazing application! Let’s get in touch. Drop us a line in the form below, and we’ll reach out to you as soon as humanly possible.

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