The Cost of Hiring .NET Developer in 2019

12 February 2019 • 6 min read
The Cost of Hiring .NET Developer in 2019
Andrii Horiachko
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The average .NET developer salary in the US has been climbing, but depending on where you do business, you may not have to pay as much as you think to get experienced coders to join your staff.

One of the states where you'll pay the most for .NET development services is California. The average .NET coder in California pulls down $100,682 annually!

Another state with fairly high developer pay is Texas. The average .NET developer salary in Dallas is $72,860.

At the other end of the spectrum are cities like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the average .NET developer salary is only $60,000. Indianapolis, Indiana has even lower average .NET developer pay.

Those are some seriously low-cost development services, when you consider that the national average pay for .NET developers is $67,314.

Companies all over the US are competing for talented developers, and they can't find enough of them. People who have .NET development skills are in a good position, career-wise. Not only is the pay good, but there are plenty of jobs.

The average .NET developer salary in the US has been climbing

But just because the current market favors job seekers, that doesn't mean you have to blow the budget when staffing up for your next project.

Whether you're looking for veteran coders, or you want to train up a stable of eager grads who are ready to start their careers, it's a good idea to know what .NET developers in your area will expect in terms of salary.

This article will break it down for you, providing a list of the states and cities with notably high and low .NET developer pay.

We've also added a little context to put these salary numbers in perspective. There's some information about the national average .NET developer salary, insights about how developer experienced and specialization can call for higher pay, and an overview of developer salaries overseas.

To get things started, let's look into which states are home to the greatest numbers of .NET developers.


States with the Most Developers

The southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area in California, aka Silicon Valley, is the headquarters location of some of the world's largest tech companies. Apple, Google, NETFLIX, TESLA Motors…they all pay millions in California state taxes, and pay even more to employ their development teams.

There are 230,150 software developers in California. That's the most in any state.

The runner up is Texas, with 109,390.

Rounding out the top 10 are New York, Washington, Virginia, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

If your business is operating in a state with a huge number of .NET developers, you'll enjoy a larger talent pool to draw from, but you should expect to pay your developers a salary that's well above national average.

In states where the skills you seek are a rare commodity, you'll spend a little more time finding the right people, but states like that tend to have lower average salaries for .NET coders.


A Typical .NET Developer Salary

What's a standard salary for .NET developers in the US?

As with so many things in life, the answer is, "It depends."

Your business address is one major factor, as we’ll see, but two other factors have a huge impact on this pay amount. These factors are the developer's experience level, and whether the person has specialized in a lucrative subsection of .NET development.

The average .NET developer salary in the US is $67,314.

The average senior .NET developer salary is $94,602, whereas a junior .NET developer salary is only $55,369.

If you're looking for a person with experience somewhere in between those two extremes, consider the fact that the average .NET lead developer salary is $93,792.

Perhaps you need someone who has focused their skills on ASP.NET, web development, or further specialized, building their talents around ASP.NET MVC. The average ASP.NET developer salary is $67,396, and a typical ASP.NET MVC developer salary is $78,317.

If your project needs coders who have put all their .NET knowledge to work on web coding, you may be interested to know that the average .NET web developer salary is $75,487. If you need a C# expert, you'll have to pay a little more—the average ASP.NET C# developer salary is $95,052.


Cities with the Highest and Lowest .NET Developer Pay

According to, the average .NET developer in New York City earns $72,496 per year. That's a high number—almost high enough to crack the top five.

Here's a list of the top five cities with the highest average .NET developer salaries:

Developer pay in LA is high too. The typical .NET developer salary in Los Angeles is a whopping $73,344.

Here's a list of the top five cities with the highest average .NET developer salaries:

The average .NET developer salary in the US has been climbing

As you can see, companies in these cities pay their .NET developers much more than the national average of $67,314.

If you do business in one of these cities, that's good to know. Offering a qualified candidate anywhere near the $67K national average is likely to chase them away before they even bother to counter your offer.

Here are some cities with low average .NET developer salaries:

The average .NET developer salary in the US has been climbing

As illustrated by these high and low extremes in developer pay across various US cities, .NET development services are considerably more affordable in some of the nation's smaller cities. Even in vibrant state capitals like Oklahoma City and Montgomery, Alabama, you can find developers that will work for well below the national average.

This opportunity varies greatly from city to city, even within a given state. If your business is in Alabama, but located in Mobile instead of Montgomery, for example, you should plan to pay around $63,871, which is just barely under the national average.

