The story behind JibJab app success

04 August 2017 • 3 min read
The story behind JibJab app success
Slava Vaniukov
Written by Slava Vaniukov
Co-Founder and CEO at Softermii

JibJab is “the Greatest GIF messaging app ever,” according to Gizmodo. PandoDaily illustrated it as a “chock full of... gems.” That’s what people say about JibJab these days. It didn’t all begin with a mobile app that is integrated with the Facebook iMessage and has millions of users. It all started over 18 years ago very differently, and the company had to evolve to reach the point where it is associated almost entirely with its mobile app.


Intro about the company

JibJab is a company that specializes in digital media content. Its primary goal is to create funny pictures, GIFs and short clips that gain viral traction and get shared thousands of times online. Being a true pioneer in producing and distributing online entertainment for over 18 years.

Recently the company decided to go mobile heads-on and ordered an advanced mobile app developed by Softermii. This app lets users add their photos to the cloud GIF creation system and get some of the funniest Internet’s memes starring themselves.

As stated in the company’s profile, JibJab works only with the best developers, designers, technologists, and business people to produce world-class original entertainment on the Internet.


How it all started

JibJab had humble beginnings when two brothers decided to start producing animated projects for media giants like Disney. Gregg, one of the brothers, recently said that it all almost crashed in 2001, when the need for such services and economic hardship in the US factored in.

The breakthrough unwittingly happened in 2004. JibJab’s presidential electoral animation parody "This Land" amassed millions of viewers. The initial way to start making money was by charging customers per video download on their website, or for a DVD shipment.


From website to mobile app

JibJab initially used only its website to provide fun ways to interact with your friends. But that changed and more and more users embracing their smartphones, it became evident that a great mobile app will open new options for them compared to a mere web version. That’s where they employed Softermii to work together with the in-house team to offer customers the real JibJab experience on mobile. By updating their product, we were able to push the company’s public image, and the app was written about in the USA Today and on TechCrunch. The more important thing is that the app has an average 4.5-star rating on App Store and Play Market with 3500+ reviews on each.


JibJab’s functionality and intuitive design in the mobile app

A key part of JibJab’s strategy is boosting mobile app functionality and providing an intuitive design that increases the time consumers spend in their apps. The major challenge was in envisaging and developing such a unique app that beats the competition and enables users to seamlessly create funny content on their smartphones and share it with their friends and family in a blink of an eye.

JibJab already had a great mobile website for its users. The goal was to convert users from the web to a mobile platform to boost retention rates and achieve high mobile app downloads for iOS and Android. They required professional mobile software development services that Softermii could offer.

Preserving complete access to all of JibJab features while designing and creating a cleaner and updated look that is resilient in the future is a challenge of its own.

“Softermii made it incredibly easy to use the app and create fun pics. I love how you can choose between various GIFs and eCards while preserving great usability and speed of the web version.”

– Marketing Manager at JibJab


Features behind app’s success

JibJab needed to provide its users with a pioneering and premium content, so Softermii added the following new features and updated the old ones:

  • Easily connect the app with all major social media or email
  • Instant selfie snap to use in funny GIFs and videos
  • Straightforward access to the pictures of your friends’ faces to easily create animation
  • Provide proper levels of synchronization when creating new animations
  • One-click sharing of JibJab app with friends to install on their mobile devices, and more.


iMessage integration as a way to further gains

On September 12, 2016, Apple launched its iMessage App Store during, and JibJab was among the first ones on the marketplace. Such a move is statically confirmed to be of benefit, as all the entertainment app publishers that enabled and embedded their core functionality into iMessage have an average boost in downloads of at least 39%. With this new update, users can launch JibJab app from within the iMessage that was pretty much turned it into an app platform that boosts communication in its various textual forms.

Such cooperation led to a tremendous growth for JibJab that was an early mover and got featured in the new App Store. And such growth happened within just a few days after launch. JibJab grew 1583% in a week! If you are interested in how such successful mobile app development is possible, then visit our dedicated web page.


“The level and amount of work done by Softermii is just outstanding. They literally changed the mobile look of JibJab.”

– Chief Designer at JibJab



Not many users remember JibJab as the first viral video production company. The company’s mission has always been to influence people on a daily basis and let them have pure fun, not just on special occasions like birthdays or holidays. Through a new mobile app, JibJab realized this dream and became handy and simple for all to use.

Gregg Spiridellis, JibJab Co-Founder, recently said to a group of young entrepreneurs that they should understand and appreciate what’s been done in the past. But they shouldn’t get stuck in the old ways, as the only way to go forward is to reinvent yourself. That was the only way how JibJab survived for 16 years.

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