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Our 3 Awesome Real Estate Apps to Make Your Life Easier

20 June 2018 • 6 min read
Our 3 Awesome Real Estate Apps to Make Your Life Easier
Andrii Horiachko
Written by Andrii Horiachko
Co-Founder and CTO at Softermii

Managing real estate is not very easy, right? Whether it’s moving to a new place or curating multiple premises that you own, dealing with the nuances can be difficult, and we know this firsthand. Today, multiple startups have put it on themselves to improve things. We at Softermii are proud to have been playing our part in helping these companies and hopefully getting at least a few problems out of your hair. Here are some of the digital solutions we’ve created to do so:




Continuing to rent a place you like is only fine as long as everything is okay. But as soon as something’s going wrong and you need urgent repairs, the experience can rapidly go from “great” to a definite “no”. And the worst part is that it will take forever for you to badger the landlord to do something about it. Those who have rented a place at least once in their lifetime are sure to know it. More often than not the owner is just too busy to remember that you needed something. This is the exact issue Proper takes head-on.

Proper is a unique platform for tenants, landlords and housework contractors designed to resolve the problem of communication in case of any household incidents. Now, when anything happens in your place  (boiler gets broken, rodent invasion etc.), you can easily reach out to your landlord and tell him or her to do something about it. Which is to involve a third-party contractor right there in the app and resolve your issue rapidly.

The app possesses a very fluid workflow that fully caters to the needs of all three parties. Tenant photographs the problematic area and creates a request for the landlord to fix it. Afterward, the landlord creates a job for the contractor. When the work is done and your place is back to normal, the contractor has the means to verify that everything is in order with the landlord and receive the due payment. This way we achieve a highly viable workflow for a quick resolution to any issues that inevitably arise in case with living quarters of any kind.

Overall, Proper packs immense value not only for the tenants but for the landlords themselves as this is an amazing medium they can use to take the level of their service to new heights and rise above their highly competitive environment.

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The National Association of Realtors is the biggest trade association in the entire world accounting 1.50 million individuals involved and around 3 million of actual real estate agents active in US. The potential of the industry has never been questioned. So much that the realm of real estate had continuously gotten away with accumulating massive income without any need to modernize its workflows or evolve together with technology. However, the opportunities are lying in plain sight. It’s only a question of time that someone finds and uses them to get the upper hand. One of such cases was Rently.

For a property manager, it is definitely not easy to show all of your potential clients around multiple locations scattered all over a huge city. Time is money, gas is certainly money as well, and so you need to decide how to arrange your schedule. This kind of a deal can get you booked for months and you know that your potential clients will surely find this highly inconvenient. Thus it’s your loss but not for any longer. With Rently you don’t need to visit the location to give your client a tour. The product team has devised a unique solution that revolutionizes the property business as we know it. It allows your clients to visit your places without supervision. As for our part, Softermii is behind the app that makes this whole idea possible.

Of course, there is a number of things that can go wrong in the kind of equation offered here, but Rently has everything covered with its unique approach when it comes to unsupervised showing process. It all starts in our app. The client gets onboard the app and requests access after finding a preferable site in the catalog. The manager is granting access and then the app is generating a unique entry code that is forwarded to the user. Obviously, it would have been much trouble to fit each individual apartment with any kind of digital entry process and replace the conventional door lock. For this reason, the team at Rently had created the Smart Lockbox which is what makes the concept so special. The uniquely generated code issued by the app goes into a neat little access device fitted at building entrance. If the code is correct, it gives the physical key to enter the right room. That’s it, you can give yourself a tour and explore the place as you like to. When you’re done, just put the key back into the Smart Lockbox and you’re all set.

As for the Property Manager, the risks that go with letting a stranger in are covered by confirming the payment details of the potential client prior to them visiting the location. Generally, Rently is optimizing the property market as you know it all the while saving you a tremendous amount of staffing costs.

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More often than anyone anywhere, Americans get their stuff and move to a new place. Over 24% of US citizens change residence every 5 years . Exactly the reason why so many innovators are competing to create a better experience and win the client base. One of the best out there is RadPad. Its main focus is offering the most informative property listing by the means of showing you as much high-definition imagery as possible. The platform is even going as far as individually contacting the landlords to improve their listings by adding more images. 

RadPad allows renters to look for a new apartment, home or condo and avail of a transparent interaction with the property owners. When choosing a new place of residence, they get access to at least three images for each potential place as well as the optional video-tour. The geo-location choice capabilities are all there, allowing the user to choose the most preferable spot in regards to logistics. As for the latter, clients can use DriveTime, an internal calculator which lets you see how much time it would take for you to get to work by walking, driving a bike, your car or multiple types of available public transport. The users may even stumble across a neighborhood they are fond of and peruse the dynamic listings in real-time as they move. The messenger functionality is in order and clients can talk to the renters to schedule on-premise meetings. The messages are marked as read after they are viewed. Each renter goes through an identity check and has to confirm their phone and state-issued photo ID as well as to renew property listings at least once in two weeks. One of the most essential features the tenant can use is paying the rent right there in RadPad. In-app payments are available with any major debit or credit card ever since 2014.

Right now, RadPad is riding the tide as one of the major residential renting services on US soil. Having started in LA, today, it has conquered such major cities as Dallas, Chicago, Miami, New York City, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Monica, and Washington DC.

In the U.S. alone real estate is the largest asset class when it comes to investment, worth $40 trillion and leaving fixed income, healthcare and equity far behind. Real estate loans are the largest in their class as well with around $12 trillion that go for mortgages which is exponentially higher than the overall citizen credit card debt of $882 billion. Each year new real estate debt is issued in the amount of $1.6 trillion. Only $500 billion of this debt is commercial real estate while $1.1 trillion is residential. So you could say it’s profitable.

It’s about time that real estate had started to take advantage of the explosive innovation that’s becoming a part of our lives with each day. There is still much room to implement information technology when it comes to such areas of real estate as urban planning as well as data-driven insights. Today, agents can offer highly personalized opportunities depending on clients’ needs. The same goes for the ways real estate projects are funded and managed. Add to that the immersive VR experiences, automated valuation models and much more. The commercial real estate is estimated to hit 1 trillion by 2030. These is office buildings, malls, motels, supermarkets, industrial property. The technological coverage has largely been untapped with very few exceptions. Right now, concealing a massive undercurrent of ample rewards to the innovators who will rise to the challenge of reshaping it for better in the coming years.

Each one of the projects is yet another milestone in the technical revolution sweeping the world. We are happy to have been a part of these amazing initiatives that help millions of people today. Make sure to check the full list of our past projects, as well as some of our company awards we’ve obtained over the last year.

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