Alternatives & Competitors for Businesses Alternatives & Competitors for Businesses

08 June 2022 • 19 min read

What do podcasting, e-learning, remote work, and telemedicine have in common? All of these niches must ensure high-quality audio and video streaming. is one of the tools that can assist with that.’s effective communication and streaming solutions can help you optimize workflows and provide a seamless customer experience.

Yet, if you are reading this, you must be looking for alternatives. Whether it’s because of the price, the usability, or something else, you are in the right place to find another software option.

Fortunately, there are plenty of competitors on the market. So you’ll be able to implement high-quality audio and video into your products with other technologies. It’s particularly relevant for communication tools since about 80% of businesses reported increasing video conferencing software usage.

Softermii is well-versed in advanced video and audio conferencing solutions, and our VidRTC tool proves that. Drawing on our experience creating audio and video software, we’ll tell you what to look for when choosing alternatives to And, of course, we’ll share a list of the available options.

Brief Overview of alternatives is a cloud-based platform for developers. It allows for improving the quality of media content and incorporating it into apps and web services.

The main features offered by the platform:

  • Dolby Voice function, which allows for noise suppression, audio leveling, and voice adjustments. It is available in the Communications APIs.
  • Spatial Audio tool with a manual Spatial Placement function. It enables developers to place sound objects in a 3D space to create an incomparable audio experience.
  • Recording and playback functions.
  • Sharing files in MP3 or MP4 formats ability.
  • Working with audio and video in real-time.
  • Live broadcasts and screen sharing.
  • Chat function for instant messaging. also provides communication security and complies with GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC-2 standards. This platform is easily scalable and can handle more than 15 billion minutes annually. offers three pricing plans: free trial, pay-as-you-go, and an enterprise plan. You can learn more about them by visiting the website.

14 Best Alternatives and Competitors

Let’s find out the alternatives and even options better than We have prepared 14 available tools for you.

1. VidRTC competitors

VidRTC is our company’s product. It is nothing more than a WebRTC-based video conferencing engine you can customize for your needs. It can be integrated with various applications and online services, and you can be sure that the engine can withstand even the heaviest loads.

2. Twilio

Alternatives to

Twilio is a popular cloud-based tool for business communications. It provides APIs that allow you to create scalable voice and text messaging applications. Twilio is available for web, PC, and mobile devices and offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

3. Zoom

Better than

Zoom is one of the best alternatives, which allows for meetings, instant chatting, audio and video calls, and even online events. The platform offers four pricing plans: basic, pro, business, and enterprise.

4. Webex Meetings

Best alternatives

Webex Meetings is a video conferencing tool for business communication. It features background noise reduction, voice enhancement, dynamic polls, real-time translation, and live notes. The platform has both a free pricing plan and several paid options.

5. BlueJeans Meetings

Software like

BlueJeans Meetings is a tool for modern workforce meetings. The platform allows for video and audio calls and conferences and works with collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Google Calendar, Slack, Trello, etc. BlueJeans is a cloud service that makes it fast and scalable.

6. GlobalMeet Collaboration

Top alternatives for

GlobalMeet is another alternative for video meetings and conferences. Its main features besides video communication are simultaneous screen sharing, meeting recording, a digital whiteboard, and multi language support. The platform has 24/7 customer support.

7. Vonage Communications APIs

VidRTC communication engine

Vonage Communications APIs allow you to connect to the Vonage Tier 1 network and more than 1,600 global telecommunications networks. This tool, formerly Nexmo, enables you to program audio, video, and text messaging. The platform is designed specifically for the convenience of developers.

8. GoTo Meeting

Best communication API

GoToMeeting is a video conferencing platform that is great for medium and small businesses. This tool has face-to-face meetings, chat, and screen sharing features. There are free and paid versions of the product available.

9. Skype

Business communication tool

Skype is software that does not require a presentation. Audio and HD video calling, call recording, smart messaging, screen sharing, and private conversations are the main available features. Skype runs on many devices, including phones, tablets, PCs, Alexa smart speakers, and Xbox consoles, and has a web version.

10. Whereby

Features of

Whereby is video and audio meeting software that runs on computers and mobile phones through a web browser. In addition to video and audio calls, its features include screen sharing, noise reduction, and background effects. You can also integrate this tool with Google Docs, Trello, and Miro.

11. Vonix cloud based platform

Vonix is ​​a tool that allows you to communicate in text, audio, and video formats. The platform offers call reporting and analytics, IP telephony, image, audio, and video sharing. Best for small and medium businesses.

12. BroadVoice Cloud PBX

Cloud tool for business communication

BroadVoice Cloud PBX is a leading cloud tool for business communications. It allows you to conduct video conferences, send text messages, and make audio calls under one phone number. The platform also offers decent customer support.

13. Bandwidth

Voice integration in software app

Bandwidth provides an API for voice integration and messaging in software and apps. Key features include voice calls, call tracking, text messaging, and 911 emergency service connectivity. The platform allows for easy scaling.

