Front End Developer Salary in 2022 [Updated]

Front End Developer Salary in 2022 [Updated]

24 April 2020 • 12 min read

Web development is growing in its popularity despite the shift to mobile. Website and web applications are a must for any kind of business switching to online or seeking new channels for customers’ acquisition. 

That’s why from the other side, web development is an exciting career possibility for many programmers. That is because the jobs are abundant, paid well, and in high demand. Hence, according to Indeed the average front-end developer salary for 2021 is over $110k in the USA and the number of jobs has increased by up to 2% since the last year.

front end developers salary

If you're interested in how the salary rates have been changing for the last couple of years you can check our guide on software developers' salary for the last year.

But what is it exactly that a web developer does? And what kind of web-developer salary can you hope to command if you want to break into this industry? Let’s take some time to answer each of those questions.

What Web Developers Do

Front-end web developers are responsible for the appearance of websites. When you type in a URL, and a landing page comes up on your screen, you are looking at something that was created by a front-end web developer. 

What Are the Web Development Technologies About Which You Need to Know?

There are several common web development technologies that you should know about if you want to get into this field or looking to find the best engineer for your team. So the are the next web development specialization for programmers:

HTML/CSS Developer

HTML is Hyper-Text Markup Language, and CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. The former gives a site’s content meaning and structure. The latter, CSS, is a language that needs to be in place for the presentation of stylized content on the site. 

Since HTML and CSS are so widespread, it’s something possible to land a job as a junior developer at a tech company or you should check these technologies knowledge if you’re looking for a web developer.

JavaScript Developer

JavaScript is another common programming language and one of the most popular software development technologies. It has first-class functions, prototype-based object orientation, and curly-bracket syntax. Though front-end development is the most obvious job to get if you know JS, you can also sometimes find a position doing web application development. You can expect JavaScript developer salary to be higher than would be the case if you didn’t know this language thoroughly.  

JS Frameworks

JS Framework is a framework that is written in JS. Front-end web developer salary is frequently going to be higher if you know some of the next popular JS Framework. 

  • AngularJS

Angular JS is a structural framework. It works best for the creation of dynamic web apps. While using it, you can use HTML as your temporary language. It lets you extend HTML’s syntax to express the components of your app succinctly and clearly. Your starting web development salary will often be higher if you know about AngularJS. 

  • ReactJS

ReactJS is one of the JavaScript libraries. It is for building user interfaces. Facebook maintains it, along with a wider group of companies and individual developers. If you know ReactJS, you can build and design various web products, either independently or as part of a team. 

  • VueJS

VueJS is a JavaScript framework that is primarily for building user interfaces and single-page apps. If you know VueJS, you can work as a front-end designer, but it is particularly useful if you want to develop Android apps.


Overview of Web Developer Salaries for 2021

You can expect to see some variations in salary depending on which one of these web development technologies you specialize in or looking for a dev with this expertise. Also, the front end developer salary depends significantly on the engineer’s years of experience, locations, freelance or in-house specialist you’d like to hire.

 We’ll run down the list and detail the general salary range that you can probably expect to see with each of these languages and frameworks and the most popular market.


Front-End Developers in the USA

According to StackOverFlow, the approx. web developer salary in the U.S. is somewhere in the area from $67,000 for junior front end developers or just graduated specialist, the median is around $89,000 and up to $117,000 per year for more experienced engineers. 

average front end developers salary in the usa

HTML/CSS Developer Salary

As you might guess the salary rate for HTML/CSS developer is a bit less than the average front end engineer salary and is approximately $77, 000 per year not depending on the years of experience according to Glassdoor. 

html/css developers salary in the usa

JavaScript Developer Salary

If you look at the popular jobs website Indeed, you’ll see that the mean average salary for Javascript developer in the US as almost the same as for front end developer and equals to $117,877 per year. This career path has also seen a 17% bump in growth since last year, indicating that more employers are looking for individuals skilled in this area according to Indeed research data.

javascript developers salary in the usa

Angular Developer Salary

As Angular is quite popular technologies for web development these days, and you’re going to build your tech solution with it, the best way is to find the web developer specialized deeply in Angular. You can expect to pay from $48,000 for entry-level coders, and up to $131,000 if you hire a more experienced developer that knows both Angular and some complementary skills according to Glassdoor.

angular developers salary in the usa

React Developer Salary

React is one another quite popular framework for web development that allows building reliable and fast applications. The salary range for React developers is almost the same as for Angular technology and varies from $49,000 to $131,000 depending on the years of experience and locations. 

Where in the US Can You Make the Most as a Web Developer?

