Review of Floorwatch app: how to ensure fast store associates’ response to customers

02 May 2017 • 4 min read
Review of Floorwatch app: how to ensure fast store associates’ response to customers
Andrii Horiachko
Written by Andrii Horiachko
Co-Founder and CTO at Softermii

You’d be forgiven for thinking that most brick-and-mortar stores are losing the competition to online retailers. Your regular store looks and behaves pretty much like any other: a customer enters the floor and is immediately flooded with the unnecessary attention of the staff. But the potential buyer hasn’t even had a chance to look at the products, and therefore disregards such attempts and asks to be left alone to ponder. But when an associate is actually needed to help make a purchase, he can never be found. This causes customers to experience unnecessary frustration while shopping and may make them leave the store for good and by online.

Floorwatch app may be the solution you need to have a frustration-free shopping experience. Their team has conducted an in-depth field study and surveyed over 1,100 shoppers about their shopping habits in stores. By analyzing the responses, parsing the data, they discovered the number one problem in stores today, namely, when buyers need help in making the final choice, they often can’t find it.

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The app boast that it can provide help in a number of ways:

Firstly, by downloading the free app on you Android or iOS smartphone, you can just tap a button and “send up a flare” to get a customer rep running to you. Floorwatch is unlike any other app on the market as it does not utilize any extra tech like Bluetooth beacons. It simply places a virtual geofence at 57000 retail locations that work with the app in the US.

“Flares” are the small chat windows that pop up on the store’s Floorwatch admin window that directs a team member to provide immediate help to buyers on the store floor. The request can be acknowledged by an associate in one click with a message shown on client’s phone that he/she will receive immediate assistance.

Secondly, you can “call for help.” When a shopper visits a store during normal business hours, and there is no associate logged in and using the app, shoppers can make a call when inside the store’s geofence. This call will be connected to the customer service department that would be able to direct the sales person to the buyer in the store.

Thirdly, you get all contact info by simply clicking on the store button in the app: you can call them, email or go to their website to see what offers they have at hand.

To start using the app, you need to DOWNLOAD THE FREE APP and proceed to log in using your Facebook or Google account. Immediately a number of nearest stores pop up, and you can choose the nearest one to shop and contact.


The top features offered by the app are:

  • List of locations, sorted by proximity to your mobile device
  • Filtered search of locations, sorted by proximity
  • Display distance and geofence range
  • Location details, such as store address and hours
  • Open map for driving directions
  • Open website in browser
With Floorwatch you get no more frustrations by having associates in your face when you don’t need it. Become a king of the store floor and see associates running to you only when you need their help in making a choice.

For retailers, the advantages are similarly great. You can equip the salespeople on the floor to find the shoppers that really want to make a purchase the very instant they need it. Afterwards, you are provided with 100% accurate personal experiences that can help you gather enough quality data to improve your customer service and sales rates constantly.


When customers come to you for help, make them walk away happy as happy buyers

To start you get a free 30 Day Trial that is a $199 value with 100 free flares and free additional locations if you want to test the app on all of your locations at once. You also get unlimited customer calls for help and can add an unlimited number of team members that can provide assistance in your stores. The app’s dashboard collects data and makes customizable reports that are of high value to improve your business model and stay on top of the competition, both brick-and-mortar and online. If you are unsure of the results, Floorwatch provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and you can cancel at any time. This is a new way to get a competitive edge and get shoppers inside your store and make more sales.

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How Floorwatch works for retailers

Over 57000 shops are already available in Floorwatch app and are ready to answer on customer’s call for help. Once the shoppers come in the geofence, sales rep need not worry about reaching out to customers at an inappropriate time as the customers will call for help via Floorwatch app when needed. Your business will get fewer complaints about not being able to find the help when needed by buyers, and this, in turn, will raise your public image and improve the number of successful sales.

For the store manager and the head office, there is a web-based dashboard with real-time reports and insights into the number of customers served and their satisfaction levels. Mind that Floorwatch requires no beacons and the integration of the app is very straightforward. You team members can start using it from the get-go without any extra instruction. You don’t have to spend on complex tech solutions or iPad deployments in your store as all of the software is in the cloud.

When the customer has been helped, the shopper is asked to rate the visit, and the quality and speed of the help received. It is important to know that these comments are available only to the administrator unless you decide to share it with your other customers. The whole process is captured in your web-based dashboard that is easily accessible and can be downloaded and reviewed at any time.

Floorwatch has been developed by Softermii, a leading web development company for those who value their time. If you would like to get to know more about the process of app development, feel free to read the company’s case study of the app.

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