Fireside App and Future of Social Audio Startups

Fireside App and Future of Social Audio Startups

26 March 2021 • 6 min read

In the United States alone, 71% of Americans prefer voice technology to physically typing and 75% are familiar with podcasts. Furthermore, studies show that voice technology lowers costs, enhances productivity, and improves operational performance.


It’s clear that voice technology is becoming increasingly popular - and for good reason. Anyone with access to the internet or a smartphone can start a conversation. They can also create a real-time connection without the drawbacks of text and video conversations.

This new type of social media, called social audio, allows users to create an intimate medium. Podcasters can create interactive, live discussions in which listeners may participate, while family, friends, and colleagues can connect with each other in a less invasive, yet still meaningful, manner.

In this article, we will examine Fireside, a podcasting service, and how they plan to use social audio to change the current real-time conversation app market. We will also delve into features and three social audio startups to keep an eye on.

What is Fireside?

Fireside is a podcasting service that promotes and encourages audience participation. Founded by Mark Cuban and Falon Fatemi, it is one of the newest platforms to enter the social audio industry. It also allows podcast creators to broadcast and record live, interactive conversations.

future of social audio startups - fireside

Planned to go public later this year, Fireside aims to provide a two-way broadcasting platform. Instead of building an echo chamber like pre-recorded podcasts, hosts will be able to communicate with their listeners in real-time. These exclusive conversations can then be distributed via major streaming platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

Fireside will be the next-generation podcast platform, producing highly curated experiences that will make live voice chats a regular way to connect online. Podcasters will also have new opportunities to monetize their work as consumers will have more ways to access new content.

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How Fireside’s Creators Will Disrupt The Current Real-time Conversation Apps With Social Audio

Cuban and Fatemi believe that today’s social media platforms are heavily constrained. These mediums struggle to have interactive conversations because they are limited by a lack of interactivity and contextual comprehension and one-way broadcasting.

Text-based chatrooms do not have the influence of intonation and video interactions create needless concern about appearances and backgrounds. Social media posts are also considered as broadcasts rather than invites to engage in dialogue. With social audio, users can communicate with one another in real-time and listeners can actively participate in dialogues.

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fireside will disrupt social audio startup market

Social Audio App Trends and Features

3D Audio

Users will have a better sense of spatial presence as 3D audio will control the sounds depending on where the person is located. This is primarily used for AR and VR interactions.

Audio Analysis

Users can have access to an in-depth analysis of conversations, including habits and influences. This report can also distinguish who is speaking and who isn’t.

Embedded Everywhere

Live conversations can begin on any website and app. Users will be able to communicate and talk with others in real-time, as well as listen to recorded conversations. Instead of email communication forms, companies would use audio forms that allow consumers to talk with an employee right away.

Integration of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Fans will be able to support their favorite creators by purchasing cryptocurrencies, either with existing coins or with creator-branded coins. When the creator’s popularity and influence grow, so will the value of their coins.

Premium Experiences

Users can have the option to enjoy premium experiences, such as background noise removal, noise cancellation, spatial audio, and voice filters.

Record and Publish

Creators will be able to record and publish conversations as episodes of their podcasts. This unique content can be expanded with simple integration with streaming services, such as Apple and Spotify.

Select Recording

Users will only be able to record a subset of conversations rather than all of them. This will protect the privacy of users who just want to have a casual conversation without fear of going public. At the same time, however, it will allow users who want to create more professional content to do so.

Unique Rooms

Users can be recommended and guided to specific voice chatrooms based on their location, mood, and hobbies.

Most Promising Social Audio Startups To Follow

These are the top three best voice chatting startups in the market. To create a successful business model, these are the voice chat app startups to follow.


Clubhouse is a platform where users can spontaneously enter audio chatrooms and participate in voice chats. Conversations are not recorded so users are expected to participate or risk missing out. It also guarantees that each conversation is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated.

It currently has over two million active users and is one of the most successful social audio companies.

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Cappuccino is an audio-based app designed to create a more intimate environment. Users can record a short voice clip once per day and send it to family and friends. This recording can be anything - a life update, joke, or a concept - and it will be delivered in the form of a presentation, fully mixed with music.

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This application strives to be more user-friendly and personalized than most other social media platforms.


Yac is an asynchronous voice communication platform designed specifically for the business world. Since each clip is only two minutes long, all interactions are fast, precise, and simple. Its goal is to build a platform where coworkers can have direct, to-the-point conversations.

Yac also records each message so that users can replay the clip as many times as they want. Since the recordings are just two minutes long, they are easy to listen to and they encourage users to return to listen to them.

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Softermii’s WebRTC Experience

Building an audio social network app isn’t easy, nor is building a podcast social network app. To create real-time conversation apps that can compete in the market, you will need a team that has experience with social audio platform development.

At Softermii, our WebRTC software development solutionsWebRTC software development solutions can help you build that customized social audio app. Our team understands the complexities and challenges that come with application development and social audio adoption. As such, we work closely with our clients to understand what they need and what kind of voice chat apps on Android or iOS that they want.

We provide expert management, quality assurance, and product service to ensure that you are fully pleased with the finished product.

Softermii's CEO Takeaway

Social audio is here to stay, and the demand for it is expanding rapidly. Clubhouse alone has over three million users, raised $100 million, and has a valuation of $1 billion - and other social media platforms are racing to catch up. After all, the future of voice chat apps is bright and it is a largely untapped market with major monetization opportunities waiting to be discovered.

This modern medium of communication will soon become commonplace and be integrated into every corner of the internet. It is expected that the market will continue to rise in popularity over the next 12 to 18 months, so now is the best time to get involved in the audio business.

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