14. CloudCall

Computer telephony platform for business communication

CloudCall is a computer telephony platform for business communication. Among the prominent features is the ability to integrate with CRM. CloudCall is only available in two paid versions: pro edition and advanced edition.

Now you can review, compare and research these options to make your final choice.

What to Look for When Choosing Alternatives to

There are many tools similar to, so you can easily get confused. We have compiled a list of aspects to consider when choosing audio and video conferencing software. Let’s look at each factor in more detail.

Your Goal and Industry

Before choosing a platform, consider the purpose of its use and ensure that the software suits your niche. For example, if you are a telemedicine services provider, the platform must comply with HIPAA requirements.


Think carefully about the functionality you want to see in your software. Most audio and video conferencing platforms have basic features, such as video and audio recording, screen and file sharing, group and one-on-one calls, and live chat.

If you need something more, look for software that offers extended functionality. These are, for example, the following features: video stitching, integration with payment gateways, and integration with tools like CRMs.


When choosing a platform, you should prefer the easy-to-use one. User-friendly software is intuitive, visually appealing, efficient, and fast.

Audio and Video Quality

High-quality audio and video is the first thing you need from software like We recommend you test the tool via the free trial period before purchase.


Of course, the platform’s cost will influence your decision. Here, rely on your financial capabilities.

Customer Support

Make sure your software vendor offers reliable and fast customer support. After all, if your audio and video platform faces issues, you’ll turn to the vendor first.

Choose among 120 software specialists

Hire an offshore dedicated team or a few team members for your project. We guarantee 10% of deviation in deadlines and cost.

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Choose among 120 software specialists
Choose among 120 software specialists

Is It Possible to Create Your Own Alternative to

If the solutions available on the market do not meet the needs of your business, you can always find a reliable team to develop custom software for you.

Softermii is well-equipped to handle this task, having already developed audio and video conferencing software, VidRTC. So how did we get to this?

The idea of producing our custom conferencing software occurred when Events10x, an online and hybrid event provider, contacted us. The client needed a tool that would allow them to make video calls, exchange messages, and broadcast to more than 15,000 participants.

Ready-to-deploy communication engine

The software for Events10x had to be robust and efficient to perform the tasks of this scale. As a result, our WebRTC developers have created a customizable engine based on WebRTC and third-party tools. We called it VidRTC, a product with extensive audio and video conferencing capabilities.

It is an easily scalable, ready-to-deploy engine that allows you to make video calls and broadcast, exchange messages, and schedule events. Virtual rooms created in VidRTC can handle more than 200 users, one media server can host more than 1000 calls simultaneously, and more than 25,000 people can join a video broadcast.

The main advantages of VidRTC:

  • It complies with SOC-2, HIPAA, HL7, and GDPR requirements
  • It is possible to use in various industries
  • It is a completely customizable solution

VidRTC is a scalable online video and voice engine that can host video and voice calls and streams. It makes it easy to plan and manage virtual rooms that support over 1,000 people with media servers. We created VidRTC as we'd overseen the growing opportunity for versatile video conferencing and the need for a customizable video streaming solution. As many businesses try to catch the demand or quickly improve their business efficiency, VidRTC saves up to two months of development time.

Scalable online video engine

Technology used

Main technologies behind VidRTC are .NET Core, WebRTC, ReactJS and MediaSoup. It's SOC2, HIPAA, HL7, and GDPR-compliant, applicable for various niches, and a fully customizable white label solution.

We may also create custom audio and video conferencing software solutions for you. In particular, we specialize in building:

  • Live broadcasting apps
  • Live video conferencing tools
  • Appointment systems
  • Messaging tools
  • Event-management systems

So we say yes, it is possible to develop a alternative.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many top alternatives for on the market. Each option focuses on audio and video communication and offers other helpful features. In particular, those include instant messaging, call recording, and screen sharing.

To choose the option that works best for you, you should consider the following factors: your goal and niche, required features, the usability of the chosen software, the audio and video quality, the cost, and the availability of customer support.

Yet, available options may not meet all the needs of your business. That’s when it’s worth thinking about developing a custom audio and video conferencing tool. It can be challenging to create such software on your own, but there is a solution — delegate this task to a reliable vendor.

If you need a custom audio and video conferencing tool, drop us a line!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of’s key features of include audio and video recording, Dolby Voice for audio leveling and noise reduction, Spatial Audio for spatial placement of audio sources, and audio and video broadcasting.

Who are the typical users of

Typical users are medium-sized businesses and large enterprises.

Which alternatives to have free plans?

Free plans are available at alternatives such as Zoom, Webex Meetings, and GoToMeeting.

Why choose another cloud-based platform instead of

Reasons to choose a different platform may vary from business to business. But the most common ones include high cost and the need for more efficient customization.

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