Cost of hiring React & React Native developers

Cost of hiring React & React Native developers

04 October 2023 • 9 min read

React has been a regular favorite among developers, consistently ranking at the top in surveys. This popularity surge has driven up demand for specialists and has had a notable impact on the cost of hiring a React developer. Additionally, many developers redirect their focus towards React, leaving less relevant technologies behind. Industry giants further drive this shift. They embrace technology for its simplicity, flexibility, and ability to craft immersive user interfaces.

As a company that has provided dedicated teams for over nine years, Softermii knows the intricacies of calculating the cost of hiring React Native developers for your business. In this article, we will guide you through key considerations for hiring such specialists, advising you on how to save time and money.

Key Considerations for Hiring React Native Developers

Consider several critical factors affecting React developer cost to make the best hiring choice. These insights will assist you in forming a top-notch team.


Developers earn classifications as junior, middle-level, or senior based on their qualifications, which vary in expertise. Their knowledge of related technologies impacts their contribution to your project.


Availability entails developers' ability to dedicate sufficient time to your project and meet deadlines reliably. Effective communication ensures engineers can convey ideas and provide updates. 

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Balance hiring developers' costs with your project budget without exceeding financial constraints. This factor involves assessing the financial aspects of hiring and any additional costs, such as software licenses, infrastructure, and ongoing maintenance expenses. 


Developers based in major tech hubs typically have higher salary expectations since the cost of living there is higher. Conversely, engineers in less-developed countries and cities with a lower cost of living may offer more competitive hourly rates. 


Seasoned developers excel in project management, tech adaptation, and code quality. Less experienced ones are ideal for smaller or less complex tasks.

Project Scope 

Knowing your project's scope guides cost assessment and resource allocation. Complex projects or those requiring advanced skills and integration tend to cost more.

Project Timeline

Tight deadlines or accelerated development may require additional resources and higher costs. On the other hand, more flexible timelines allow for a more gradual development pace, potentially reducing expenses.

Cost Factors for Hiring React Native Developers

Various factors come into play when determining the cost of hiring a React developer. Let's explore the most important of them.

App Size

Understanding your app's size helps estimate development hours and establish precise costs. They typically fall into one of three primary size categories:

  • Small. Calendars or books with minimal UI elements and features.
  • Medium. Apps include AR/VR features, Progressive Web Apps, or IoT integrations.
  • Large. Enterprise-scale apps demand extensive front-end and back-end development and database infrastructure.

Features Complexity 

Development costs depend on feature complexity, which is influenced by deployment models and device features. Feature complexity can range from low to medium to high.

Complexity may lead to higher development costs, but it's not always the case. For example, less experienced developers may handle basic features more cheaply.

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Required Skills 

React Native app development projects demand distinct skill sets and experience levels, classifiable into three tiers: Junior, Mid, and Senior.

  • Junior developers should possess foundational skills in JavaScriptlibraries, the Virtual DOM, and basic React Native components, as well as the capability to implement app navigation. 
  • Middle-level developers excel in performance optimization, crafting mobile-specific features, and efficient data management while specializing in unique feature development and third-party integrations.
  • Senior developers are experts in building native applications, seamlessly integrating native libraries and frameworks and establishing robust CI/CD pipelines. They possess advanced knowledge, prioritize workflow efficiency, stay updated with industry innovations, and excel in managing complex projects.

Engagement Approach

Here are three key engagement models to consider:

  • Project-based Engagement Model. It is ideal for projects with clearly defined requirements. You hire developers for specific hours, and they estimate the required hours based on the project's scope. Payment is made as a fixed amount determined by the agreed-upon scope.
  • Time-based Engagement Model. Suited for medium to high-complexity apps that require a developer team. This model spans several months or years and entails continuous developer communication. Developers are contracted on a fixed monthly basis to work on the project.
  • Dedicated Team Engagement Model. Consider it for medium to high-complexity apps when you value paying for results over time spent. Industry experts collaborate to craft a detailed project roadmap, breaking it into manageable milestones for a step-by-step development approach.

Cost of Hiring a React Native Engineer

So, you might wonder, “How much does it cost to hire a React developer?” In this section, we will provide answers based on two essential conditions.

Experience Role

Bringing developers with varying experience levels on board will directly influence their salaries. Have a look at the average cost of services in the US.

Work experience

Years of experience

Average salary ($/yr)


1 – 3

74,000 – 126,000


4 – 6 

77,000 – 133,000



79,000 – 138,000

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Location Role

The average cost of a hiring React developer varies considerably based on the demand in their home country. In this section, we provide you with a salary range to better understand the cost options.



