Android Developer Salary in 2023: US, Europe, India, and Other Regions

Android Developer Salary in 2023: US, Europe, India, and Other Regions

05 April 2023 • 22 min read

Overviewing Android developer salary in US, Europe, and other regions, it is crucial to get the overall industry picture. Today, Android’s share of the global operating system market amounts to 44%. For millions of small and mid-size businesses, creating a mobile app is an effective way to reach new customers, optimize working processes, and ultimately increase profit.

Android developer salary in US

If you often ask yourself how much android developer earns, we have prepared a list of top locations to hire Android developers based on salary rates in 2023. Only updated data you need, so let’s move to the numbers!

One might think that Android technology is so popular there are lots of developers vying for the same jobs, and their salary demands would be fairly modest as a way to maintain a competitive edge in a crowded market.

No such luck. In the United States, the average Android application developer's salary is $88,562.

Android vs iOS developer salary

However, depending on where you're looking to hire Android developers, you may not have to pay quite that much to get engineers on your team.

One state where Android developer pay is way above the national average is San Francisco, California, where the typical Android developer is $105,716. Raleigh, North Carolina, is another city where Android coders get very high pay, typically earning around $103,036.

Looking at the other end of the pay range. States like Georgia ($82,681), Utah ($82,377), and Arizona ($84,321) pay their Android developers closer to the average US salary.

Android developer's salary in 2023 overseas is another matter entirely. A country that comes close to the US in an average Android developer pay is Australia, with $70,630 (A$106,130) annually.

iOS developer vs Android developer salary

This article will investigate the different Android developer salaries you can expect to pay based on where you do business. Softermii has more than seven years of experience hiring the best Android developers at a competitive price, and we will share it with you.

Also, remember that looking for outstanding talents might be difficult, but you can always choose an easier way to replenish your team through outsourcing and outstaffing.

How Does Android App Developers' Salary Matter of Regions?

Within the US, there are a few places with a high concentration of Android developers. Silicon Valley in California is home to many since it's where some of the world's largest tech companies do business.

Another example of a US location that has attracted a lot of Android developers is Raleigh, North Carolina. It's home to Research Triangle Park and a long-time favorite location for small business incubation.

App development costs will vary significantly based on where you're hiring. Developers may earn more in certain countries due to the demand for skilled workers, cost of living, and industry competition.

The average Android programming salary in the US is $88,562. The median Android developer salary in Canada is $64,050 (CA$ 87,888), according to Glassdoor.

Average salary of Android developer in US

The typical Android engineer in the UK expects over $66,830 annually (about £55,193).

With the recent increase in companies hiring remote developers, one might think hiring a developer who will work from India, regardless of where your business is located, would be the cheapest option. As it turns out, that is not a safe assumption. From a pay perspective, remote work has split into its category.

UpWork, the world's largest freelance marketplace, reports that an entry-level Android developer can be hired for between $15 and $35 per hour. The upper end of that range equates to $72,800 annually.

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Even at those higher prices, however, hiring a remote Android developer might be the way to go. You'll get access to a massive global talent pool.

If you live where it's hard to find qualified candidates for your Android development jobs, hiring remote engineers could be the only way to staff up for your mobile app development project.

Android Developer Salary in US

The average salary of Android developer in US is $88,562 annually. To attract and retain quality engineers, you'll need to sweeten the deal — a competitive Android developer salary package includes extra cash, commission, tips, and profit sharing.

The four highest-paid states for Android developers are California ($101,560), Hawaii ($95,067), Washington ($91,597), and New York ($89,929).

Pay varies significantly depending on the city you're hiring in. San Francisco is one of the most expensive; a typical Android developer's salary is $105,716. Several cities in the Pacific Northwest have Android developer salaries higher than the national average, for example, the average salary of Android developer in Seattle is $109,102.

Android app developer salary in US

Regardless of their location, the amount of experience a developer has can make a big impact on their pay. In the US, the average entry-level (up to a year of experience) Android developer salary is $79,289.

Salaries also vary based on the technology that a developer has focused on. That's a fact that's plain to see when we look at the average Android developer vs PHP developer salary. The average person who has learned how to use PHP, the popular general-purpose scripting language, will only be able to pull down about $94,077.

A typical salary for a Java developer is $99,593, and a coder who has learned C++ can expect to make $108,145 annually.

If you plan to release mobile apps on multiple platforms, you may be interested in comparing iOS developer vs Android developer salary. The average iOS developer's salary is $107,903, quite bigger than the average Android software developer's salary, which is $88,562.