If your business is in a city with lower than average developer pay, and there are many, you'll enjoy the economic benefits that come with paying your development team less than your competitors have to.


States with the Highest and Lowest .NET Developer Pay

When analyzing .NET developer pay across certain individual states, the numbers skew high, with many states coming in way over the national average.

Here's a list of the states with the highest average .NET developer salaries:

The average .NET developer salary in the US has been climbing

For some states, their position on this list is no surprise. California and Washington, for example, are the home states of such giants as Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon, so, high compensation for developers goes with the territory.

In many other states, however, you'll pay salaries that are closer to, or less than, the national average. Two of the states that pay the least to its resident .NET developers are Alabama, with an average .NET developer salary of $54, 102, and Oklahoma, where .NET coders typically pull down about $55,233 annually.

The state of South Dakota comes in about $3K under the national average. Resident .NET coders there typically make $64,893 per year.


Salaries for .NET Developers Overseas

Before jumping into an overview of .NET developer pay in other countries, let's recall that the average .NET developer salary in the USA is $67,314. Keep that number in mind as you read the rest of this section.

In most countries, average .NET developer pay is lower than it is in the US. Some countries come close, but given the United States' position as global tech leader, it makes sense that it would have the highest .NET developer pay, with less influential nations lagging behind.

Take our friendly neighbor to the north, for example. The average .NET developer salary in Canada is $20K short of the US figure, coming in at $47,077. You'll pay a little more than that if your business is in one of the larger Canadian cities, for example, the average .NET developer salary in Toronto is $49,839.

One country that actually competes with the US in average .NET developer pay is the United Kingdom. For a software company that is located in London or one of the other major UK cities, development managers may have to shell out a little more, but the average senior .NET developer salary in the UK is $68,830.

A company that needs to hire an MVC expert in the UK can expect to pay almost $80K—the typical ASP.NET MVC developer salary in Great Britain is $79,319.

A software company can get the most bang for its buck by doing business in Bangalore, India. We're not sure if it's due to a lousy exchange rate or simply a motivated workforce, but the average .NET developer salary in Bangalore, converted from Rupees to US dollars, is only $6,138!

Bangalore notwithstanding, there are some places in Asia where you'll have to pay a .NET developer closer to a typical salary. Take the United Arab Emirates, for example. The average Dubai .NET developer salary is around $33,297.

In the "land down under," you'll need to pay a fairly high wage to your .NET developers, at least by international standards. The average .NET developer salary in Australia is $49,907. The familiar big-city bias exists in Australia too—a typical .NET developer salary in Sydney reaches the considerably higher amount of $55,506.

A mere 2,582 miles across the ocean from Australia, you'll find New Zealand. You could save a lot of money in your development budget by hiring there. The average .NET developer salary in New Zealand is only $24,210!

These overseas pay averages make it pretty clear. If your business is located outside the US, you might need to pay your .NET developers considerably less money than you would in the US.


Forecasting Future Developer Salaries

The field of software development, as a whole, is growing. Salaries are increasing each year, and the number of qualifies candidates grows annually.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the software development field will increase by around 31 percent by the year 2026.

That's the national projection.

Some states are expected to see even greater growth. For example, statistics indicate that, in the state of Texas, the software development field will grow 33 percent by 2026, and in California, the field is expected to grow by a whopping 40 percent!

The folks over at the Bureau of Labor Statistics also forecast that an additional 255,400 development jobs will exist by 2026.

It looks like software development managers can anticipate hiring from an ever-increasing candidate pool for the foreseeable future. But remember, you should expect the projected demand for developer talent to cause a corresponding increase in developer salaries.


When Staffing Up, Know Your Area's Average Pay

In this article, we've taken a look at some very interesting statistics. It's clear that there are places with much higher .NET developer pay than others.

Another inescapable fact is that developers who have specialized in a subfield of .NET development will demand higher pay than a .NET developer who has only a basic skill set.

If you're looking to hire a garden variety .NET developer in the US for around the national average of $67,314 per year, you'll probably find one, but if you need an ASP.NET C# guru, you should plan for that person's salary to be closer to $95K.

Before wrapping things up, we'd like to give a quick shout-out to That's where we got a lot of the data used in this article, and there's a lot more of the same kind of detailed data available. If you're looking to hire one or more .NET developers, or you are interest in seeing if the salaries you're currently paying are competitive, we encourage you to check out that site.

Whether you're on the hunt for a team of experienced coders, or you can get by with less seasoned developers who are just starting their careers, we hope this information gives you some perspective on average salaries for .NET developers and helps you hire the talent you need.

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