VidRTC development story

VidRTC development story

14 October 2021 • 6 min read

Video calls have become an integral part of today's communication. Only in the first four months of the COVID-19 pandemic was a 500% increase in search impressions for web and video conferencing software. And video chat apps continue growing in popularity with incredible speed both for businesses and personal use.

The worldwide web conferencing market is expected to grow by around $19 billion by 2025. This data clearly states how online communication undergoes massive change. People discover new socializing ways, and companies seek approaches to provide an offline-like experience using digital technologies and introduce new tech opportunities to their clients.

For example, the workplaces today hardly resemble the same ones during pre-pandemic times. The recent crowdsourcing session by Deloitte on workplace strategy, virtual collaboration, and workforce reskilling found that:

  • Organizations were not as ready as they thought for the virtual workplace;
  • Companies should redefine their use of collaboration tools to pioneer a new way of working;
  • Managers were unprepared to support the culture of the team and the overall system.

That's when we came up with the idea of VidRTC. VidRTC is a customizable engine that is used for internal and external business communications. It can support basic features such as video calls, calendars, scheduling, and text messaging.

We created VidRTC as we'd overseen the growing opportunity for versatile video conferencing. As many businesses try to catch the demand or quickly improve their business efficiency, VidRTC saves up two months of development time, dramatically changing the video conferencing solution development approach.

Based on months of research and previous expertise, we've highlighted the key benefits of the VidRTC engine.

Video conferencing engine interface

Communication with no boundaries

Connect with your colleagues or large audiences. Create events with thousands of viewers or enjoy one-on-ones at the same time.

Empowering collaboration

Whiteboarding, polls, voting, and speech-to-text notes are compulsory for creating like-a-real-life experiences. VidRTC already has these features on board.

Seamless connectivity

Enjoy high-quality video calls and broadcasts. With the use of the best WebRTC media servers, forget lags and freezes.

Accessible for everyone

Make your employees, viewers, buyers, and patients feel comfortable with an easy-to-use interface — no need for a long-lasting education.

VidRTC has been created to simplify communication needs. This engine offers several connectivity methods for groups of different sizes – a small group with a maximum of four users will be linked together with a peer-to-peer connection. At the same time, larger groups with a minimum of five users will be connected with a media server. The more people you need in your conference, the more media servers you will use.

Slava Ivanov

Slava Ivanov

Global IT partnerships and Strategic development

Contact our sales department and find out the benefits of our customizable engine.

Build YOUR Telemedicine Product

Build YOUR Telemedicine Product

VidRTC allows hosting more than 1000 calls with one media server and up to 200 users in one room, and over 25 000 viewers can join the broadcast.

Besides being customizable, ready-to-use, enhancing user experience, and giving broader streaming opportunities, VidRTC has lots of obvious benefits:

  • WebRTC-Based Engine. WebRTC transfers and streams audio, video, and content between browsers in real-time.
  • Broadcast From Any Source. VidRTC works on mobile and the web. Connect a data source, like a camera, microphone, or screen capture, and start broadcasting.
  • VOD Streaming. It allows users to get the videos on demand and secure high loads of users with the additional servers.
  • Creation of Several Rooms. All rooms are easy to manage and can be handled by a single person simultaneously.
  • Integration to Applications. The engine easily integrates into any type of solution — for example, built-in broadcasting for real estate agents.
  • Implementation of Desirable Features. Enhance your video conferencing solution with data storage, chatrooms, scheduling, whiteboards, and polls.
  • Unlimited Number of Viewers. VidRTC handles large audiences without sacrificing quality. It helps you to enjoy streams, calls, and broadcasts with Google Hangouts and Skype-like quality.
  • Applicable for All Niches. It's easily adapted to any industry's needs. Conduct one-on-ones, broadcasts to a small group, and host conferences.

Appointment management in video conferencing software

Protected video conferencing engine with essential security standards

One of the main reasons companies and private users have been turning to custom video conferencing software development is the lack of cyber security of major players in the industry. Swiftly scaling solutions to support a remote workforce have highlighted the threats of video conferencing security that many companies use for communication. A respondent to an (ISC)2 survey stated that COVID-19 hit organizations with all the necessary ingredients to fuel cybercrime.

We ensured VidRTC to have the highest level of security. All connections will be protected and encrypted according to DTLS and SRTP protocols. Furthermore, WebRTC only works over an HTTPS protocol, and all sites that will use our technology must be signed with a certificate.

Pre-made engine with video and audio calls on board

Customize an engine and transform it into a custom application

More details

Pre-made engine with video and audio calls on board
Pre-made engine with video and audio calls on board

We also provide solutions with OAUTH 2.0 – the authentication standard that Facebook and Google use. All links generated through VidRTC are only valid for 24 hours, and all user data will not be stored. It is HIPAA, GDPR, HL7, AIPA SOC compliant.

We made sure that VidRTC can be easily customized to any use case and all industries. It supports basic features, such as video calls, scheduling, appointment management, broadcasting, and text messages. It best fits the following industries:

  • Event management. There are features of virtual booths and panel discussions for big audiences.
  • Healthcare. VidRTC can be used for online appointments with EHR integration and appointment management.
  • Real estate. It brings benefits both for clients and real estate agents by providing virtual houses and video tours.
  • Education. One of the best use cases of VidRTC as it has options of broadcasts, lectures, and online collaboration boards.
  • Fintech, Banking & Insurance. Secure internal video calls, document exchange, and messaging are the best features one can get for the financial industry.
  • Entertainment. Video chats, streaming, and social networking have become a focal point of modern society.

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Case Studies

Our clients have already appreciated the high quality and usability of this engine. One of the examples is Event10X – an online and hybrid events service provider. It allows organizing conferences & exhibitions with private and group networking. It is delivered through video calls, messaging, broadcasting to over 15000 people, and doing it all simultaneously. The virtual expo software solution development was dedicated to the launch of a huge international online event. Even though we had very tight deadlines, with the help of VidRTC, our team aced the whole process and provided the client with a working solution. We're proud to hold an award from the UAE Ministry of Economy for developing the Events10X solution. The ministry could bring over 16,000 local and international attendees online during the pandemic.

Another successful use of VidRTC is HIPAA Video. It is a brand new web-based communications and video conferencing application for accessible healthcare and medical advice compliant with HIPAA standards. Created by a startup company from the US, it offers a new medium for online interaction with physicians and patients. HIPAA Video aims to revolutionize doctor-patient relationships and reduce the costs of healthcare worldwide. With the help of VidRTC the project took less than a year. We've built a robust web tech health application that shows great output in all browsers in its course. Our techs have laid down a versatile solution that covers doctors' and patients' needs for medical data storage, transfer, and scheduling.

Developed with the VidRTC engine, French Real Estate Association's Mobile App provides a powerful proptech tool for agents. It streamlines collaboration between professionals in the real estate industry that presents real-time information regarding the properties available for purchase or rental. The app addresses a lack of transparency and communication between members of the real estate establishment. Realtors and agents using this app enjoy a distinct advantage over their competitors who are not using the solution.

According to PwC, 72% of US executives are planning to invest in virtual collaboration tools. Yahoo Finance predicts a 12.7% CAGR – the video conferencing market is projected to expand from 2020 to 2028, and Deloitte states that the telehealth virtual visit solutions market will reach $8 billion in 2022. If these facts don't persuade you to develop your own video conferencing tool based on our VidRTC solution, then we can! Contact us to learn more about all the exciting opportunities it offers you.

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