Android Developer Salaries around the World

As we've seen, US-based coders can expect to enjoy somewhere near the standard salary of Android developer of a little over $88K. Still, developers overseas do not earn as much for the same services.

For example, according to Glassdoor data, the average Android developer salary in Australia is $70,630 (A$106,130), a little below the US average.

The average pay for Android developers in the UK is $66,830 (£55,193) annually. An experienced engineer in a major British city can expect more, for example, the average middle (4-6 years) Android developer salary in London can get as much as $128,182 (about £104,000).

iOS and Android developer salary

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In nearby Ireland, pay is lower; a typical average Android developer salary in Ireland is $68,780 (€64,817).

Android programmer salary is low in India, making an average of ₹550,000 per year. A newbie makes less — the average Android app developer salary in India for freshers is a ₹516,252 annually.

Salary of android developer

In the United Arab Emirates, developers get paid better than their counterparts in India, but not as much as in some other countries. The average Android developer's salary in Dubai is AED 160,800 annually.

An Android developer in Canada can expect to get an average pay of about $64,050 (CA$ 87,888) per year. The rule of increased pay in larger cities holds in The Great White North — the average Android developer salary in Toronto, Canada, is $66,170 (CA$ 90,813).

We've compiled a table of Android developer salaries based on regional data obtained from Glassdoor.

*The data is calculated based on the averages for different countries from each region. The countries selected for analysis are in brackets. The data is taken from the open surveys and does not include bonuses.


Hourly rate


North America
(USA, Canada)



South America

(Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia)



Eastern Europe

(Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine)



Western Europe

(Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, France, UK)




(India, Philippines, Japan, China)






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As you can see, there's a vast range of developers worldwide. If you run your business in one of the places where the average pay is moderate to low, then, budget-wise, you'll be in good shape when it's time to put together a development team.

Android Developer Salary in Europe

There’s no such thing as the average Android developer salary in Europe, as salaries, as well as the spread of Android development technology, varies greatly depending on the country.

For example, there are fewer Android developers in Switzerland compared to Germany, thus the level of the salary differs – the average pay for an Android developer in Switzerland is approximately $112,110 (CHF 104,200), whereas, in Germany, it’s only $68,450 (€64,495).

One might think that the average salary in Scandinavian countries should differ that much. Yet, you’ll be surprised to know that in Norway and Finland, the average pay for an Android developer is about $64,820 (NOK 697,044) and $59,490 (€56,052). However, in Sweden, the median is $87,220 (SEK 916,260), and in Denmark, a typical Android developer makes $73,570 (DKK 516,000) a year.

The Netherlands, in recent years, has become a central European development hub, making average salaries rise. Thus, the average salary for an Android Developer is $74,960 (€70,607).

France is not your typical place to look for an Android developer as the technology is not so widespread and popular. That’s why the median salary for an Android developer there is only $53,850 (€50,728).

Only a channel away, this is not the case for the UK. Android development is quite popular on the British Isles, making the typical UK Android developer salary about $66,830 (£55,193). A highly-skilled engineer, however, can expect even more, for example, the average senior Android developer salary in London is $97,480 (£91,823).

You’d expect the prices to go down when you move farther east. However, that’s not always the case. An average Android developer in the Czech Republic is expected to earn about $81,972 (CZK 1,852,668). And skilled Polish developers get $63,440 (PLN 280,764). The median salary for an Android developer differs in Hungary – the typical specialist earns approximately $39,120 (HUF 14,544,780) a year.

In the neighboring Baltic states – Estonia and Latvia – the typical specialist is expected to make approximately $59,823 (€56,364) or $49,379 (€46,524) a year.

According to Glassdoor, a typical Ukrainian Android developer makes as much as $37,600 a year, which makes it the most comfortable pay for those looking for a high-skilled specialist. Also, note that this technology is trendy in Ukraine, which makes these developers proficient and experienced, as Ukraine is a well-known software development center in Eastern Europe.



Hourly rate

Average yearly salary

Eastern Europe
















Czech Republic



Western Europe




























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Why is Ukraine the Best Android Development Country

Ukraine has emerged as a top destination for outsourcing Android development due to many factors, such as:

Good Education

Ukraine has many universities and technical schools offering IT-related courses, which have produced a highly skilled talent pool. A strong foundation in computer science, mathematics, and software engineering helps specialists learn and adapt quickly to new technologies and frameworks.

Great Skills

Many Ukrainian engineers have experience working with various technologies, industries, and development platforms. This versatility allows them to work on complex projects that require expertise in various areas. They are also highly skilled in software design patterns and development methodologies, which enables them to produce high-quality, well-architected code.

