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How to Create a Music Streaming App

15 September 2021 • 11 min read
How to Create a Music Streaming App
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Statista indicates that the general revenue in the music streaming app sector is projected to reach $33.7 billion by 2025. What does it promise to you? One thing only! It is an amazing opportunity for any entrepreneur to enter the market and invest in music streaming app development!

Of course, there is strong competition in this business already. If you want to create a music app like Spotify, you should carefully pick a tech partner and implement all the must-have features of a successful solution. For your benefit, Softermii experts share their knowledge on the topic and describe in detail how to develop an audio streaming app that will win the hearts of your listeners.

About this article

This post reveals the main principles of building a music streaming app. In our overview, you'll find all the up-to-date information on current trends, main music streaming types, and key functions you should implement. What's more, we'll describe a step-by-step process of building an on-demand audio streaming app like Spotify and spot the main challenges with the ways to overcome them.

Softermii experts have broad experience in delivering software development services of any type, and we'll be happy to be your dedicated team for the music app development project.

Music App Development Trends

Modern software in 2021-2023 should be customer-centric. We live in a world of mass personalization that touches all the spheres, ranging from hyper-personalized medicine in healthcare to Starbucks-like personalized customer experience in coffee shops. And the music industry is not an exception to this rule.

So, how to build a music app in this new reality? The answer applies to all spheres: you should investigate your customers, deliver the service they will love, and introduce the rich functionality of top market representatives. If you want to create a music platform, you are to follow the examples of Spotify, YouTube Music, iTunes, and Pandora.

Even though these applications are equally successful in their niche, their types and functions are different. That's why you should always start by determining which type of streamers you want to build.

Types of Music Streaming Services

A music streaming app, or the technology of wireless delivering media in digital format, can take several appearances. Namely, there are three main types on the market today: a music library, cloud storage, and radio stations. We'll briefly describe each of them.

Music Library

This app type allows users to upload their tracks and create a music library in the app. This feature is not available in Spotify, but platforms like Google Music, SoundCloud, and Pandora have it. These apps have turned the music library feature into their competitive advantage in the music streaming market.

Cloud Storage

Here, users can save their music online on a public cloud without the need to upload it and store it elsewhere offline. This way, listeners can stream their favorite songs anywhere they like. The only condition is the Internet connection. Examples of music streaming apps of this type include pCloud and Beat.

Radio Stations

The most popular music streaming apps of this type are Apple Music and iHeartRadio. Their determining feature is grouping various stations and tracks into thematic categories. Users can play the track view in such a podcast on any device.

Key Features of Custom Music Streaming App

When you decide to create your own music streaming app, it's important to include all the basic functionality to make it truly effective. Here is the set of features that guarantees maximum personalization and engagement in your custom solution.

music streaming app development


Add an option to auto-recommend relevant music for listening. The accuracy of these recommendations determines your success — especially if you want to develop a music app like Spotify. Because of this, be generous with investing in algorithm-based auto-generated track searches. That's one of the greatest competitive advantages in this market.

For example, you can recommend top trending artists. This way, your listeners will see which music is popular today right in their admin panel.

audio & music app developers


Preferences are another feature your listeners will warmly welcome. Here, AI-based algorithms can access the statistics of tracks played to see the most liked songs or albums and create personalized playlists for listeners. This feature saves users' time on creating such playlists manually and searching for favorite songs.

Personalized Notifications feature while building music & audio streaming app

Personalized Notifications

Mobile notifications are a feature to use wisely. Generally, sending notifications is a great feature to maintain your users and increase their engagement. But there's a thin line between good and irritating marketing practice.

So, how to create a music streaming service users will love to revisit? Dedicate some time to design highly personalized and user-friendly announcements that will make an on-demand audio streaming app interesting and useful for listeners. They may include an album release of their favorite artist or a tour announcement of their most frequently played band.

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Social Sharing feature while developing an on-demand music streaming service

Social Sharing

People love talking about music and sending their favorite songs to friends, so let them spread the word easily! The ability to share content from a streaming app to social media is a must-have feature of any music streaming app.

How to Build a Music App like Spotify: A Step-by-Step Guide

Spotify has established a high standard in the music streaming industry, and overcoming its fame is a severe challenge for each newcomer. But basically, the success of this streaming music app is the result of careful development and thoughtful design of relevant features. By knowing which processes to follow and functions to add exactly, you can make such a great music streaming app too!

Here’s the exact way how to make a music app like Spotify:

  1. Licensing
  2. Finding music developers
  3. Execute Discovery
  4. Create UI/UX prototype
  5. Develop an MVP
  6. Testing
  7. Release and maintenance


The music industry has a strict copyright policy, and you should address it while building an on-demand audio streaming app. It is a long and important process you should perform in the first place. Otherwise, the core offering of your platform — an ability to listen to music artists and their albums — will become impossible.

Consult with your lawyers to make sure everything will work as you imagine. After reaching an agreement and making all the arrangements, the rule is simple: your music platform should always respect musicians and their rights. Otherwise, you may appear in the center of controversy or public scandal.

If you follow the example of Spotify, this music streaming company pays royalty rewards to the artists.

