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Entertainment development

Entertainment apps take a lot of iterative work.

UX/UI experts have to go the extra mile to devise the most straightforward and comprehensive route to appeal to the user in a graceful way. This involves a lot of skillful artistry on part of creators that undergoes in-depth field testing.

On the other hand, is the technical execution. Where a strictly functional product can be minimum-viable, the entertainment software has to be fluid in its absolute. Conceptual value has to go hand-in-hand with quick interactions.

This is why it is critical to ensure that you can expand your resources for this additional polish, and with our entertainment apps development services, you really can.

Softermii has strong expertise and over 5 years of experience in software development for entertainment including for different industries and of different level of complexity.

Our team helps to develop the custom product right for your business needs and customers demands.


Entertainment can be dicey.

Sometimes you don’t know if people will feel enthusiastic about your idea or not. The best way to see if it’s worthwhile is to build your entertainment product in the least expensive way possible.

When you need to test how things run before making a huge investment, the best route is making an MVP. Preparing a Minimum Viable Product will help you build up a test vessel for the least amount of resources you can. This will equip you with the most valuable – real first-hand response from your potential audience.

Softermii provides high-quality MVP development services despite they are quite affordable even for a tight budget. Our team will be able to build and evaluate even more strains of the same product and put it up for some tests.

Feature management

The data on what features are the most popular among users is the most valuable assets you can get. With it, you can make educated decisions on how your app functionality is going to evolve to better suit the current demand.

It’s important that you make the right conclusions out of it, as this accumulated information has to be properly processed.

With our analytical know-how, you finally can. The team at Softermii will properly process this offer and suggest relevant changes to make your app increasingly better, looking the future.

UX/UI design

Being entertaining is not just about the content, it’s also how you serve it to the user. The idea is only as good as how your user is guided to the core value your product has in store. Which is why you need an especially thought out design around your remarkable idea.

Our UX/UI team will make sure that app design is at its best.

Gradually, we will build upon the initial wireframes while consulting each relevant decision with you. As our client, you are in full control of our progress. While your project unfolds, our designers will make sure that your app has everything functionally covered to navigate your users around it and retain them.


Compelling visuals and sound are the essences of entertainment. Taking them from desktop PC to mobile is the luxury that smartphone and tablet bring to us.

However, due to size limitations, the latter two will always be a few steps behind PC in terms of sheer performance. Add to that a whole bunch of adaptations you need due to the tremendous fragmentation of mobile platforms along with OS versions and you’ve instantly got a handful. Let us give you a hand.

For you, we will create a perfect product to run the most demanding high-definition multimedia. Our specialists will create individual native versions for iOS/Android and make sure they are highly optimized to run everything you need super smooth.

Mobile games

What’s more fun than a little wacky video game on your phone to kill some time. Making it wacky, though, is a whole different level of finesse. It takes a lot to make a good app but it takes way more to make a fluid product in its pinnacle. Which is essentially what you need to make a good game.

There is a lot more highly iterative effort involved in creating a mobile game. This increased requirement in development time will scale up your budgeting requirements. For this reason, you will greatly benefit from your work with us.

Our software development services are much cheaper than those of dedicated teams in USA and UK while meeting the same standards for quality.

When choosing Softermii for your entertainment mobile app building, you allow yourself to save reasonable amounts of budget.

Product management

Entertainment app development is very nuanced. Every tiny thing matters and even a slight drop in performance can drag you down despite the harmony in the entire concept. This is why you can’t get away with having your narrowly specialized group effort scattered.

To bring each involved specialist together and achieve a holistic vision of your app you can’t do without a product manager. Our company will fill in on this part. We offer an advanced set of product management efforts that will unite your development cycle into a well-oiled machine that follows your envisioned concept to the letter.

AR/VR products

Virtual technology is progressing really fast with growing demand for what this great immersive medium has to offer. The success of apps like VRChat is undeniable and more are coming following this success. Push VR technology to the limit with Softermii.

Our team will help you create a fascinating VR product that feels real. When the users are free to roam your 3D world, there are a lot of nuances to guide them through the experience without taking away their freedom.

We have experience working with this stage of magic that we will layer on top of our technical experience to achieve a product that is supreme.

Have more fun with reality by augmenting it. Today, the mobile visual sensors are so advanced that you can add a lot to the world and play with how you perceive it. Pokemon GO proves how awesome it can be, but it’s not the only app that’s good at reaching massive audiences with various AR products gaining huge popularity.

We love this technology, so if VR or AR is the kind of app you’re up to, we’d love to be a part of it.

The show business of digital entertainment products

Entertainment apps are the easiest product to fall in love with. They are adventurous and fun in the making. Not every app is destined to become the next big thing but many have a go at to eventually find their following. Here are some of the apps examples from our entertainment development experience:


Sports betting has never been more thrilling. With SwipeLeague you make predictions about the upcoming sports events and back them with real money. What makes SwipeLeague so unique is that you don’t bet against the house but against the other betters just like you.

Going from the general concept, we have designed a robust mobile betting system that got huge audience acclaim. It allows betters to follow each other and compete in the accuracy of their forecasts.

Swipeleague preview


More than a few inventive startups have proven that learning things can be fun. With apps like HowStuffWorks and HQ Trivia people are having a blast. That’s how you educate these days, you need to be engaging and make it fun.

So if you’re into making this world a better place by taking this route, we are there take on the technical side and more.

Fun and benefit is a tricky balance and Softermii will help you maximize both.

Create a truly memorable experience with Softermii

We guarantee the high quality of our work, and our previous clients do vouch for us. Make sure to visit our profile at Clutch.co and check some of our feedback.

Thanks to the knowledge we’ve built over the years in mobile app development for entertainment industry, we’ve established a high standard of quality in our process.

Our clients enjoy the great levels of communication and control over our work via the live task-management dashboard.

Should you have any other questions about our company, feel free to talk to us. We’d love to hear what you’re up to. Use the form below to reach out to us and we will fill all the blanks that you need.

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