Lower Costs

Additionally, Ukraine attracts businesses looking for cost-effective solutions to their software development needs. The country's lower cost of living compared to Western Europe and North America means that Android development services can be offered at a much more affordable rate without sacrificing quality.

Strong Community

Furthermore, Ukraine has a strong IT community with a rich talent pool of developers, designers, and other technology professionals. There are many tech hubs and coworking spaces in major cities, such as Kyiv and Lviv, foster collaboration and innovation.

Similar Workflow

The convenient work schedule is another benefit. Ukrainian developers can operate in similar time zones as their Western European clients, enhancing project communication and efficiency. Furthermore, Ukraine has a business culture shaped by Western best practices, which facilitates the development of long-term relationships.

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Factors Influencing Android Developer Salary

Several factors influence the salary of an Android developer, including their experience, location, and skills. Let's briefly overview each of them:


Location can influence an Android developer's salary due to the cost of living, demand for talent, and local economic conditions.

Employers may offer higher salaries to ensure specialists can afford to live comfortably in areas with a high living cost, such as San Francisco or New York. Additionally, areas with a high demand for talent, such as technology hubs like Silicon Valley, may offer higher salaries to attract and retain top talent.

On the other hand, areas with a lower cost of living or less demand for talent may offer lower salaries. Local economic conditions can also play a role, with areas experiencing strong economic growth or high business activity typically offering higher salaries.


Apart from the place where Android developers come from or live, the following main factor influencing the level of their salary is skill level. As a rule, there are three main categories of Android developer experience – entry-level, mid-level, and senior.

An entry-level Android developer salary

You don’t have to expect much from the beginner Android developer, as these people have just started their path in this field. However, they must be familiar with Java, Android SDK, and version control systems (like Git), and these developers must have at least one or two functioning apps in the Android marketplace.

Their salary is the smallest among Android developers as they still have a long way to go in this field. You can expect to spend up to $79,289 in the US and about $65,265 (£53,789) in the UK for a junior (up to a year of experience) Android developer salary. Ukrainian salaries are much more comfortable at this point, you’ll pay from $26,200 for such a specialist.

Middle Android Developer Salary

Mid-level Android developers are people with several years of experience in the field, they’ve already put some time and effort into boosting their knowledge and skill base. When hiring such a developer, pay attention to their knowledge of Java, Android, and XML. They’re also skilled in writing user guidelines, reports, and analyses.

According to Glassdoor, such developers earn a median salary of $87,192 per year in the US and about $74,378 (£61,299) in the UK. If you want to turn to the bigger talent market, you can find a skilled mid-level Android developer with an average salary of $36,300 annually in Ukraine.

Senior Android Developer Salary

If you’re looking for a Team Lead or a developer for highly complex projects, a senior Android developer has to be your primary choice. This specialist has deep knowledge of web applications, user interfaces, Android API, etc. However, be prepared to pay up to $96,270 a year in the US or $79,043 (£65,144) in the UK. In Ukraine, a senior android engineer's salary will be $40,100 yearly plus bonuses.


Android development usually requires many skills and knowledge. For example, your average Android developer of a mid-level should be familiar with the design and development of advanced applications for use on all Android devices and their respective versions. Thus, such developers should collaborate with cross-functional teams, such as Design and Testing, to define, design, and ship new features.

Also, depending on the level of your Android developer, among the responsibilities, there might be creating and releasing application updates, including bug fixes, additional features, and improved performance. Don’t forget unit-testing the code for edge cases, usability, and general reliability, as well as implementing security measures to safeguard user data.

And as in any development position, Android developers must continuously discover, evaluate, learn, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

Today, Android’s share of the global operating system market amounts to 43.92%.

Required Skills

As mentioned in this article, it’s crucial for the Android developer to have excellent programming skills. It means an Android developer should have excellent knowledge or proficiency in programming languages like Java, Kotlin, or C++. Hands-on experience using APIs and Android Studio, including the Android SDK, should also be handy.

A solid understanding of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies, as well as substantial knowledge of the full mobile development life cycle, will make a great specialist out of your Android developer.

It would also be a huge plus if your developer has strong design intuition, user empathy, and analytical and objective solutions to business problems, as they’re much needed when creating a seamlessly working Android app.

Don’t forget strong people skills, as the Android developer position is closely connected to communication with the design team and testing team to understand and implement user requirements in the existing or new system. Also, you’d probably want to find a great team player, self-driven, and specialist with good time-management skills.

Android Developer Salaries in the Future

In general, the field of software development continues to grow for the foreseeable future. If the number of mobile app developers continues to be about half the number of software engineers, we can expect the ranks of Android developers to grow along with the field.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the software development field, as a whole, will grow by around 30 percent by the year 2031.