Finding Music Developers

Not each software development team can create an audio streaming app. We recommend searching for a partner with a proven experience and a relevant tech stack in the entertainment industry for this task.

Finding true tech talents is essential. Interview your developers as elaborately as possible to check if they know how to develop a music streaming app of your choice. You should discuss your ideas and get the vision of their realization and the exact specialists who will perform it at this stage.

Execute Discovery

Once you've gathered a team for your software development project, you should plan it in detail. This stage means searching for the product-market fit with the definition of unique selling points, finding your target audience, and conducting the competitors' analysis. Considering the sharp rivalry in the music market, you should create an audio streaming app that can stand it.

Also, it would help if you calculated the estimated price to build a music app before actually coding it. This way, you can save time and money and prevent unpleasant surprises. You can think of future app monetization too. The most popular tactic is offering a freemium model, where the basic functionality is available for free, and premium users get a better service and some extra features upon subscription.

We, at Softermii, always check with clients the set of desired features and the necessary steps to develop them. After reaching an agreement, we present the cost of the service requested.

Project scope Role Timeline Projected cost
  • Solution description
  • User Roles definition
  • App platform(s) definition
  • BRD - MVP specification
  • Accelerators definition
  • Roadmap creation



From 2 weeks

From 4000$

Softermii Logo

Create UI/UX prototype

The visual attractiveness and effective functionality significantly contribute to building brand awareness of your music app. At this stage, your strategic task is to create a great product users will love.

If you want to produce a nice-looking mobile app like Spotify, keep in touch with your development team and elaborate your creative ideas together as wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.

Project scope Role Timeline Projected cost
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Navigation concept
  • Site Map
  • Wireframes in Figma
  • Concept design of key pages
  • Dynamic Protopype in Figma



From 3 weeks

From 6000$

Softermii Logo

Develop an MVP

An MVP (a minimum viable product) is the product version that contains only the basic functionality to check whether the software can survive in the market. MVP development has specific rules and principles your tech partner should follow.

Among all, your viable product should be affordable. The very MVP idea is to reach maximum productivity for the minimum budget. Design it carefully. Together with the team, it would be best if you worked on MVP prospecting, lead generation, testing your audience, and finding the balance.

All in all, MVP development for an audio streaming app like Spotify includes the basic knowledge of Python and JavaScript, the ability to work with memory caching systems, and player integration.

Each extra feature requires corresponding tech expertise: for example, registration calls for an ability to integrate Facebook, Instagram, and email in your app. That's why it's important to find a development team experienced in crafting music app features of your choice.

Project scope Role Timeline Projected cost
  • Logical Architecture
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Tech Stack definition
  • Tech Risk and mitigation Strategy
  • Development plan creation based on BRD specification
  • Development of Mobile App
  • Development of WEB interface
  • Source Code (Unit&Component Tests)
  • RC Build
  • Tech Documentation






From 2 months

Starting from $38 000

Softermii Logo


Even the basic structure of your music streaming app requires careful testing. In reality, even the best product idea will fail from the myriad of tiny mistakes and irritating bugs. That's why you shouldn't omit the QA testing stage during music streaming app development.

QA team involvement is part of a full-scale development process, which requires full-spectrum checkup and responsibility for calling a product ready for deployment. The key to success here is finding a responsive team with outstanding attention to detail and the ability to check common and non-obvious customer experience scenarios.

Project scope Role Timeline Projected cost
  • Requirements testing
  • Test Planning
  • Test Documentation preparation
  • Testing execution
  • User testing support
  • Quality Report
  • Support of feedback gathering and processing



From 3 weeks

From 4800$

Softermii Logo

Release and Maintenance

The release day isn't the moment to forget about your software. On the contrary, it's high time to collect customer feedback and provide the necessary adjustments in your music app to make it stand out on the market.

Once your app starts growing, you can consider adding extra features to address your target audience's needs. What's more, you can include Spotify-like monetization. This mobile streaming app uses two strategies in this regard: premium accounts and running advertisements.

Music Streaming App Development Challenges

Here, we'll describe two main development problems for music platforms so you can create a music streaming app hassle-free.

It’s Expensive to Make a Music App

Indeed, adding all the Spotify-like features from the get-go will be extremely costly. However, you can concentrate on the core functionality for an MVP launch and then add cheap integrations step-by-step.

For determining the core features in the MVP, review your USP and budget limitations. Consult your tech provider to determine the list of technologies to achieve maximum business benefit and create an attractive music streaming product.

Licensing is Tough

In other places, it's possible to use free music for non-commercial usage, but music streaming apps are not the case. Here, you cannot avoid solving licensing problems, but that's the only great obstacle on the way to mobile streaming app development. After release, be prepared to pay royalty rewards to artists.

We recommend cooperating with professional lawyers and starting the entire software development from this step. Do it to eat the frog and build confidence that your streaming app won't waste time and money because of bureaucratic difficulties.

Contact Softermii Team to Make an Audio Streaming App!

Softermii developers know how to create a music app, and we'll be glad to deliver this service for you! Contact our experts if you need more information or want to create a custom streaming platform with Spotify-like features and success on the music market.

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