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Floorwatch is the solution you need to have a frustration-free shopping experience. The company did an in-depth field study and surveyed over 1,100 shoppers about their shopping habits in stores. By analyzing the responses, parsing the data, they discovered the number one problem in stores today, namely, when buyers need help in making the final choice, they often can’t find it.
With the new app customers now can request sales associate’s help in just a couple of clicks with their smartphones! And managers can get valuable insights into customer feedback to improve services and sales rates.

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The company realized that the initial version of the Floorwatch app was too basic for the constantly growing number of stores that use its services US-wide. It required more scalability and extra features to provide a convenient experience for businesses and customers alike.
The company needed to outsource its app development to a team of talented engineers with advanced technical knowledge and relevant experience to build on top of the current platform and make it more versatile. To stay on the current budget and get quality improvements of its web-platform and mobile application, Floorwatch chose Softermii among a number of qualified contractors.

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Design and Prototyping

The original for MVP we received was from a third-party designer. During the development of a full-fledged product, we saw the MVP’s weak points and opportunities for higher-quality product development. We began to change the design and flow taking the original version as the core, but modifying it through new features and detailing the existing web and mobile app.

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Project Improvements

Floorwatch offered minimalistic design and scarce visual information into the locations’ operations as well as minimal usability for consumers. Softermii created a new web panel is aimed at:
the Super Admin – the product owner who now can view in-depth latest stats on app engagements in store, the number of set-up locations and other key features pertaining to the Floorwatch operations
the Location Owner – the retailers that purchased the solution. Through our updates, they can easily overview the in-depth data on every location, with customizable graphs and charts, new table structure, as well as activities of team members to ensure higher workforce visibility.

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App Insights

Floorwatch web version

For the store manager and the head office, there is a web-based dashboard with real-time reports and insights into the number of customers served as well as their satisfaction levels. Mind that Floorwatch requires no beacons and app integration is very straightforward. Your team members can start using it from the get-go without any extra instruction. You don’t have to spend money on complex tech solutions or iPad deployments in your stores as all of the software is in the cloud.

When the customer has been helped, he/she is asked to rate the visit, and the quality and speed of the help received. It is important to know that these reviews and comments are available only to the administrator unless you decide to share it with your other staff. The whole process is captured in your web-based dashboard that is easily accessible. The data can be easily downloaded and reviewed at any time to provide stakeholders with insights on stores’ operations.

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Floorwatch mobile version

Having a wide experience in retail app development, Softermii designed the app having both customers and sales reps in mind. This lets the company save costs on developing just one app for two uses, instead of two separate apps.

The ecommerce app was developed for Android or iOS platforms and is free of charge to download. With it, you can just tap a button and “send up a flare” to get help in the store without utilizing any extra tech. It simply places a virtual geofence at 57000 retail locations that work with the app in the US.

You can also “call for help” when there is no associate logged in and using the app. Customers can also get all the contact info by simply clicking on the store button in the app.

For retailers, the advantages are similarly great. You can request that your salespeople on the floor download the app on their phones to find the shoppers that really want to make a purchase the very instant they need it.

Managers, in turn, get the data on their Floorwatch web ecommerce platform based on 100% accurate personal experiences gathered by the mobile app. Having accurate minute-by-minute data in an easily comprehensible form lets management improve customer service and sales rates.

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  • We raised the number of stores that use Floorwarch to over 57,000
  • Provided higher customer satisfaction rates in Q1 2017 in most locations using Floorwatch
  • Added certainty as to the quality of sales personnel services that converted into extra profit

Top new features offered by the app are:

  • List of locations, sorted by proximity to your mobile device
  • Filtered search of locations, sorted by proximity
  • Display distance and geofence range
  • Location details, such as store address and hours
  • Open map for driving directions
  • Open website in browser


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