Software Developers Salary Guide For 2019

Software Developers Salary Guide For 2019

26 April 2019 • 8 min read

The software development industry is growing rapidly and the salaries of software developers and engineers are following the tendency to be among the highest of the world market salaries in 2019.

This is true especially with the fact that the world is transforming into digital where everything is being revolutionized.

Moreover, to stay competitive different businesses and enterprises are leveraging on software solutions in enlarging their businesses. Companies, from coffee shops to multinational enterprises, now pay as much attention to their website or mobile app through they can reach much more customers.

Over the years, software development has grown in the area of its available labor, the salary scale and in the volume of jobs available.

Thus, the industry has increased in its scope and has entertained newly emerging professions, the salary for which ones we will cover in the article furthermore, like Computer engineering, Software engineering, Software development, Web development, Front-end and back-end development, Mobile application development, IOS development, Android development, and Game/video game development.

Besides, the software development industry is already one of the most developed one on the global market, it is proceeding to grow even more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that the software development industry will grow by about 31 percent by 2026. It’s proven by the highest salary rates compared to other industries.


Variations In IT Salaries: Reasons That Impact

Of course, you might have a question about why software developers so much. It’s explained just simply due to the increasing need for their services globally and surely the huge scope of knowledge and skills programmers need to have for their professions.

However, there are some differences in how much software developers having the same job position earns in different locations. That’s because the cost of hiring different software coders varies across different countries and even regions in one country.

It is safe, therefore, to say the disparity factor is due to the following:

  • The disparity in the relations between the supply and demand for these software developers
  • The wealth of experience that developers have garnered
  • The knowledge of languages and library
  • Talent pool size
  • The company size
  • The industry like developing ecommerce solution you can get paid higher than for education. But it depends.
  • Location Quotient

Coming back to location factors, for instance, the cost of hiring a web developer in the United States of America will vary from the cost of hiring the same developer in Canada.

In Europe there are also some differences in salaries on software development market and dynamic changes for 2019 comparing previous years:


The Dynamics of the Software Development Market


Between that, even in one state, there can be quite a big difference in costs for hiring software developers depending on regions. For example, in the USA for 2019 the highest paying metropolitan areas for the software development jobs are^

  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • San Jose
  • Silver Spring
  • Oakland.

What about states where software engineers make the most money in the USA in 2019 they are:

info table


Salary Differences For Junior and Senior Software Developers

According to the research by, it was discovered from over 15,000 software developers that the US national average entry-level software developer's salary is $55,000 which amounts to approximately $26.44 per hour if they work forty hours a week. Between that some high-tech companies hire even Junior software developers at the rate of around $50,000 per hour and that equals around $91,000 annually which is much higher than average payroll.

As in top-paying countries for Software Developer the gap in salaries between Junior and Senior job positions varies in the next numbers:

  • from around $46k till $107k in the USA
  • from around $43k till $99k in Canada
  • from around €21k till €57k in Germany

One more interesting facet of the software development industry is that it has enjoyed a lesser gender pay gap, one that is smaller than those of other industries. According to PayScale data, the uncontrolled gender pay gap for individual contributors who work in the tech industry is -18.8%”, unlike those who are outside the industry and are running a 21.1% gender pay gap.


Salaries For Different Types of Software Developers in 2019

Given that the industry is quite large in scope, the market, and the salary rates for the different software professions varies. Let’s go deep into how much it costs to hire different types of software developers, and how much they get for their job in 2019.

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Web Developers Salaries

The unrelenting increase in the use of mobile devices and the growing popularity of the internet for searching, connecting and publicizing has led to an increased demand for web developers.

Now, the rate of employment of web developers has been projected to grow by 15 percent between 2016 and 2026. It is projected to grow faster than the average non-tech occupation.

When comes to payroll, the average annual pay for a Web Developer in the United States is $74,062 a year but can reach even $132, 500 for high-experienced professionals.


Front-end Developers Salaries

Front-end web developers are claimed to have one of the most valued skills set in the software development industry presently. And the average hourly wages for a software developer is £13, while that of web development has been on a steady increase.


Back-end Developer Hiring Costs

Back-end developers create and maintain your website data architecture and infrastructure. In the simplest words, they make front-end code works according to its functions. So, these programmers have always been paid more than front-end coders as comparing the same job positions. In the USA the national average back-end developer salary is $128,333 but can vary from around $90k to approx. $147k.


DevOps Salaries Rates

The general average cost for hiring a Development operations engineer (DevOps) presently in 2019 is $48.32 per hour. They are well-paid and well valued. And their value within the industry is still on the increase.


Mobile App Developers Salaries

For Mobile app developers, the salary overview in 2019 varies widely across countries and this disparity can be tied to several other factors.

According to BusinessOfApps research mobile application developer in the US has average earnings of $107,000 per year. While Indian mobile app developers earn an average salary of $4,100 per year.

The average salary of iOS developer is around $82k in the USA.

But this rate can reach up to $139,000 salary per for Senior iOS app developers annually in the US that is the highest paying country for IOS app development.