Let’s say that you’re looking for jobs as a web developer or seeking for the engineer for your team the areas in which you should take a particular interest would be Virginia, the District of Columbia, California, New York, and New Jersey. Here are the major pool of talents but with high-paid salaries.

With each of those, you can expect to pay more than $40 per hour or earn the same if you’re a developer. Virginia tops the list, with devs making an average of $42.71 there, according to 

PayScale states that the average web developer salary in the U.S., specifically in New York state, ranges from $76k for entry-level front end engineers, the median is $105k, and the top rate is around $144k for programmers with over 4-years experience and that not considering additional benefits. 

That means that the salary depends significantly on the states.

web developers salary in the ny

Front-End Developers Make in the UK

The UK would be another job market where front-end developer is highly paid and in-demand job. 

In the UK, particularly in the London area, if you’re going to find a job as a web dev, you can expect to start with £23,000, while the median salary is around £33, 000 and the top salary is near £48,000 for experienced programmers. 

According to Glassdoor data, the average payroll for front end engineers is £43,539 and a little bit higher as in the London area.

average front end developers salary in the uk

What about the salaries for engineers specialized in particular technologies:

  • the median Javascript Developer salary is £42,162/yer, while a senior front-end developer salary will be around £66, 000.
  • as HTML/CSS developer you can make from £29, 000 to £37, 000
  • the salary of engineers specialized in Angular ranges between £28,000 for junior programmers up to £55,000 for experienced IT specialists. The average payroll is £48, 000 in the London area

If you look at these salaries versus what they were last year or the year before, you will see incremental growth. This indicates that the market is steady. If you go back as much as four or five years, that’s where you’ll see a notable increase in today’s salaries.


Front-End Engineer Salaries in Europe

There are some other places where you might think about making a living doing front-end development work, such as Berlin, for example. Germany has a thriving tech scene, so it makes sense to try and establish yourself there.

Front-End Developer Salary in Germany

A front-end developer in Germany makes an average of €53,000 according to PayScale. On the low end, you’re looking at €40,000, and as much as €70,000 for well-qualified coders.

average front end developers salary in germany

  • JavaScript Developer Salary

As you’re going to build a web application, there is no doubt it will be made with JavaScript technologies. JavaScript developer might cost you from $42,000 to $61,000 in the Berlin area. The average is $51,654.

Web Developer Salary in France

France is another hotbed of developers. The average front-end developer salary is €40,00 under PayScale. The base salary is €30,000, and you can make as much as €53,000.

average front end developers salary in france

  • JavaScript Developer Salary is $41,848, on average in Paris. The low end is $35,000, while the high end is $45,000
  • if you need an expert in the highly coveted HTML/CSS coding language, and you can expect to pay from $30,000 to $53,000 in France.

Front-End Developer Salary in Poland

Poland is another country where there is a burgeoning developer market. The average web developer payroll is around $15,508 per month. The low end is about $8,000 per month, while you can make as much as $21,000 if you are highly qualified.


Front-End Developer Salary in Ukraine

The average Front-end developer salary with at least 2 years of experience is $2, 200 while starting from $1, 750, and increasing up to $2,750 depending on the specialist expertise according to Dou developers' survey. That’s pretty suitable rates for any type of projects taking into account the high tech background of Ukrainian software engineers. Even if you are in another location than a distributed team model can be the best match for your project.


Front-End Developer Salary in Australia

In Australia, a web programmer salary is excellent, even if you are doing the most basic front-end development tasks. You can make an average of $68,000 per year there with front-end skills. The salary range for web development positions starts from $50,000 to $100,000.

average front end developers salary in australia

Web Dev Salary in India

In India, the tech market is also thriving. As a front-end developer there, you can expect to make an average of 670,000 rupees. The range is $420,000 to $1,080,000. 

Front-End Developer Salary Rate in the Philippines

The Philippines is also bringing its share of front-end developers to the world stage. There, the average individual in this job market makes $43,058 per month in pesos, according to Indeed. A website developer salary in this part of the world allows you to live quite comfortably. 


As you can see, there are a lot of top-class talent pools of front end developers with quite substantial differences in salaries around the world and. The substantial reasons for that are, of course, the technical experience of specialists but the competition on the market plays even a major role in this case. 

If you hire engineers on the highly competitive market you need to expect to pay a much bigger salary than in case you prefer a less competitive hiring market. That is the main disadvantage of having an in-house software dev team if you set up it in the high paid area. The solution for that can be the setup of your distributed team with our developers who have wide experience in web development for different kinds of businesses and industries.

Anyway, whatever you decide, consider all pros and cons of having an in-house or remote team and take the right decision for your project. There are many places in the world where making a living as a front-end developer is possible and desirable. Web developer's average salary is such that you can do this exclusively and support yourself with it.

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