Challenge - SoftermiiCHALLENGE
Our goal was to create a unique retail solution, which would revolutionize experience of communication between shop employees and customers, at the same time bringing value to stakeholders and decision makers of retail networks.
FLOORWATCH - image №1
Client - SoftermiiCLIENT
Floorwatch is a young yet ambitious start-up, bringing the new vision of services provision for all the participants of the process. Customers get help in just couple clicks at their smartphones, Sales Associates can help in the most time saving way, General Managers get valuable insights and statistics from any location.
FLOORWATCH - image №2
Solution - SoftermiiSOLUTION
Being excited with the idea, we work together with our client at all the stages of product development and were looking for the perfect solutions, that would be convenient for all the users and Administrator.
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Web,Mobile view project
view project


UI/UX,Mobile view project
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