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Each company is unique. So is the type of their culture and their needs. This is why many teams require a one-of-a-kind product that would unite all of their interactions into one efficient system that has to be more than any regular turnkey-key based management app.

Whether it’s a complex work order system hidden under the hood of a minimalistic menu to help your employees and clients with daily tasks, or a highly intricate internal management system with special capabilities, we will carefully analyze your requirements and put forth a viable solution that will follow your business logic to the tiniest detail.

Get a product that helps you do things better and quicker choosing our custom enterprise app development services.

Initial prospecting

Before starting to build your product, it is necessary to accurately outline the roadmap.

Enterprise software development is a highly sophisticated process and huge in terms of scope. This requires a very methodical approach from the most basic stages of planning.

Considered our company as a true enterprise app development company we work out own approach personalized for every client needs that starts from research and planning of your future product development.

Together with you, we start to envision exactly how your future product is intended to meet the goals of your business. What kind of policies, interactions, and operators will be involved with it? How should we deploy your product so that it meets your business goals the in a most efficient way possible and more?

By covering these questions, we will create an optimum course that will clearly outline your requirements towards us and our efforts to meet them.

Meeting everyone’s goals

Modern enterprise mobile apps have evolved to the levels of complexity that require a highly comprehensive approach to their design. It is beyond the competence of a single person to envision all the functional needs of your team that your future product has to embody.

For this reason, in the course of continued discussions, we try to understand the demands of each group of employees and clients who will be using it.

Due to the drastic differences in the needs of multiple groups, the requirements can often conflict with each other. It is our job to embrace these conflicts and put forth rational design choices that would satisfy your entire user base.

We do this by listing the most repeated requirements under separate categories like business, users, development, technology, logic, and others depending on their relevance in your specific model. This way we can identify how these needs interdepend among each other.

Together with you, we iterate upon the design decisions until you are fully satisfied with the setup we have arrived at together. In results, you get only a perfectly designed custom enterprise application.

Cloud-based solutions

The best thing about collaboration products is how seamless the teamwork becomes via the cloud. It lets you always be on the spot from any location or device you need.

With us, you get a truly versatile enterprise platform offering a powerful experience for you and your people. According to your instructions, we will deliver a masterfully crafted digital hub for all of the internal processes that help you meet your goals with grace.

Our developers are highly experienced in enterprise products development that will optimize the work of each employee and make their input more valuable.

Team management

The bigger your operation, the harder it is to organize the ongoing chaos into a sustained chain of responsibilities for each employee and department. Despite the reign of all-rounders like Atlassian and Trello, you may find that some products are only slowing you down while the others are too simple to keep things in order.

With Softermii you get a custom team management app adapted to the scale of your needs and the complexity of your processes.

Integral components

It often happens that a company is based around a specific type of service or functionality. This can be an extra intricate billing system or a special CRM module.

By including these systems into the digital management center of your company, your business process can reap immense benefits. Both in terms of data analytics and workflow improvements.

According to your needs, we will embed these third-party or custom components into a powerhouse made for your business process management app.

Secure structure

One of the primary concerns of your personal management hub is that your life's work is safe and sound from a potential system failure or breach.

With this in mind, our architects plan an additionally durable structure that is prepared for any kind of emergency.

Through a series of fail-safe mechanisms that cover all negative scenarios and backup your data, you will get your hands on a sophisticated enterprise digital platform that prevents any damage and provides a live comprehensive image on system integrity to your administrators.

On-premise solutions

With extra sensitive information, nothing beats on-premise safekeeping and management. Thanks to our DevOps suite, the server engineering is at its finest and easy to manage after we turn the project into you.

We will ensure that the server infrastructure is well-adapted to maintain and process your product with ease. Should budgeting costs pull you towards a more middle-ground solution, we will happily provide you with a hybrid that keeps most of the construct on a cloud while storing the important contents on-premise.

Take the digital side of their business to a whole new level.

The market is hungry for new approaches to manage business processes. Some teams even require products that are tailored specifically to them as the only way to keep up quality combined with continued growth.

Here are a few of our projects in enterprise mobile app development that we’ve got the chance to work with:

Flex Bridge
A new state-of-the-art logistics management platform, Flex Bridge introduces the latest shipment and delivery features for commercial use. It allows US companies to accurately schedule truck delivery and maintain full control over the entire course of transportation.

Project Real Time
Project Real Time is a task management platform that creates an efficient work environment with inbuilt capabilities for live video conferencing. It brings together all of your remote team members and partners, allowing you to successfully cooperate despite how complex your work setup actually is.

Neatly is a multi-purpose high-security online dashboard that lets you bring all of your business data into one place and operate with consistency. With Neatly you combine the data from Accounting, Marketing, eCommerce, SEO and Social to have better control over you KPIs, work faster and achieve better results.

Enterprise mobility management

In certain business models, your staff will need to heavily rely on mobile devices to streamline their work. When enabling your team to use them, these needs have to be met with great consideration.

Our designers will deliver a product that provides your employees with a thought-out solution that narrows down the functionality of the app to essentials your people will need to do their job. This eliminates the mess of having to sift through the trees of situationally irrelevant information while improving their work in a neat fashion.

Also, through this design philosophy, you will have fewer security gaps to worry about or even safely enable your clients to use your service without any external assistance.

Customer relationships management

Have your CRM fully integrated into the business management kit. This will make the work of your team even more fluid and cohesive.

Through integrated CRM you will be able to strike a radically new work order system and manage all client interactions from one place in a highly consistent fashion. Merging the customer relationships and other modules with your enterprise software will be crucial towards creating the omnichannel that will propel your business to new levels of efficiency and optimization.

Integrated analytics

Data is powerful. For many businesses, it is deciding towards both long and short-term strategy, which is why it’s important to integrate data processing into your digital base of operations. We will make sure it is seamlessly working with other major components of your enterprise solution helping you to make educated decisions on your future moves.

The presentation is important. Our designers will create a set of illustrative ways to make sure that data from analytics is adapted not only for data scientists but to business experts as well.

Providing a multitude of ways to visualize information for much richer insights. On the technical end, we will make sure that you can easily pull all required information from relevant channels and filter your findings as you see fit.

Custom logistics

Companies who rely on logistics and inventory management are in need of a special set of arrangements when it comes to their enterprise products. The speed of execution as well as the efficiency of delivery methods has a huge impact on operational costs.

For this reason, there is nothing that can be more optimizing for your business than an efficient track-and-management product embedded in your operation. Manage stock numbers and ship them with precision through a centralized CRM system that organizes all the data you need the way you need it.

Calculate the most effective routes and loading setups for cargo shipments and monitor their progress via live geo-location tracking. All from one multi-module enterprise application that keeps your entire operation under control.

Create your own working process together with Softermii.

Thanks to the constant stream of new hardware, the computing power is growing by leaps and bounds. This rapid upsurge and emerging new openings in global economy build up the demands for the upcoming software.

Business applications are expected to respond faster as well as to be even more performant and automated. All these aspects are greatly affecting the competition, as optimization and effectiveness have a direct influence on operational costs.

Unique minds need unique instruments. As digital innovation produces new challenges, we are ready to provide you with a reliable enterprise solution to accommodate all of your business processes and organize them for top productivity.

Our team will tackle the creation of your future product in its entirety with you in complete control over all changes thanks to our transparent working model. We’ve helped many companies to build their dream product, shaping each nuance to their preference. Become one of them.

We’d love to hear about your project. Use the contact form to reach out to us. We will get back to you shortly.

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