Average salary ($/yr)

North America


77,000 – 131,000


76,000 – 106,000



48,000 – 83,000


61,000 – 72,000


24,000 – 48,000



53,000 – 62,000


3,700 – 10,500

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Additional React Native Developer Cost Factors

We've covered the fundamental factors shaping the cost of hiring React Native developers. However, many other variables impact overall expenses.

Technical Proficiency

The depth and breadth of a developer's technical expertise, particularly their mastery of React Native and related technologies, can substantially influence salary expectations. Developers with advanced skills often charge higher compensation.

Industry-Specific Experience

Industryexpertise drives higher developer pay. It offers a competitive edge for tailored solutions and industry-standard compliance.

Effective Communication

Practical communication skills play a pivotal role in project success. Developers who can articulate ideas clearly and collaborate efficiently are highly valued and may warrant higher salaries.

Educational Background and Certifications

Formal education and industry-recognized certifications can influence developer expectations. For businesses, this translates to access to professionals with enhanced skills and a commitment to professional development, contributing to innovation and growth.


Team roles differ. Lead developers or managers earn more than individual contributors due to their leadership and coordination. It impacts team management, project execution, and leadership development.

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Diverse Skillset

Developers with expertise in additional technologies or programming languages often require higher salaries due to their broader skill set, which can enhance project capabilities and address complex challenges.

Supply and Demand Dynamics

Regional demand for React Native developers and the available talent pool in specific locations can impact costs, with high demand and limited supply often leading to higher salaries.

Skill-Specific Market Needs

Market trends can also influence costs. For example, if there's a surge in demand for developers with expertise in a particular React Native library or framework, their services may be more costly.

Budget-Friendly Talent Hiring Tips

Hiring top-tier staff while managing your budget effectively requires a strategic approach. This guide provides essential tips and tricks to help you achieve this objective.

Clear Job Requirements

Define project requirements, including scope, features, timeline, and budget. A well-defined roadmap aids candidate communication and alignment assessment with project goals.

Remote Talent Hiring

Embracing the possibility of hiring remote developers widens your talent pool. It allows access to professionals at competitive costs and increases your chances of finding exceptional candidates.

Full-stack Cost Savings

To avoid hiring separate back-end and front-end developers, look for a specialist who understands both. It is especially beneficial for budget-constrained projects, startups, or small teams.

Tech Proficiency Priority

Focus on candidates with strong hard skills. Assess their knowledge of relevant libraries, debugging tools, and performance optimization techniques.

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Soft Skill Assessment

Assess candidates for compatibility with your company's culture for productive working relationships. Use behavioral-based interview questions to gauge alignment with team dynamics, adaptability, and willingness to collaborate.

Technical Insight

Review candidates' experience portfolios to identify those with relevant experience. Consider candidates actively engaged in the React Native community through open-source contributions, conferences, and meetups. 

Softermii Experience

Need experts in React and React Native? Softermii’s team has considerable experience in leveraging these technologies. Our portfolio spans diverse sectors, including custom solutions for healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, financial software development, video conferencing applications, and NFT Platforms. Here are several examples:

  • For Parta, an innovative audio and video conferencing application, we transformed video chats into vibrant content creation hubs using React Native's capabilities. 
  • The Events10x video conferencing solution for seamless online and hybrid event organization was also powered by React technology.


Hiring a skilled React developer is essential to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your projects. However, the demand for these experts often results in higher salary expectations. The final React Native developer cost varies based on several factors, including location and qualifications. Ensure your hired developer's skill level matches your project's needs and establish a smooth collaboration process. 

Consider outsourcing React development to optimize costs and maintain top-quality work. Softermii's dedicated team can assist you in navigating the complexities of efficient development and IT processes. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project further.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does experience level impact the cost?

Junior software engineers cost less, while middle and senior developers ask for higher pay due to their additional skills and experience.

What's the difference in cost between full-time employees and freelancers?

The cost of hiring a React Native engineer can vary significantly between full-time and freelancers. Full-time developers receive fixed salaries and benefits, whereas freelancers bill by the hour or project.

When considering a React developer cost comparison, remember that the exact figures for both options depend on the developer's experience, location, and project complexity.

Cost to hire a React.js developer compared to quality

Balancing the cost of hiring React developer with an emphasis on quality depends on your project's complexity, long-term goals, and budget constraints.

This approach often yields the best results. It ensures a successful project without compromising its long-term impact, reputation, or scalability.

How can I ensure value for money when hiring React & React Native developers?

Start by defining clear project requirements to minimize scope changes. Prioritize experienced software developers and consider remote teams for cost-effective talent. Invest in quality assurance and agile development, beginning with analytics and MVP. Maintain open communication, conduct code reviews, and use project management tools for efficient resource allocation. Remember to budget for post-launch maintenance and updates to ensure long-term success while optimizing costs. 

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