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Are you the best tipster?
Imagine that you use the Netflix or Spotify of Sports Betting. Get to know how Softermii developed an Android and iOS mobile app as well as an Administrator panel for a leading Fantasy Sports Betting company in Denmark.
01- Intro

The Company

Swipeleague is a subscription based Fantasy Sports Betting company where users place and share predictions. All of these forecasts are placed on real sporting events and odds in order to win cash prizes. The major difference with other betting companies is that it offers a simple and powerful thrill in betting not against the house, but competing against a multitude of our players that are engaged in competition. This makes the win even more exciting.

app on mobile

The company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Being a creative project that combines the functionality of sports betting and social networking, Softermii needed to offer the required insights into the gaming industry and have a development finesse to manage such functional complexity. We were excited to think out and develop on this challenging combination.

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02- Concept

The Challenge

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Our client only had the idea and concept to offer. So when we started work together, we had to think through and develop the app that offered not only the list of football matches to make bets on but also entertains users with possibilities to follow and challenge each other in a way that is highly engaging and profitable for the company.

app on MacBook
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“Softermii made a great effort to offer a great UI and an incredibly easy to use the app. They were able to create fun and engaging mobile environment for our users, and a functional web-based admin panel for my team to work in. I love the seamless integration they offered that allows me to focus on business rather than chasing the bugs.”
Mikael Laustsen, CEO at Swipeleague
03- Development

The Solution

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Since the Swipeleague’s inception in January 2013, Softermii has been a key development partner of the company. We developed a sports betting mobile app with gamification elements from the ground up. As for the iOS app, we did the development using Swift. The Android app was developed using Kotlin, which is the latest hit with top-notch companies like Uber and Pinterest. This state-of- the-art programming language is concise, safe, interoperable and tool-friendly. It allows for a shorter development time with fewer bugs and higher user satisfaction ratio.

app view on iPhone

We offer Swipeleague users an array of options like:

  • – in-app purchases,
  • – push notifications,
  • – language localization in English and Danish,
  • – advanced UI animation and more.

The backend development was done on Ruby on Rails for both the Android and iOS apps. The development time from start to finish was only 6 months with the continued support of the apps after that. The app has received high acclaim from customers for its usability, the stability of operations and therefore has a 4.5-star rating on both app stores. The added benefit for the product owner is the ease of adding or removing features to advance the app in due time.

03- Engage

The Result

one more ball

In the process of development, Softermii put together all of the company’s experience from related spheres and came up with a mobile app solution with top-notch UI/UX, mobile apps functionality, as well as easy product administration workflow on the web and its automation. This resulted in a smooth and captivating experience for users and easy process management for the product owners. In almost 3 years with Softermii, Swipeleague took note of compelling and concrete benefits of such cooperation. The efficient processes and ability to engage a constant flow of bets, let the company receive thousands of recurring paying users in their new mobile app. Now they are on the road to raise a Series A financing round to become highly competitive in the Scandinavian market.

After completing our cooperation, Softermii can take pride in:

  • - Developing a mobile app and administrators’ panel from the concept to full-scale realization;
  • - Helping the сompany attract a large number of people that use the app in a competitive market;
  • - Ensuring great UX/UI and ease of use to attract and retain customers;
  • - Securing the app meets all industry requirements and is available both on App Store and Google Play with great customer reviews.

The app is free to download and has a free trial period. We devised 3 subscription plans based on timeframes and financial rewards to suit all customer requirements.


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Softermii has a hard commitment towards the project delivery on time without any delay.

We ended up by having a very attractive product that can compete with any other virtual platform.

Walid Farghal, Event10x. Director General

Softermii are great with time management and produce high-quality work.

Because of how satisfied we've been with their work on this project, we're exploring bringing them in on a new project as well.

Muna Al Hashemi, Founder of a Proptech Startup

They were really on top of everything.

They know how important my timelines were and they made sure that they're dead to them and got everything done quickly.

Reece Samani, CEO & Founder, Locum App, London

The team is really flexible with picking up urgent bugs.

I found that is a really good working relationship in that sense that the prices are very reasonable and they are accessible even over the weekend.

Duncan Mitchell, Managing Director, Co-Founder at TempTribe, London

Softermii delivered a technically sophisticated app.

It integrates multi-party video conferences with social media dynamics. These guys proven to be a professional, reliable, and effective partner.

David Levine, Founder, Scoby Social

I would highly recommend Softermii for any programming needs.

I am consistently impressed by the quality of the work and team effort brought forth by everyone that we've worked with.

Ashley Lewis, VP of Product, Dollar Shave Club

Excellent programming skills and timely delivery.

They were able to take our poorly documented description and deliver a world-class app.

Folabi Ogunkoya, Founder, Cococure

They delivered amazing results and worked through holidays to make sure I could deliver on the project deadline.

The results were consistently top quality and the devs are friendly and responsive.

Shervin Delband, Director of US Operations, ITRex Group
  • event10x

    Walid Farghal

    Event10x. Director General

  • muna

    Muna Al Hashemi

    Founder of a Proptech Startup

  • locum

    Reece Samani

    CEO & Founder, Locum App, London

  • temptribe

    Duncan Mitchell

    Managing Director, Co-Founder at TempTribe, London

  • scoby

    David Levine

    Founder, Scoby Social

  • shave

    Ashley Lewis

    VP of Product, Dollar Shave Club

  • cococure

    Folabi Ogunkoya

    Founder, Cococure

  • itrex

    Shervin Delband

    Director of US Operations, ITRex Group

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