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PetRealTime is a modern cloud-based telehealth application that allows veterinarians all over the world to communicate with their clients, conduct video meetings and expand their medical practice. It makes pet healthcare more accessible by creating a productive online environment for doctor consultations and animal treatment.

The technology has finally evolved enough to step away from low-quality video streaming and allow multiple-peer multimedia conference calls of high quality. Thanks to PetRealTime, veterinarians can finally reach their clients from any location with internet access.

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Animal healthcare has always been on the frontlines to adopt innovation and drive positive change in the medical world. It has been long overdue that, with all the groundbreaking pharmaceutical and even hardware advancements of the coming years, the integration of IT technologies has been slacking behind. The extent of this shortcoming has been so far-reaching, that even mere logistical challenges like doctor visits have become restrictive in comparison to other mediums of life and business.

Emergencies are not the only case for pet owners to get veterinarian assistance. There are a lot of situations when you need to simply consult your doctor for a follow-up. This applies to post-surgery recoveries, preventive treatment instructions, symptom report and so on. You don’t always have to drive your pet to the clinic.

The team at PetRealTime was among the first few startups to tackle this issue with a cloud-based solution. They’ve set out to create a multimedia doctor-patient application that would empower physicians to offer video meetings from the comfort of their office desk.

In order to ensure stellar technical execution, the product team at PetRealTime has reached out to Softermii, and we were happy to help. Together with PetRealTime, we’ve constructed a successful web-based application that allowed veterinarians to meet their clients via HD video calls as part of a powerful digital platform for client management that now offers highly polished user experience and much more.

Harness the new innovative technology that had just entered its rise


Long before WebRTC, there was a number of frameworks meant for video communication apps. None, however, could boast sufficient output to allow medical use. None were adapted for the purposes of veterinarian practice either, and so we were tasked to bring this concept into life.


WebRTC is an open-source project supported by Google, Mozilla and Opera which allows Real Time Communications conducted through any browser, including Mac Safari. In itself, it contains foundational components for communications among which are top quality engines for audio/video, network and more. All to ensure a high standard for multimedia data exchange.

The major difficulty we’ve had to face was that, in its early viable iterations, WebRTC had been relatively new at that time, with Safari support only recently added into the roster. We had to be among the first few to channel this raw piece technology into a productive outlet.

With multiple-peer video conferencing at its core, we were also tasked with building a high-end veterinarian messaging and management application. This meant that our product had to include every needed auxiliary feature to help doctors and their clients manage their relationships.

Last but not least, medical secrecy and safety of user data is always a major concern in healthcare. For this reason, we had to adopt all needed security precautions to protect the confidentiality of veterinarians and their client bases.


Our engineers have fully mastered WebRTC and refined this amazing piece of technology into its current shape you can see within the app. They’ve created a performant cloud-based application that addresses veterinarian issues in a brand new way and allows doctors to take their medical practice to a whole new level.


The UX/UI division at Softermii have worked out both client and doctor usage flows to ensure that our product is more than merely a streaming service. In its final version, it covers all angles and addresses their needs head-on.

Thanks to PetRealTime, animal physicians can now manage their business with ease and deliver their services to much wider audiences. PetRealTime offers an enhanced value proposition to pet owners who now avail of a robust functional array which includes messaging, file sharing as well as pet registration and unified record keeping.

The latter now has a much wider choice in terms of professional pool and animal clinics. All doctors are only a couple of clicks away. With the simple matter of driving distance taking lower priority, pet owners can base their choice solely on the quality of service.

In addition, doctors are also able to use the inbuilt dashboard to manage their contact lists. Here, they can organize their appointments and schedule future meetings with their clients. All combined with having record files and prior written exchanges in the same handy secure location.

Among these essential features, we’ve embedded powerful web-video conferencing. The client is now able to run live doctor meetings from the comfort of their home, accessible online user account.

We made sure that, thanks to PetRealTime, you are not limited to one-on-one setup and able to run live video chat with multiple parties. This means that veterinarians are now able to have group discussions on a secure platform without having to all be physically present in the same room. Patients on, the other hand, can involve multiple specialists to take part in the council regarding their case.



In the end, applying our strong expertise in the healthcare app development we’ve delivered a high-quality web-based veterinarian application that had made another milestone in the history of animal care and telemedicine. It is fully compliant with the AVMA Model Veterinary Practice Act and widely used by clinics as well as medical practitioners to render their services more available. At the same time creating a more proficient environment that raises the bar for animal healthcare.

    PetRealTime is:
  • Cross-browser compatible;
  • Adapted for web mobile;
  • Compliant with international health regulations;
  • Safe to confidentially consult with a physician.
    Among other notable features that really matter
    for a medical mobile app for pet owners are:
  • Safekeeping of pet medical records;
  • Full-HD Video consulting;
  • Screen sharing;
  • Multiple-peer video streaming;
  • Online appointment scheduling;
  • Quick payments;
  • Encryption of data;
  • File transfer and storage;
  • Secure messenger;
  • Chat and VoIP;
  • Dashboard for management.


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