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General   | 4 min read • 15 June 2017

QA isn’t something that companies feel particularly fond of. Often it is the commonly overlooked part of development. But it is this group of people that takes the blame when things go south and the soft glitches. But for many QA is a hard to grasp process. Software Quality Assurance (SQA) involves not only the testing of apps at the very end, but it encompasses the entire development process. The task is to establish, monitor, and improve processes, standards, and procedures. Another part is ensuring that any development problems are detected and dealt with swiftly. QA is not about taking care of bugs and fixes when all is done and ready. Its main task is the prevention of such negative issues happening at the end of the process.

To tell the truth, business owners get excited when presented with flashy mobile design, new use cases, and potentially improved revenue. QA testing is not something you talk about much, as it is hard to show a trackable ROI. Testing seems to be just another part of doing business. Bu thy is SQA important to businesses? Well, without quality, however great your app idea may be, however exciting your design is, all of that is perceived by customers negatively because the app isn’t working as it is supposed to. Quite simply.

Indeed, if we take QA in a vacuum, it seems not as important. QA’s relevance can be seen only in context. As a business with a goal of creating value for owners and customers alike and beat the competition. To do just that you need to be able to maintain and constantly provide quality software offerings. And if your developers have a clear focus on quality and are confident in their releases – QA becomes a key resource to succeed.

Now have a look at some of the top examples from recent history to support this claim:

  • If something goes wrong with a large stock exchange, businesses and companies can lose hundreds of millions of dollars. As recently as in 2013 stock market in Asia was whipsawed due to minor bugs in order execution system. With over $3 billion of erroneous trading orders, millions were lost. A large fall in stock prices also took place that resulted in investigations and fines by the regulatory bodies.
  • Almost all of us use one of the major free email services, and when one of them failed in January 2014 together with many other company’s services, millions of user were faced with outages. Such a meltdown was due to a software bug, that left many people in a pickle.
  • When a bug causes a mobile OS to fail, people get angry. But when the bug-fixes come, people expect that all the bad stuff is over. Not in the case that happened last year in September when bug-fix releases actually introduced additional issues while solving the previous ones.

It now becomes clear that SQA is a complex issue that requires high regard if you want your services running smoothly. Have a look at the graphics below to understand the scope of what can be tested for your app to be running like clockwork:

QA like clockwork

We may come to a conclusion that if businesses fail to grasp QA testing fully, then the cycle of software development is imperfect. You can design a cool and highly usable app that provides clear value to the users, but if a page load time is around 10 seconds, you won’t get many customers in this fast-paced world. Nobody will use it unless they have to, and if your competitor comes up with a faster app – you’re out of business.

There are millions of apps there, and no wonder that you can read a lot of customer dissatisfaction stories related to app performance. There is enough data collected to draw some firm assumptions as to the key reasons why users abandon your app and never return. With such a high competition getting a customer onboard is hard enough, so losing is a fatal mistake.

  • Just over 50% of shoppers abandon web apps because of slow load times
  • 85% users believe that mobile apps should perform faster than web apps
  • 64% of mobile app users believe that mobile page load is 4 seconds or less
  • Only 2 out of the top 100 eCommerce apps are loading pages fast enough

test cases

With proper QA services, such load times should not be left to stay for good. More and more app users are becoming dissatisfied with app performance over time, with its speed and reliability. The majority, if not all, of such issues, can be easily fixed or at least mended with a great QA service.

The main issue here is that companies didn’t spend enough time and resources on establishing clear-cut app testing processes. If they did, almost a half of mobile customers wouldn’t be completely dissatisfied with the performance of a majority of apps they use. Customers believe that 99% of such usability issues like slow load times can be easily solved.

The vital point here is that we are at this point of disrepair because companies generally have not set up systematic QA practices that would prevent these issues from happening.


This article provides insights as to the importance of advanced QA services to support your app development, both web and mobile apps. The process of testing is far from a glamorous work, but having a well-established testing strategy with a dedicated partner will lead your application to success.

To sum it up, the world of apps is unforgiving. And if you choose to skip testing or do it minimally, then you will lose customers immediately after thy use your new app. If it glitches or takes more than several seconds to load, users will abandon it and turn to competitors. On top of that, if the task they need to perform cannot be completed at all, they will do their best to chastise your app and let everybody know how bad it is.

Indeed, in the eyes of your customers, your idea and service are as good as your app. This is the main reason why you need QA services to test your app. Get to know more about our advanced testing possibilities now.

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