The average Android developer salary rate is $81,458 in the USA

Besides, more high-professional coders in Android app development can earn a $144,000 salary per annum.


Data Scientists Salary Rates

Data Scientists around the world are also having a field day with regard to salary. The salary overview for the profession in 2019 reads about $118,466 on the average.

While an experienced Senior Data Scientist with about 10 to 20 years of experience will earn an average total salary of $140,000.


Full-Stack Developer Salaries

According to Payscale, the average pay for a full stack developer is $76,063 per year. This was a build-up from 2017 as 2018 saw a trend of about 20 percent growth in the demand for full-stack developers. This is due to the cost of hiring software developers.

So now, companies look ours for multi-skilled professionals, those who can work in both the front-end and back-end portions of an application. Hence, the corroboration of the increased need for full-stack developers in 2019 by a report.


Video source: Bulldog Mindset


Game Developers Salaries

Game development is another productive profession in the world of software development.

Through games, Game developers are able to tell different stories, channels, puzzles, and challenges. To achieve success in this field, the game developing professionals will usually have to work with several artists, programmers, and even technical staff to develop new games and update older versions of some video games.

But generally, the need and supply in the market for Game development personnel had taken a downturn since 2004. The vacancies in this career had decreased by 32.33 percent in the UK and have had an average decline of 5.39 percent since 2004.

But presently the demand for video game designers has begun skyrocketing since 2018.

Demands in the industry were expected to shoot up in 2018 and true to the projection, there was a projected increment of 7,940 new job opportunities in the field as for 2018. And even now in 2019, the industry has experienced a substantial increase in demand, and this is due to the growing love for animations and visual effects in video games, movies, and television.

Game developers in this industry earn $70,000-$90,000 annually and video game designers which operate as a branch of the game developer industry can get a salary between £40,000 - £60,000. The disparity in salary offered to these programmers is due to the wealth of experience that the game designers can boast of.

Presently, as of Apr 12, 2019, the average annual pay for a middle-level game developer in the United States is $111,278.

Meanwhile, in 2018, the game programmers' salaries ranged from around USD $44,000 annually for entry-level engineering positions to over $120,000 for very senior programmers. This is according to ZipRecruiter.


Computer Engineer Salaries

The question; how much do computer engineers make is one important FAQ. But meanwhile, the average salary of computer engineers in the United States is about $102,450 per annum.

The updated Computer engineer salary for 2019 shows that computer engineering is one of the top 5 well-paid engineering professions in the world. On average, around the world, the salary for entry-level computer hardware engineer is $63,970.

Since it is a relatively new and budding field of engineering. Indexes have shown that in most countries of the world, there are not enough computer engineers to keep up with demand while in any others, the job growth for computer engineers has reached marginal returns. That the rate of the increased need for computer engineers has declined.


The Different Programming Languages' Salaries overview in 2019

We have mentioned before that the payroll in software development depends on not only locations but what programming languages the developer operates. It’s explained by the demand on one or another programming language, and what tasks it can solve in software development.

Let’s look at some most in most in-demand and most used programming and scripting languages for 2019:

  1. Go
    The Go language is a largely sought language. It was created for use in November 2009.
  2. Ruby On Rails
    The language is used as a tool for developing Web apps, and it is also useful for developing and maintaining the server of many popular worldwide services.
  3. Objective-C
    The Objective-C programming language is used to develop Mac OS X and iOS apps.
  4. C#
    It was developed by a group of Microsoft engineers to develop apps on the .NET platform. It is useful for creating web portals and services, and desktop programs.
  5. Python
    Python is one of the very simple code languages
  6. Java
  7. Swift

So without further delay, here’s the numbers on the highest-paying programming languages associated with the highest earnings for programmers in 2019:

The Different Programming Languages' Salaries overview in 2019


Summarizing IT Software Development Industry Salaries

So, from this software developers' salaries overview for 2019, we can get a clear understanding that the software development industry is one of the high costs on the world market. It is projected to still take the lead even in 2026.

Of course, it’s not a surprise at all. As today to stay competitive almost any business needs own custom software solution that can automate a lot of operations tasks or address customers' needs. That’s why software development services are in high demand now.

Considering the fact that the cost of employing software development professionals is very high, many tech enterprises or startups find that they most times can't afford them.

However, software development prices vary a lot depending on specialists’ skills, experience, and locations and can be enough affordable when hiring these services remotely in other locations. Thus, outsourcing software is a real solution when you need high-quality software at a reasonable price.

But there is another problem. With the presence of so many outsourcing companies, only very few can be attested to being efficient.

We at the Softermii team are proud of being among these few ones due to our extensive expertise and experience in software development proven by our clients’ success stories.

So, if you’re interested in time-saving, not-costly and easy to manage method for outsourcing your IT services, drop us a few words and our experts will get back to you asap.

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Business Analyst in IT: Roles & Responsibilities in Software Development

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Business Analyst in IT: Roles & Responsibilities in Software Development

Business Analyst in IT: Roles & Responsibilities in Software Development

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