Salaries will go up. Software development managers will have many candidates to choose from for a long time. However, it's wise to anticipate that projected demand for Android developers will lead to a corresponding rise in the salaries those coders expect to be paid.

Android vs iOS Developer Salary

When comparing the average iOS and Android developer salary, it’s worth taking into account that there are thousands of companies that make devices for Android – and many of them offer much lower prices than Apple does. This is one of the main reasons why Android apps are more popular and why they are being developed more frequently. Thus, there are more Android developers on the market.

However, iOS users spent almost twice as much as Android users on apps overall. This means that there is a big market for iOS developers too. This, in turn, affects developer salaries.

As we’ve already seen in this article, the average android app developer salary in US is about $88,562 a year. The iOS developer salary makes little difference in this country – you can expect a median of $107,903 annually. There’s also no big difference between the average salary for iOS — $71,247 (£58,719) and Android $66,830 (£55,193) — developers in the UK.

In Canada, however, an iOS developer can get as much as $65,090 (CA$ 89,326) a year, and an Android developer earns the same — $64,050 (CA$ 87,888) yearly.

The same is true in Germany – an iOS developer is expected to get $68,991 (€64,936) and an Android developer $68,450 (€64,495) a year. However, in the Czech Republic, iOS developers earn $117,618 (CZK 2,642,136), whereas Android specialists can expect to earn $81,972 (CZK 1,852,668) yearly.

In Ukraine, the difference between iOS and Android development is significant. The median pay for an Android developer is $37,600, and an iOS developer is expected to earn $62,400.

iOS users spent almost twice as much as Android users on apps overall.

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Affordable Android Development Exists

In this article, we've examined some fascinating (and sometimes surprising) statistics. Hopefully, we have answered your question, “how much does an android developer make.” There's no doubt that some places in the world have much lower Android developer pay than others.

If you live in the US, you'll pay a lot. But, only about one-third of the world's Android developers live in North America. The other two-thirds are in Asia and Europe. You can pay much less if you're running a mobile app development project outside the US.

As there is a pretty time & cost-effective option to outsource your project, the Softermii team can solve your task.

So, don't hesitate to drop us a line about your project and get answers to all your questions.

While it might not make sense to pick up a shop and relocate to a place where low Android developer pay is the norm, we bet it at least crossed your mind as you read this article!

Regarding Android app development, we at Softermii dedicate all our skills and experience to delivering a scalable solution that is flexible for all your future business challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hire an Android developer?

When you understand the need to hire an Android developer, the first thing to ask yourself is whether you’re looking for an in-house specialist or are up to widening your search area to specialists outside your country.

If you are looking for a remote developer, you might as well consider outsourcing or outstaffing. Since these two cooperation models make the search for a highly professional Android developer much easier and quicker. Also, if you do decide to use outsourcing or outstaffing, you can discover that usually it is a time-effective and cost-saving way of finding true talent.

How to check the skills of an Android developer?

Usually, there are several ways to check the skills of any developer – first, you’ll need to know basic info about your potential candidate – previous experience, skill set, and personal features. This task is perfect for a skilled recruiter.

The next level is a technical interview, where you’ll need help from a Team Lead who’ll work with this developer in the future. You might want to prepare a test task for your candidate or several questions that’ll be asked in the interview.

Is there a correlation between the salary of an Android developer and the quality of the developed app?

There’s no such correlation. What matters in Android development is the experience and skill set of the developer you’re working with. And the salary of a developer is usually influenced by such factors as the level of the developer (junior, mid, or senior), previous experience and set of skills, and the country your developer lives in.

Can I hire Android developers from Softermii?

Definitely! With Softermii, you can hire an Android developer for your extended or dedicated team.

Our highly skilled employees, ranging from middle to senior developers, possess the required qualifications and hands-on experience working with diverse industries. We are always ready to assist you in determining the most effective collaboration model tailored to your unique needs. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Is it hard to become an Android developer?

Becoming an Android developer requires dedication and effort, but it is not necessarily complicated. You should get proficiency in Java or Kotlin programming languages, familiarity with the Android operating system, and experience with tools like Android Studio.

Many online resources, courses, and tutorials can help aspiring developers gain the necessary knowledge and skills.

What are the top highest-paying cities for Android developer jobs?

In a particular location, an Android developer's salary depends on experts' demand, cost of living, and the size of the tech industry.

The list of ten highest-paying cities includes San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Boston, London, Zurich, Stockholm, Sydney, Toronto, and Tokyo.

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